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Welcome to the weed seed strain finder.

There are literally 1000′s of marijuana seed strains on our planet, this crossed with that, crossed with another, the list is endless. There are only a handful of  true ‘stable’ strains kept secure and perfect by the big breeders such as Green House and Paradise Seeds. Below we have outlined the very most popular marijuana seed strains available, help out the community by ranking them from your experience.

We have reviewed our Top 10 THC seeds and Top 10 CBD seeds.

Why buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds ?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.


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Votes Rating

Blimburn Seeds - Orient Automatic Seeds25.0
Sannies Seeds - Shackzilla Seeds15.0
Mother´s Finest Weed Seeds15.0
Sannies Seeds - Killing Fields Seeds15.0
Sannies Seeds - Sugar Punch Seeds15.0
Barney’s Farm - Auto Sweet Tooth Seeds15.0
Big Head Seeds - Zippy Automatic Seeds15.0
CBD Crew - CBD Mango Haze Seeds15.0
Mandala Seeds - Satori Seeds15.0
Sannies Seeds - Sannie’s Jack Seeds15.0
B. Lee Automatic Weed Seeds15.0
Sannies Seeds - Herijuana IBL Seeds15.0
Dutch Passion Skunk #11® Feminized Seeds15.0
Candyland Weed Seeds15.0
Black Jack Weed Seeds15.0
Advanced Seeds - Auto Low Girl Seeds15.0
Advanced Seeds - Auto Blue Diesel Seeds15.0
AC Genetics - White Express Seeds15.0
Mortgage Lifter 3.0 - 26 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent15.0
Orange Bud Weed Seeds74.7
Killer Queen Redux Weed Seeds34.7
Lemon Skunk Weed Seeds94.6
Martian Mean Green Weed Seeds84.6
DIY LED Grow Light74.6
Moonflower Weed Seeds54.6
Auto Ultra Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds314.5
White Russian Weed Seeds304.5
Warlock (Afghani Skunk) Weed Seeds44.5
White Weed Seeds44.5
Mazar Weed Seeds44.5
Master Kush Weed Seeds 44.5
Critical Kush Weed Seeds24.5
Advanced Seeds - Auto NYC Diesel Seeds24.5
Advanced Seeds - Auto Jack Herer Seeds24.5
The Super Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box Review24.5
Green House - Arjan’s Strawberry Haze Seeds24.5
Green House - Super Silver Haze Seeds24.5
Paradise seeds24.5
Indica Weed Seeds24.5
Green House - Exodus Cheese Seeds24.5
Mango Marijuana Weed Seeds24.5
White Widow Seeds2054.4
Northern Lights Seeds684.4
Auto Trans Siberian Autoflowering Feminized Seeds304.4
Jack Herer Weed Seeds264.4
Sour Diesel Marijuana Seeds214.4
Super Silver Haze Weed Seeds134.4
G13 x Amnesia Haze Weed Seeds74.4
Haze Weed Seeds74.4
Amnesia Haze Weed Seeds294.3
Bomb Big Bomb Feminized Seeds264.3
Cheese Weed Seeds194.3
Lowryder Easy Ryder Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds104.3
Santa Maria (Planck) Weed Seeds94.3
Advanced Biodiesel Mass Autoflowering Feminized Seeds84.3
White Smurf (White Panther) Weed Seeds74.3
Fruity Thai Weed Seeds64.3
Hasj-Plant (Hash Plant) Weed Seeds64.3
Pot of Gold Weed Seeds64.3
Motavation (Motivation) Weed Seeds44.3
Sannies Seeds - Mad Scientist Seeds44.3
White Label - Purple Haze Seeds34.3
Lavender Weed Seeds34.3
Paradise Seeds - Delahaze Seeds34.3
AK 47 Seeds1074.2
Auto Berry Ryder Autoflowering Feminized Seeds364.2
Super Lemon Haze Weed Seeds184.2
God Bud Weed Seeds64.2
Hindu Kush Weed Seeds54.2
Silver Pearl Weed Seeds54.2
Cloud 9 Weed Seeds54.2
Kali Mist Weed Seeds54.2
New York City Diesel Seeds594.1
Bomb THC Bomb Feminized Seeds444.1
Black Domina Weed Seeds304.1
OG Kush Weed Seeds144.1
Black Widow Weed Seeds 114.1
Top 44 Weed Seeds104.1
Big Bud x Skunk #1 Weed Seeds94.1
Neville's Haze Weed Seeds84.1
Power Plant Weed Seeds74.1
Blueberry Marijuana Seeds784.0
White Rhino Seeds554.0
Skunk #1 Seeds494.0
Alaskan Thunderfuck Weed Seeds444.0
Ice Seeds424.0
Afghan Seeds234.0
G13 Haze Weed Seeds224.0
Bubble Gum Weed Seeds124.0
Super Skunk Weed Seeds114.0
Chronic Weed Seeds94.0
Aurora Indica Marijuana Seeds74.0
Watering cannabis plants74.0
Royal queen seeds 64.0
