Lowryder Seeds

Cannabis strain: Lowryder
THC content: approx 14%
Type: Indica/Ruderalis
Looks: This autoflowering variety stays very small and compact. Lowryder passes directly from the seedling stage into the flowering stage. Yields are small but resin production is good and the buds are firm and sticky.
Smell & Taste: Lowryder cannabis produces a thick and rich smoke. The flavor is like a generic cannabis flavour with a dash of sweetness.
Effects & Potency: Lowryder delivers a deeply relaxing body buzz, not overwhelming, but best saved until the evening when there are no chores left to do.
General: Lowryder was one of the original autoflowering varieties and features heavily in modern autoflowering breeding programmes. She has since been superseded by bigger, better, more flavorsome strains, but she’s still worth growing. At 56 days from seedling to harvest Lowryder is still one of the fastest finishing strains available.

Why buy Lowryder autoflowering seeds here?

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