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Afghan Seeds

Afghan Seeds (indoor/outdoor)

THC Level –High

Yield – Medium

Marijuana Strains-Afghan

Afghan weed seeds are considered as a one of the best original genetics and is used as a template for many breeders hybrids. Afghan is a short mostly indica strain. The Afghan buds are compact and dark, with heavy high producing resin glands spreading right down the buds and across the large leaves. The smoke is very heavy and thick which comes from the high levels of THC 15-20%. A deep heavy stone with an all round body buzz giving a pleasant numbing sensation and real couch lock. Afghan seeds perform best grown indoors in temperate climates but can be grown outdoors in warmer climbs.

We found that Afghan had a really strong acrid taste and smell, almost like petrol when first harvested. The smoke was equally pungent – but all in a very pleasant way. The stone is just that -stoned. Afghan weed gives a deep lethargic, physical feeling that lasts well. Just what we wanted after a long day at the office to unwind and sink into a nice fuzzy couch.

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Ice Seeds

Ice Seeds (indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield – High

Size – Short / Medium

Marijuana Strains Ice Seeds

Ice seeds are one of the newer generation power plants that delivers a great yield and great taste. Ice plants flower extensively with almost every branch being packed with buds. The Ice flowers are all very heavily covered in trichromes that in the latter stages of flowering form a very dense texture to the buds. Ice seeds grow quickly allowing the plant to be put directly into flowering as soon as the roots are established. This plant will do well in ‘sea of green’ and hydroponics should give the best results.

The Ice marijuana plant usually reeks of the harsh petrol like scent of THC it is so well covered. The smoke is strong and sharp. The stone is a deep body buzz that stretches right throughout the brain. Don’t plan on doing anything much after smoking this beauty as we couldn’t!

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Skunk #1 Seeds

Skunk #1 Seeds (indoor/outdoor)

THC Level – Medium

Yield – High

Size – Medium

Marijuana Strains-Skunk

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Skunk #1 is one of the most renowned of the skunk varieties, this plant delivers a great stone in waves. A relatively fast grower that is happy in nearly all growing conditions. Skunk#1 seeds will grow well indoors, greenhouses in temperate zones or outdoors in mild arid areas. The yield is good producing 450-600 grams per m2 in a ‘sea of green’. As with most ‘skunks’, this is not one for stealth growing as it produces a very heavy skunky smell throughout the growing cycle. As this is a good mix of sativa and indica the high is equally balanced, a strong body buzz with good head clarity.

Skunk #1seeds have become synonymous with all that has made ‘skunks’ one of the most popular smokes in the world and in this case we can see why. The classic ‘skunk’ flavour brings on a great all round body buzz, with a nice high at the same time. We found it a great way to finish a night on the beers!

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Holland’s Hope Seeds

Holland Hope (outdoor)

THC Level – Medium

Yield – High

Size – Medium

Marijuana Strains-Hollands Hope

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Holland Hope seeds are the ideal choice for outdoor growers in cooler climates where wetter conditions can mean growth is limited for other strains. A very stable mix of an Afghan and a solid Skunk it is particularly resistant to mould and most pests making it an excellent choice for the less experienced grower. Flowering time is relatively short, between 45-50 days in temperate climates. The taste and aroma have a distinctively citrus hint that gives a nice all round body buzz without a couch lock stone. Hollands Hope seeds are a solid producer that will yield around 400-500 grams per M2 in a ‘sea of green’.

Hollands Hope truly thrives in the more damp climates around the pacific rim and this has led to a fresh taste and a good citrus flavour. It is an indica / staiva mix but leads more to the sativa side as if smoke heavily it will bring on a heavy couch lock, albeit a slightly more cerebral one.

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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds (indoor/outdoor)

THC Level – Very High

Yield – Medium/High

Size – Short

Marijuana Strains Blueberry Seeds

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One of the classic strains Blueberry is an indica sativa mix, heavily in favour of the indica side. It is a short plant that breeds true to its indica characteristics yet shows more branches especially closer down the plant. The leaves and buds contribute to the name of the plant growing to cool blues that pale to a light lilac colour when drying. The main reason for its name is of course the flavour of the smoke, a rich fruity, berry flavour. Very high levels of THC lead to a very strong stone which is typically indica, uplifting and euphoric. Able to be grown both indoors and outdoors it has a responded well to growing in hydro and soil especially with the use of organic fertilizers outdoors.

Blueberry seeds give just what you think, a great sweet tasting smoke that has overtones of blueberry flavours. The high is euphoric and long lasting, very giggly and a real joy to smoke with friends when you want to keep active and have fun.

