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Type: Indica/Sativa Height Indoors: Tall
Origin: Unknown Hybrid Height Outdoors: 8ft (2.5m)
Breeder: Paradise Seeds Flowering period: 9 weeks
Feminized seeds available: No Harvest outdoor: October
Grows: Outdoors/Greenhouse THC Level: High
Yield: HighOutdoors up to 17 ½oz (500gms) per plant Stoned or High: Hybrid
Grow Difficulty: Easy Awards won: High Life Cannabis Cup 2004 (3rd)



Sweet Purple cannabis is a hybrid strain that has been bred by Paradise Seeds especially for growing outdoors in cooler climates. She won a 3rd place High Life Cannabis Cup Prize in the Outdoor Category. Although her exact genetic heritage is not known, it is thought that she is a cross between and purple strain, a heavy cropping Dutch strain and a third strain known for its potency.

Whatever the genetics, the result is Sweet Purple cannabis. When left to her own devices outdoors she will achieve heights of around eight feet.  Sweet Purple exhibits great mold resistance and will thrive in cool, damp environments. She grows with a distinct purple tinge which will be more pronounced the cooler the climate. You should expect some variation in Sweet Purple phenotypes, especially with regards to potency and coloration.

When smoked Sweet Purple weed has a strong, distinctively minty aroma. The taste is quite sweet with a slightly metallic zing. The high you get from Sweet Purple weed is a nice hybrid that is mostly clear and uplifting sativa but subtly combined with relaxing body sensations. Sweet Purple cannabis is great weed for concentrating on games, puzzles or creative projects.


Why buy Sweet Purple Weed Seeds?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partner offers excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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