Morning Glory Weed Seeds54.0
Kush Weed Seeds54.0
Silver Haze Weed Seeds54.0
Royal Queen Royal AK Automatic Feminized Seeds54.0
Misty Weed Seeds44.0
Shiskaberry Weed Seeds44.0
Dutch Passion White Widow Feminized Seeds44.0
Mako Haze Weed Seeds44.0
Ceres Seeds44.0
Jack Flash Weed Seeds44.0
Euforia Weed Seeds44.0
Seedsman Seeds44.0
Sensi Big Bud Feminized Seeds34.0
Seedsman White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds34.0
Paradise Seeds - Dutch Dragon Weed Seeds34.0
Barney’s - Auto Malana Bomb Weed Seeds34.0
White Label Pure Power Plant Seeds34.0
Sensi - Shiva Skunk Weed Seeds34.0
Paradise Seeds - Auto Wappa Weed Seeds34.0
Green House - The Doctor Seeds34.0
CBD Crew - CBD Medi Haze Seeds34.0
White Label White Haze Seeds34.0
Shark’s Breath Weed Seeds24.0
Dutch Passion Mekong High® Feminized Seeds24.0
B52 Weed Seeds24.0
Earth Cab Grow Box Series24.0
Hawaiian x Haze Weed Seeds24.0
00 Seeds - Auto Afghan Mass Seeds24.0
Cannabis Sativa Weed Seeds24.0
Chocolate Chunk Weed Seeds24.0
KushDee Weed Seeds24.0
Afrodite Automatic Marijuana Seeds24.0
Willie Nelson Weed Seeds24.0
PC Grow Box24.0
TGA Subcool Seeds24.0
Royal Queen - Bubble Kush Automatic Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Sweet Skunk Automatic Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Diesel Automatic Seeds14.0
00 Seeds - Auto Bubble Gum Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Quick Fruit Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Speed Ryder #2 Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Turbo Jack Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Low Diesel Weed Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Flying Skunk Seeds14.0
AC Genetics - Fast Haze Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Royal Medic Seeds14.0
00 Seeds - Auto Chocolate Skunk Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - White Widow Automatic Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Royal AK Seeds14.0
Barney's - Night Shade Weed Seeds14.0
Barney's - Phatt Fruity Weed Seeds14.0
Barney's - Honey B Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds – White Widow Weed Seeds14.0
Mandala seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Original Cheese Weed Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Amnesia Haze Automatic Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Fruit Spirit Weed Seeds14.0
Advanced Seeds - Auto Skunk 47 Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Euphoria Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Royal Highness Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Skunk XL Weed Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Haze Berry Weed Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Shining Silver Haze Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Medical Mass Seeds14.0
Allstar Genetics - Automazing Seeds14.0
Blimburn Seeds - AK Automatic Seeds14.0
Blimburn Seeds - Critical Automatic Seeds14.0
Grass-O-Matic - Maxi GOM Seeds14.0
BCN Seeds - GadgettoPlant Automatic Seeds14.0
CBD Crew - CBD Yummy Seeds14.0
Big Head Seeds - Chuckleberry Cheese Auto Seeds14.0
Blimburn Seeds - Kabrales Automatic Seeds14.0
Blimburn Seeds - Super Automatic Seeds14.0
Blimburn Seeds - Sweet Automatic Seeds14.0
Bulldog Seeds14.0
Buddha Seeds - Purple Kush Automatic Seeds14.0
Buddha Seeds - Pulsar Seeds14.0
British Columbia Seeds - Afghan Dream Automatic Seeds14.0
Buddha Seeds - Deimos Automatic Seeds14.0
CBD Crew - CBD Sweet‘n Sour Widow Seeds14.0
CBD Crew - CBD Skunk Haze Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto #1 Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Chemdog Seeds14.0
Barney’s – Top Dawg Weed Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Pineapple Punch Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Candy Kush Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Diesel Berry Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Hijack Seeds14.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Purple Cheese Seeds14.0
