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What is Marijuana Hydroponics?

In Latin, the word hydroponics means literally “water working.”
Marijuana Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants in either a bath or flow of highly oxygenated, nutrient enriched water.

In soil, biological decomposition breaks down organic matter into the basic nutrient salts that plants feed on. Water dissolves these salts and allows uptake by the roots. For a plant to receive a well balanced diet, everything in the soil must be in perfect balance. Rarely, if ever, can you find such ideal conditions in soil due to the lack of organic matter left behind on the surface, contamination and biological imbalances.

With marijuana hydroponics, water is enriched with these very same nutrient salts, creating a hydroponic nutrient solution that is perfectly balanced. And since this hydroponic nutrient solution is contained, it does not harm our environment as does runoff from fertilized soil. Additionally, very little water is lost to evaporation in a hydroponic system, owing to its application in drought stricken areas.

To support the plants in a marijuana hydroponic system, an inert soil-free medium like fiber, sand or stone, may be used to anchor the roots. These hydroponic mediums are designed to be very porous for excellent retention of air and water that’s necessary for a healthy plant – roots need to breathe too!

In addition to a perfectly balanced diet, hydroponic plants have their food and water delivered directly to their roots. This way, the energy normally used to develop long roots can be redirected to growing more plant, which is a great benefit indeed! With the proper exposure to natural sunlight or supplemental grow lights, your hydroponic plants . What Is Aeroponics?
Aeroponics is an application of hydroponics without a growing medium, although a small amount may be used to germinate the seed or root a cutting. Plant roots are suspended mid-air inside a chamber kept at a 100% humidity level and fed with a fine spray of nutrient solution. This mid-air feeding allows the roots to absorb much needed oxygen, thereby increasing metabolism and rate of growth reportedly up to 10 times of that in soil. And there is nearly no water loss due to evaporation.

What is Better, Soil or Hydroponics?

Soil In soil, bacteria have to break down the dirt into the basic elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as trace elements. Hydroponics Balanced plant food (the nutrient solution) is dissolved directly into water so the plant may receive perfect nutrition at all times. Soil Soil is not able to produce as much nutrient per area as the root system is able to take up. Hydroponics Hydroponics takes the desired amount of food directly to the root rather than making plant’s roots look for it. Soil Soil loses its nutritional value and is difficult to measure in terms of pH and fertility. Hydroponics The pH and nutritional value of the water are easily measured and maintained, so plants always have enough to eat. Soil Only when you water your soil plants, the basic elements can dissolve into the water. Hydroponics In a hydroponic system, moisture is present for extended periods of time or for all the time. Soil Soil plays host to many nasty little creatures. Hydroponics Hydroponics growing mediums are inert and sterile making a very hygienic environment for the plant and owner. Soil Soil requires a lot more watering, has a higher occurrence of pests, plants grow slower, need more space and constant maintenance. Hydroponics Hydroponics increases plant growth and yield per area, decreases pests and diseases and the need to water plants.

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