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Location: Amsterdam, NL Awards Won: 10
Established: 1990s Unique Strains: 15+
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Kiwi seeds

Kiwi Seeds bank are horticultural specialists who have used their considerable experience in the cannabis seed and cannabis breeding business. With over ten years of marijuana breeding experience and cannabis genetics sourced from Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Afghanistan, Kiwi Seeds seed bank has a lot to offer.

In 2006 Kiwi Seeds amalgamated with the famous Dampkring of Amsterdam to combine New Zealand green fingers and Dutch knowhow to great effect.

As well as a range of unique, award winning marijuana hybrids such as Mako Haze, Milky Way and South Star, Kiwi Seeds also provide old classics with a twist like KiwiSkunk.

All Kiwi Seeds marijuana seeds are produced and tested by themselves, ensuring genetic integrity and very high levels of germination.

From their website Kiwi Seeds ship cannabis seeds worldwide. They do not, however, ship to Australia, New Zealand, Germany or the USA.

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Why buy seeds here?

We have dealt with over 30 seed banks in the last couple of decades and we really only rely on a couple to deliver fresh seeds worldwide.

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