AutoFem Seeds - Auto Stoned Seeds14.0
Barney’s Farm - CBD Critical Cure Seeds14.0
AutoFem Seeds - Auto Soviet/Moscow Seeds14.0
AutoFem Seeds - Auto Oil Seeds14.0
AutoFem Seeds - Auto Bluekush Seeds14.0
AutoFem Seeds - Auto Bud Seeds14.0
Advanced Seeds - Auto Sweet Dwarf Seeds14.0
Royal Queen - Candy Kush Express Weed Seeds14.0
A-Train Weed Seeds14.0
Arctic Sun Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Bella Donna Weed Seeds14.0
White Label Afghan Kush Seeds14.0
707 Truth Band Weed Seeds14.0
Green House - Kalashnikova Seeds14.0
OG #18 Weed Seeds14.0
Big Foot Weed Seeds14.0
Kushage Weed Seeds14.0
Connie Chung Weed Seeds14.0
Blue Velvet Weed Seeds14.0
California Skunk Haze Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Allkush Weed Seeds14.0
91 Krypt Weed Seeds14.0
Chocolate Fondue Weed Seeds14.0
Northern Lights #5 Weed Seeds14.0
Barney’s – Red Diesel Weed Seeds14.0
Lowlife AK 47 Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds14.0
The Hog Weed Seeds14.0
Green House - Green-o-matic Autoflowering Seeds14.0
Green House - Cheese Feminized Seeds14.0
Khola Marijuana Seeds14.0
Female White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds14.0
Hash Plant Marijuana Seeds14.0
Dutch Passion Tundra® Feminized Seeds14.0
Papaya Weed Seeds14.0
Swiss Miss Seeds14.0
Green House - Train Wreck Seeds14.0
Green House - Himalayan Gold Seeds14.0
Green House - Bubba Kush Seeds14.0
Green House - Great White Shark Seeds14.0
Critical Skunk Weed Seeds14.0
World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder Autoflowering Feminized Seeds14.0
Sensi - Kali Haze Seeds14.0
Green House - Thai Feminized Seeds14.0
Sensi - California Indica Seeds14.0
Barney’s – Red Berry Cherry Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - White Berry Seeds14.0
Amnesia Gold Weed Seeds14.0
Green House - Sweet Mango Automatic Seeds14.0
Green House - Auto Bomb Automatic Seeds14.0
Barney’s – Auto Little Cheese Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Vertigo Weed Seeds14.0
Green House - Super Critical Automatic Seeds14.0
Green House - Arjan’s Haze #3 Seeds14.0
Green House - Ladyburn 1974 Seeds14.0
Green House - Pure Kush Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Sweet Purple Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Wappa Seeds14.0
White Label Snow Ryder Seeds14.0
Sensi Shiva Shanti Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Magic Bud Weed Seeds14.0
Sensi Shiva Shanti II Weed Seeds14.0
White Label Double Gum Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Lucid Bolt Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Pandora Weed Seeds14.0
Sensi Mexican Sativa Weed Seeds14.0
Sensi First Lady Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Acid Weed Seeds14.0
Sensi Marley’s Collie Weed Seeds14.0
Citral Skunk Weed Seeds14.0
White Label X Haze Feminized Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Auto Jack Weed Seeds14.0
Paradise Seeds - Auto Acid Weed Seeds14.0
LSD Weed Seeds643.9
AK 48 Weed Seeds153.9
AMG Haze Weed Seeds113.9
Barney’s – Chronic Thunder Weed Seeds93.9
Headband Kush Weed Seeds93.9
Paradise Seeds - Jacky White Seeds93.9
Cream Caramel Weed Seeds93.9
Chemdog Weed Seeds83.9
Purple Power Seeds563.8
Big Bud Seeds443.8
Barneys Pineapple Chunk Seeds273.8
Barneys Vanilla Kush Feminized Seeds193.8
L.A. Confidential Weed Seeds173.8
Fast Spear (Come Back Early) Weed Seeds83.8
Green House - Great White Shark Weed Seeds83.8
Grapefruit Weed Seeds63.8
Blue Mystic Weed Seeds53.8
Dr Underground Painkiller Feminized Seeds53.8
Crystal Marijuana Seeds43.8
Green House - Flowerbomb Kush Seeds43.8
G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminised Marijuana Seeds43.8
Betty Boo Automatic Weed Seeds43.8
Dutch Passion Power Plant Feminised Marijuana Seeds43.8
B.C. Bud Weed Seeds43.8
Haze x Northern Lights Weed Seeds43.8
Big Buddha Blue Cheese Feminized43.8
