Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds (indoor/outdoor)

THC Level – Very High

Yield – Medium/High

Size – Short

Marijuana Strains Blueberry Seeds

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One of the classic strains Blueberry is an indica sativa mix, heavily in favour of the indica side. It is a short plant that breeds true to its indica characteristics yet shows more branches especially closer down the plant. The leaves and buds contribute to the name of the plant growing to cool blues that pale to a light lilac colour when drying. The main reason for its name is of course the flavour of the smoke, a rich fruity, berry flavour. Very high levels of THC lead to a very strong stone which is typically indica, uplifting and euphoric. Able to be grown both indoors and outdoors it has a responded well to growing in hydro and soil especially with the use of organic fertilizers outdoors.

Blueberry seeds give just what you think, a great sweet tasting smoke that has overtones of blueberry flavours. The high is euphoric and long lasting, very giggly and a real joy to smoke with friends when you want to keep active and have fun.

Why buy Blueberry marijuana seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds, 4.0 out of 5 based on 78 ratings
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41 responses to “Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

  1. whats the best fertilizer to use? was going to use Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 for veg. but cant find anything for flowering.

  2. 2 test 2 c if yo baby green is male or female… take a clone from it n put yo clone under 12 hours on n 12 off but b4 u do so make sure ur clone have rooted so starting to grow properly… if its a baby girl it will have a white pistol growing from it n if its a boy u’ll c a little ball looking thing from it that’s da nut sack
    if u c that time to kill it or u could just move it far away from da girls that’s if u want to save it to cross breed da plant…I made a cross of blueberry with white widow n damn that shit is hella danky n crystalis o yea…. da taste is sweet n da high is alsum….

  3. Yea that shit is great right there.. love da colors on it n da taste is alsum… da attitude seed bank is by da best seed company I found so far..i.nevier had any problem with them seed always cum on time bout 21/2 week or so…. happy growing yall

  4. no shit buy a box from bc northern ligths the speed from seed or clone tto bud will blow you away

  5. hey man how do you know when its a male or female and what kind of ferterliser shuld i use for fast growing

  6. Yea I grew a blueberry plant last year and attempted to add actual blueberries into my soil to get color and taste but my dog tasted it before I had a chance lol

  7. mine has been outdoors & budding , since Dec. 01 like it to go veg so i can clone .any suggestions ?

    • Hello I want too know how often I water this plant ,and how much sunlight it needs

  8. The only place that i know is legit is the seeds that Marc Emery the Canadian politician is selling. My friend got 25 feminized seeds just 2 weeks ago, he sells a lot of ganja supplies legally because it isn’t illegal to sell seeds and supplies. Go Canada!


  10. This shit is really nice never grown it but smoked it once and it is a nice high tastes like actual blueberry

  11. Guys iam from south africa i have never smoked that shit before somebody plzzzzz hook me up…….i did white window and chronic

  12. Blueberry is a classic! 1 of my favorite strains is Blueberry x NL. Perfect blend of Sativa & Indica. I used to grow it until I found Lemon-G (lemon x G-13) made in Ohio & have since gone to Attitude’s ‘Super Lemon Haze’ w/ 22% THC! Sativa is the best for to help my medical conditions.

  13. yeah i gotta agree with mikel, it lasts a very long time and it’s not an active plant, good for insomnia or night time highs

  14. LOL blueberry is not an active plant, its more indica (80%) than sativa (20%)!! Indicas are relaxing, medicinal, good to watch TV in a coach with a friend. Its very tasty and the high its very long. If you grow a PERFECT Blueberry plant you will save a lot of it ;)


  15. i had some of this in Greer, South Carolina and it is hella gud. yh this is gud weed + i smoked it in a car.

  16. It is so pretty. it’s unbelieveable the way MJ grows and the colors that the plants produce. Is it easy to grow a plant like this or does it take alot of attention and knowledge. I’m really interested in this one since I love blue berries.

  17. One of my mates use to grow that Bluberry weed, its really nice. For me, its better than the White widow and Ak47, thats just me.

  18. u wont be able to tell if there male or female untill they start to flower.

  19. I have tasted blueberry and got to say it very tasty and smells like an actual blueberry.

  20. Hi I have one, but I can’t judge its sex and its life time is 3 months and its not germination slosh
    please help me.

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