Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights (indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield – High

Size – Short / Medium

Northern Lights Seeds

Possibly one of the most famous and potent indica varieties. Well adapted for indoor growing Northern lights is on the smaller side averaging between 4-5 feet. This strain will give its optimum performance when grown in hydroponics, but can do just as well in other growing mediums. The aroma is pleasantly sweet with a spicy taste, delivering a relaxing and lazy high with a gentle couch lock. A very good flower to leaf ratio, compact buds and very high levels of resin production.

When it comes to taste, there is not that much to say, its just a neutral flavour with nothing outstanding. But, when it comes to the stone it is anything but neutral! The resin that is produced when growing adds that special hit while Northern lights maintains a good indica buzz.

Why buy Northern Lights seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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Rating: 4.4/5 (68 votes cast)
Northern Lights Seeds, 4.4 out of 5 based on 68 ratings
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36 responses to “Northern Lights Seeds

  1. This stuff’ll save you a trip to Alaska…
    …cuz you’ll be seein’ some northern lights when you smoke this stuff!!!
    …26% THC content, which is a bit higher than most…anyone who knows one that’s higher than that, do share with us!!! LOL

  2. I grew 20 NL, indoors in Texas,and if I was caught I would have done some serious time, :D and those 20 were some of thee best around, heck this yrs crop id WW X BigBud, and Tangerine Dream, and MKultra, and trying some Fruity pebbles too, haha some are 14 feet tall, and Legal, Thx California, for our rights!!! Oh by the way Tangerine Dream is thee hardest I have ever grown, lol but it stands 12 feet tall rt now, and MKultra has some sweet buds now!!!

  3. looking for good strein Northern light in N.O, if anyone has some seeds to spare the will be COMPANSATED!$!$!

  4. northern lights is good but personally original OG… like the pure strain is the best ive ever had, ur high but ur still functioning haha

  5. Wish I could get ahold of some of this bud or seeds I’d be happy with ether on but sucks living in boring old arkansas

  6. Maybe someday, but I’m happy just chillin in California, smoking awesome bud like this… absolutely beautiful!

  7. Yet another great strain as this is also included on my top ten list.

    Cant say enough good things about this cannabis in the medical field as it helps multiple patients. Heavy cerebral and body medication. Big time yield and gorgeous girl all around. Easy to maintain…likes bat guano and earthworm castings for organic punch to the chops. Thumbs waaayy up!!!

  8. smoked this on my 1st visit to Amsterdam, smoked a lot 1st night in a coffee shop and crawled to where I thought I was staying. Great Smoke


  10. Best smelling i think has a strong potent smell, really easy to grow, my buds are a little small but do the job anyone know how to get bigger buds?

  11. where can i get this dankness in a hick state like….say…. new hampshire :)

  12. Old skool classic!,Great for party’s or just chilling watching movies,playing Xbox,Bonking the wife lol.!!

  13. Hey James … maybe if you hit the link … BUY HERE … they could answer your question.

  14. Surprised some people on here have just recently heard of northern lights, its been around for ages, and I knew about the name before I even smoked marijuana. Good smoke, not over rated in the least bit, and asking where to get seeds is a dumb question, go ask your mom.

  15. ha i’ve smoked this many a time this year however i’m trying tutie fruitie should be quite an experience

  16. i dont care what u say nothing is better than the sour disel thats the best weed in nyc and most aboundant

  17. Big Al aggrees with Big Willy Northern Lights is the best in NEW YORK City and maybe the world, if your lucky enough to score some like me and willy lol, great taste, lasts long and your stoned for many hours.

  18. Got this, mines outdoor though, doesnt look as intense, ive smoked it before, pretty good, not my favourite weed though.

  19. anyone got seeds??? Need good strain (northern lights/skunk/bubblegum)contact me…serious,not affiliaated with law enforcement of any kind.Just a novice starting out.

  20. how can i get those seeds down here i’ve heard about that weed from girl on the net and i would really truely love to get ah taste of dat weed.

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