Female X-Line White Widow X Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds333.7
Royal Queen Royal Dwarf Autoflowering Feminised Marijuana Seeds233.7
Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Weed Seeds73.7
Jack The Ripper Weed Seeds73.7
Green House - White Rhino Seeds73.7
Laughing Buddha Weed Seeds63.7
Blue Weed Seeds63.7
White Label White Gold Seeds33.7
Sensi - Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Seeds33.7
Blimburn Seeds - Northern Automatic Seeds33.7
Buddha Seeds - Magnum Seeds33.7
How to Pollinate Cannabis Plants33.7
Barney’s Farm - CBD Blue Shark Seeds33.7
Big Buddha Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds33.7
El candestino seeds33.7
Buddha´s Sister Weed Seeds33.7
Chocolope Weed Seeds33.7
Barneys Flower Power Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds33.7
Big Bang Weed Seeds233.6
Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds153.6
Dinafem Feminised Sweet Deep Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds153.6
Kushberry Weed Seeds143.6
Pineapple Punch Weed Seeds93.6
Sensi Early Skunk Weed Seeds73.6
Dutch Passion Frisian Dew® Feminized Seeds73.6
Barney’s - Auto Grape Muerto Weed Seeds53.6
Sweet Tooth Seeds53.6
TrainWreck Weed Seeds213.5
SAGE ‘n’ Sour Weed Seeds113.5
Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds103.5
Delicious Cotton Candy Feminized Seeds83.5
Caramel Ice Weed Seeds63.5
Green House - White Strawberry Skunk Seeds43.5
Royal Queen - Painkiller XL Seeds43.5
White Label White Skunk Seeds43.5
Paradise Seeds - Opium Seeds43.5
Auto Bubblelicious Marijuana Seeds43.5
Northern Lights #1 Weed Seeds43.5
Big Head Seeds - Blueberry Crumble Automatic Seeds23.5
Dutch Passion Voodoo® Feminized Seeds23.5
British Columbia Seeds - Northern Lights #5 Automatic Seeds23.5
Royal Queen - Royal Madre Seeds23.5
White Label White Haze Automatic23.5
Green House - Damnesia Seeds23.5
Sensi - Afghani #1 Seeds23.5
Kristal (Krystal) Marijuana Seeds23.5
Grow Box - Hydroponic Boxes Reviewed83.4
Ray’s Choice Weed Seeds73.4
Nirvana White Widow Feminised Seeds53.4
Yumboldt (Yumbolt 47) Weed Seeds53.4
Barneys LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds53.4
Lowryder / Lowryder 2 Seeds283.3
Barneys Tangerine Dream Feminised273.3
White Label White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds203.3
Holland's Hope Seeds193.3
Buddha Red Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds103.3
C99bx1 Weed Seeds83.3
MediCab Micro – 14 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box System83.3
Big Buddha Automatic Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds73.3
Green House - Arjan´s Haze #1 Seeds73.3
Kryptonite Weed Seeds73.3
Green House - Super Critical Seeds63.3
Barney’s - Peppermint Kush Weed Seeds63.3
Paradise Seeds - Sensi Star Weed Seeds43.3
Sensi Seeds43.3
White Label - White Ice Seeds43.3
Barney’s – Auto Sin Tra Bajo Weed Seeds33.3
Stealth Grow Box33.3
Dutch Passion AutoMazar® Feminized Seeds33.3
Green House - The Church Seeds33.3
Green House - Super Lemon Haze Seeds33.3
Green House - Moby Dick Seeds33.3
Auto Seeds - Auto Pounder Seeds 33.3
Royal Queen - Bubblegum XL Weed Seeds33.3
Sensi - Maple Leaf Indica Seeds33.3
Royal Queen - Royal Jack Automatic Seeds33.3
Akorn Weed Seeds33.3
Paradise Seeds - Atomical Haze Weed Seeds33.3
Sensi Skunk Kush Weed Seeds33.3
Northern Lights #5 X Haze Weed Seeds203.2
Hemp depot seeds203.2
B.C. Bud Depot93.2
Green House - Lemon Skunk Feminized53.2
Green House - Money Maker Seeds393.1
Barneys Violator Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds103.1
Reserva Privada Purple Wreck Weed Marijuana Seeds103.1
Barneys Blue Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds73.1
Hawaiian Snow Weed Seeds73.1
Blue Cheese Weed Seeds183.0
DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds113.0
How to Regenerate Cannabis Plants73.0
Dr Underground Melon Gum Feminized Seeds53.0
Green House - Arjan´s Ultra Haze #1 Seeds53.0
