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Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

Type: Sativa Height Indoors: Tall
Origin: South African IBL Height Outdoors: Tall
Breeder: Many Breeders Flowering period: 8-10 Weeks
Auto flowering seeds available: No Harvest outdoor: Late October
Feminized seeds available: No THC Level: High
Grow Indoors: Yes Stoned or High: High
Grow Outdoors: Yes Grow Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Yield: Medium/High Awards won: None

Durban Poison marijuana seeds are an original wild strain from South Africa. Some seed banks offer hybridised varieties mixed with Skunk and other strains. But the original Durban Poison weed is a true inbred line and never hybridised.

Because Durban Poison marijuana is now available from a wide area of South Africa, and further afield, there is quite a wide variety of phenotypes available. True Durban Poison weed is a tall, lanky plant with dark brown/purple pistils and a distinctive anise/liquorice flavour and aroma. Buds are long and heavy, making for a good yield.

Durban Poison weed is a true Sativa strain and the high is uplifting and functional, very similar to Thai weed. It can be quite giggly and is a great socialising strain, suitable for sharing with friends and enjoying at parties and gatherings.

Durban Poison marijuana is the current cannabis strain of choice for this year festivals, for yours truly, and comes highly recommended.

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