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White Widow Seeds

White Widow Seeds (indoor)

THC – Level High (15-20%)

Yield – Medium

Size –Tall

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow seeds are often seen as the most popular and “classic” of all modern strains of marijuana. Growing marijuan to between 5’-6’ it is one of the taller indoor strains. White Widow seeds offer very high levels of crystalline structures on the buds and leaves gives it it’s white name. This is one of the strongest strains on the market today with a THC level above 15% the buds that form are quite compact and are covered with resin. The average yield from White Widow is medium with 325-425grams per square metre in a sea of green growing set up about the norm. The flowering period of this strain is around 8 weeks.

White Widow is definitely one of our favorites. It has been a long standing winner of a lot of cups and is the strain of choice for a lot of people. It is a true gem when it comes top the smoke delivering a real mix of both cerebral and physical effects. Taste is strangely reminiscent of a spring garden, with faint overtones of flowers. White Widow delivers a great all round stone that will keep you coming back for more.

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Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights (indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield – High

Size – Short / Medium

Northern Lights Seeds

Possibly one of the most famous and potent indica varieties. Well adapted for indoor growing Northern lights is on the smaller side averaging between 4-5 feet. This strain will give its optimum performance when grown in hydroponics, but can do just as well in other growing mediums. The aroma is pleasantly sweet with a spicy taste, delivering a relaxing and lazy high with a gentle couch lock. A very good flower to leaf ratio, compact buds and very high levels of resin production.

When it comes to taste, there is not that much to say, its just a neutral flavour with nothing outstanding. But, when it comes to the stone it is anything but neutral! The resin that is produced when growing adds that special hit while Northern lights maintains a good indica buzz.

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Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud (indoor)

THC level – Medium / High

Yield – V.High

Size – Medium

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Big Bud seeds first started appearing in the late 80’s and have stayed around because this strain really lives up to its name. Big Bud is a producer, simple as that. With a relatively short flowing time (as little as 50 days) and low percentage of branches, this strain can produce up to 550 grams per plant in optimum conditions. An indica / sativa mix leaning more to indica tendencies. The high is mellow with a sweet spicy taste that give a more indica style body stone. Hydroponoc Big Bug is the way forward and will give the best results but it will grow happily in any medium in an indoor controlled environment. Big Bud will require a reasonable amount of attention when in the vegative stage to stop it becoming too tall and lanky.

Big Bud seeds are a great strain for those who want to get maximum yield without loosing taste and strength. The flavour is nice and sweet and the high is true to its indica parenting. It brings on an easy relaxing high that lasts well. A great strain for home growers.

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