Green House - White Lemon Seeds53.0
Recon Weed Seeds43.0
Buddha White Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds43.0
Sensi Fruity Juice Weed Seeds33.0
Green House - K Train Seeds33.0
Green House - A.M.S. Seeds33.0
Sensi Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds33.0
Blue Barrel AK Marijuana Seeds33.0
Paradise Seeds - Nebula II CBD Weed Seeds33.0
Feminized Seeds Co Big Bang 2 Feminized Seeds33.0
Grass-O-Matic - Med Gom 1.0 Seeds33.0
Sensi - Silver Haze #9 Weed Seeds33.0
Green House - Caboose Seeds23.0
White Label White Haze Seeds23.0
Sensi Jamaican Pearl Weed Seeds23.0
Green House - Kalashnikova Automatic Seeds23.0
Paradise Seeds - Spoetnik #1 Seeds23.0
Sensi - Durban Seeds23.0
Paradise Seeds - Auto White Berry Weed Seeds23.0
White Label - White Diesel Seeds23.0
Green House - Big Tooth Seeds23.0
Paradise Seeds - Durga Mata II CBD Weed Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Royal Caramel Weed Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Bubble Kush Weed Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Dance World Seeds23.0
00 Seeds - Auto Cheese Berry Seeds23.0
Paradise Seeds - Automaria II Weed Seeds23.0
Auto Seeds - Auto MiG-29 Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Royal Moby Weed Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Royal Cheese Weed Seeds23.0
Green House - Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2 Seeds23.0
Green House - Arjan’s Haze #2 Seeds23.0
Green House - Kaia Kush Seeds23.0
Green House - Big Bang Automatic Seeds23.0
Royal Queen - Power Flower Weed Seeds23.0
Barney’s – Auto Tangelo Rapido Weed Seeds23.0
Green House - Super Bud Seeds23.0
NY Diesel Weed Seeds23.0
Critical 47 Weed Seeds23.0
Reserva privada seeds23.0
Crystal (C garden, super C, Amnesia C) Weed Seeds23.0
Hawaiian Indica Weed Seeds23.0
Love Potion #1 Weed Seeds23.0
Paradise Seeds - Ice Cream Seeds23.0
Sweet Seeds23.0
Mr nice seeds23.0
Barney’s Farm Seed Bank23.0
Dark Delight Weed Seeds23.0
White Label Seed Company23.0
DNA genetics seeds23.0
Reclining Buddha Weed Seeds23.0
NYC Diesel Weed Seeds23.0
Jock Horror Feminized Seeds23.0
Northern Lights x Shiva Seeds23.0
Buddah Syrup Autoflowering Feminized Seeds23.0
Green House - Chemdog Seeds23.0
White OG Weed Seeds23.0
Cold Creek Kush Seeds23.0
Female Iced Grapefruit X-Line Feminized Seeds23.0
Sweet Big Devil #2 Autoflowering Feminized Seeds23.0
Easy Sativa Marijuana Seeds23.0
Reserva Privada OG Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds23.0
Dutch Passion Green Spirit® Feminized Seeds23.0
Dutch Passion Twilight® Feminized Seeds23.0
Cole Train Weed Seeds13.0
Dutch Passion Trance® Feminized Seeds13.0
Auto Seeds - Auto Polar Express Seeds13.0
Barneys Liberty Haze Feminized Seeds13.0
Cali Connection Tahoe OG Kush Marijuana Seeds352.9
Vanilla Kush Weed Seeds312.9
Green House - Big Bang Seeds112.9
Critical Mass Weed Seeds102.9
Utopia Haze Weed Seeds72.9
Sensi Guerrilla’s Gusto Seeds62.8
Barney’s - CBD Critical Cure Weed Seeds72.7
Blue Haze Weed Seeds72.7
Red Head Marijuana Seeds62.7
Royal Queen - Speedy Chile Fast Version Seeds32.7
Paradise Seeds - Nebula Weed Seeds32.7
Royal Queen - Kali Dog Weed Seeds32.7
The Cali Connection32.7
Early Misty Marijuana Seeds32.7
Cream Mandarine Automatic Weed Seeds82.6
Heavyweight Green Ninja Feminized Marijuana Seeds82.6
Green House - Afgooey Seeds72.6
Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough® Feminized Seeds42.5
Serious AK47 Feminised Marijuana Seeds42.5
Dakini Kush Weed Seeds22.5
Dutch Passion Pamir Gold® Feminized Seeds22.5
Ceres Hilton Weed Seeds22.5
King’s Kush Weed Seeds102.3
Easy Ryder Marijuana Seeds42.3
Dutch Passion Super Haze Feminized32.3
SleeStak Weed Seeds72.0
Buddha Weed Seeds22.0
Green House Seeds22.0
Early Girl Seeds12.0
Seedism Seeds31.7
Ch9 Female Seeds31.0
Dr Grinspoon Weed Seeds11.0
Advanced Auto Skunk Mass Autoflowering Feminized Seeds11.0
New Website for Weed Seed Shop11.0