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Purple Power Seeds

Purple Power / New Purple Power / Purple Haze (outdoor)

THC Level – Medium

Yield – High/Very High

Size –Tall

Marijuana Strains-Purple Power

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Purple Power seeds are 100% sativa, with all the associated characteristics. The New Purple Power has been developed to be more stable in cooler, wetter climates whilst still maintaining the distinctive purple colouring and high yields. A very good producer, in optimum conditions it can yield upw ards of 1,000 grams per plant in more tropical climates, yet will still produce around 500-700g in more northerly areas. The high is a very clear sativa buzz that is social and leaves you ready for creative interaction. The taste still has the tropical tang with a sweet sour note giving a very pleasant smoking experience all round.

Pureple Power and New Purple Power are definately one of the better purple strains we have tried in the last few years, Purple Power has a very distinctive sweet-sour flavour. It gives a really pleasant sativa buzz that lasts well. We found that it was a great smoke during the daytime as it meant that we could still function well.

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Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights (indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield – High

Size – Short / Medium

Northern Lights Seeds

Possibly one of the most famous and potent indica varieties. Well adapted for indoor growing Northern lights is on the smaller side averaging between 4-5 feet. This strain will give its optimum performance when grown in hydroponics, but can do just as well in other growing mediums. The aroma is pleasantly sweet with a spicy taste, delivering a relaxing and lazy high with a gentle couch lock. A very good flower to leaf ratio, compact buds and very high levels of resin production.

When it comes to taste, there is not that much to say, its just a neutral flavour with nothing outstanding. But, when it comes to the stone it is anything but neutral! The resin that is produced when growing adds that special hit while Northern lights maintains a good indica buzz.

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AK 47 Seeds

AK – 47 Seeds (indoor / outdoor)

THC Level – Very High

Yield – High

Size – Medium /Tall

Marijuana Strains AK 47

Renowned as a very strong strain, AK-47 seeds have been tested and been found to have THC rated at over 20%. Showing mostly sativa characteristics AK produces dark resinous buds that are often compact and glistening with trichromes. The main difference to standard sativas though is the very fast finishing time, in ideal conditions under 50 days. The aroma is a woody, spicy almost skunky smell, that gives a sweet taste in the smoke. As the strength suggests AK-47 delivers a strong cerebral high, keeping you alert and active. Able to be grown either indoors or outdoors, AK-47 seeds performs excellently indoors in hydroponics or soil.

As we expected AK-47 seeds give a bullet fast hit of an alert, yet mellow cerebral high. When we tried this strains for the first time we found that it gave a great internal buzz that allowed us to really get mellow with our own thoughts and yet we were still active enough. We didn’t feel like sitting still, or “monging” out. Very pleasant all round smoke.

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New York City Diesel Seeds

NYCD (New York City Diesel seeds) is a relative newcomer to the scene but has already won over many people. Bred as a high producer that can be grown indoors with great success or outdoors in a tropical climate. In the right conditions outdoor, this plant has been know to reach upwards of 11’ and can yield nearly 3,000g per plant! The growing time is quite long (70 days +) especially if adding extra veg time to increase size and yield. The smell and taste of NYC Diesel is noticeably “citrusy”, similar to that of pink grapefruits. An outstanding cerebral high that is long lasting and leaves you clear headed and uplifted yet with a tiny hint of a body stone. The sativa traits also breed true as the leaves are broad and flat, with a deep green – purple colour. New You City Diesel seeds are an excellent addition to anyone’s wish list.

We think that this is set to become one of the new greats. The aroma from the loose and airy buds is a tart citrus twang. NYCD gives a great uplifting high that keeps you alert and active. This is a great smoke to lift the blues and set you up to do what ever takes your fancy – the more creative the better!

Marijuana Strains New York City Diesel Seeds

NYC Diesel / New York City Diesel Seeds

(indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield –Very High

Size – Tall / Very Tall

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Lowryder / Lowryder 2 Seeds

Lowryder 2 Seeds

THC Level –Low/Medium

Yield – Very Low

Size – Dwarf

Low Ryder

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As the name suggest Lowryder 2 is a very, very small plant that has been specifically bred to be small and stealthy. Ideal for growing in window boxes, on balconies of in pots around the home. It will grow in almost any climate including northern latitudes of Canada and Scandinavia! The real advantage of this strain is that it is auto flowering and has incredibly high germination rates. The plant will form one main bud that averages about 6 inches long as well as a few smaller ones along the stem. Lowryder has a very mild aroma which enhances its ability to be grown as a stealth plant. This is not the plant for you if you are looking for large yields and a strong stone, but if you are a first timer or do not want to spend time and energy on the grow then this is for you.

Lowryder 2 seeds are an interesting strain that stays short gives a very fast turn around. Theoretically Lowryder can auto flower, the reality is that it is a good strain for limited space but strength is pretty low and yield is minuscule. Stone is a skunky type but weak. Can also be inconsistent, sometimes grows alot bigger than stated.

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