Dutch Passion The Ultimate® Feminized Seeds

Cannabis strain: Dutch Passion ‘The Ultimate®’ Feminized Marijuana Seeds
THC content: 15-18%
Type: Sativa/Indica 50/50
Looks: The Ultimate® feminized cannabis seed strain was bred with the intention of creating a strain that delivered bumper yields without sacrificing taste or potency. And it was a success. The growth habits of this plant are very consistent. It is a short plant with multiple lateral branching, these side branches should be supported to help bear the weight of the immense buds that will soon adorn them.
Smells: The Ultimate® marijuana seed strain will grow a plant with buds that burn with a thick smoke offering complex aromas. A fruity, exotic aroma shines through first but there are subtle Hazy hints underneath which are appealing to those that recognize them. Even without burning this weed smells strong and stealth growers should take measures accordingly.
Tastes: As with the aroma; a thick, creamy smoke that hints of tropical fruits with a citrus, orange bud twist. The Ultimate® is a good tasting weed.
Effects: They weren’t messing when they said it was connoisseur quality. The effects from smoking The Ultimate® by Dutch Passion are pretty full on. It’s a heady mix of Indica and Sativa but tends towards a relaxed, feet up smoke.
Potency: This is very potent marijuana. Novices and occasional tokers beware. The Ultimate® seed strain offers a very strong smoke with an instant effect that will stay with you all night. Not for smoking at work or whilst driving.
General: Dutch Passions ‘The Ultimate®’ feminized marijuana seed strain offers the beginnings of an ideal greenhouse plant. Its short stature (23” to 30” or 60cm to 75cm) means you can pack them in and it also has excellent resistance to mildew and mold. The Ultimate® can take from 8 to 10 weeks to flower, but patience is well rewarded as the last two weeks of bud growth can be spectacular. This strain should be of interest to the commercial grower.

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