Why buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds ?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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    • Hi Frank. We do not sell seeds. We supply information. You can follow the links on the site to read the seed bank pages and you can then contact them directly with your enquiries. Thanks. Good luck.

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  1. Do you have a sugggestion as to which types are the best for making medicinal oil for treating cancer?

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  2. First time growing “LA DIVA” strain and I am looking for helpful sugestions, don’t know if I should use a grow light? and if so what wattage should I use, and how far from the plant should I mount the fixture? any help would be very appreciated. THANKS

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  3. Where to get seeds to grow it for my own medical need?
    Buying it from a dispenser seems very expensive!

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  4. hi,

    how could i buy some

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  5. hey guys is this illegal? lol.

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  6. Ready to try it

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  7. I live in Phoenix and want to grow a single plant, in a pot, outdoors for my elderly father’s medicinal purposes. What type would you recommend?

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  8. Looking for rasberry kush seeds. Can you help?

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  9. Not listed and just breed in 2011 is White LSD. can be purchased at there seed sponsor at top left Marijuana My friends this is by far the most potent weed on earth. 1 hit will tear your ass up! The fem seeds are easily stressed though. This will reduce your yields. Also the white widow max was very potent and I found it easy to grow.

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  10. Yeah good can wait for my first order where is your order number??

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  11. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrcdeible!

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  12. Hey, good to find someone who ageres with me. GMTA.

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