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Crystal Marijuana Seeds

Crystal Weed Seeds – Marijuana Seeds

Type: India/Sativa Height Indoors: Medium
Origin: White Widow x Northern Lights Height Outdoors: Medium
Breeder: Nirvana Flowering period: 9 Weeks
Auto flowering seeds available: Yes Harvest outdoor: X
Feminized seeds available: Yes THC Level: High 15%-20%
Grow Indoors: Yes Stoned or High: All round
Grow Outdoors: Yes Grow Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Yield: Low 250gm (8.8oz) per M2 Awards won: High Life Cup 2002 (1st)

Crystal cannabis seeds crop up in a few different places under a number of different spellings. However you spell it though, you’ll be more than happy with the results. Crystal cannabis seeds are a cross between two of the best strains of cannabis available; the world famous White Widow and the equally popular Northern Lights. The resulting Crystal marijuana is kind of what you’d expect, a medium height plant with a dense bushy stature. The buds are well formed and laden with a thick frosting of very sticky crystals, giving this marijuana strain its well earned name.

Although it’s fairly easy to handle in the grow room, you might be a bit disappointed in the yields, especially if you compare them with some of the bigger producers. For the connoisseur however, it’s all about the smoke, and Crystal weed scores high in the quality department. When smoked, Crystal marijuana gives off a sweet and sugary aroma that is both pleasant and mouth watering. The taste backs this up and is smooth and easy on the throat. The hit takes a moment to kick in and then lifts off with an intense, clear headed and creative rush that is sociable and fun. Crystal marijuana seeds offer great weed if you’re having friends round for the evening.

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