KC Brains KC45 Seeds

Cannabis strain: KC Brains KC45 Seeds
THC content: High
Type: Sativa/Ruderalis 50/50
Looks: This is a heavy yielding plant that will grow up to 7ft tall outdoors with a typically sativa ‘Christmas tree’ growth pattern. Kolas are long and medium density.
Smells: The odor of this strain is centralised; you won’t notice it until you touch her branches when huge wafts of lemony goodness fill the air.
Tastes: A strong clean taste with citrus hints. The sativa part of this plant’s heritage is evident in the flavour.
Effects: Upbeat and functional. This is great weed for being active and is ideal for socializing and sharing with friends.
Potency: Fairly potent weed. The hit is instant and lasts for a long time.
General: KC45 differs from many ruderalis crosses in that it keeps its sativa size. Huge plants with excellent yields. This strain prefers to be outdoors where it thrives in the coolest and cloudiest of climates, presenting kolas up to 3 feet (1m.) long.

KC Brains KC45

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