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Six Smart Marijuana Grow Gadgets

Six Smart Marijuana Grow Gadgets that You Should Know About

Did you know your smart phone could help you grow better marijuana? Or that your wireless connection could be used to water your garden? With these awesome smart garden gadgets nearly anything is possible.Healthy Cannabis Grow RoomHumans have cultivated cannabis for thousands of years. A lot has changed in that time. Recently the world of marijuana growing has begun to change even more quickly. Only fifty years ago nearly all marijuana was grown outside, and most of that was grown organically.Now we have access to advanced nutrients, hydroponic equipment and high-tech grow lights that allow us to maximize THC production and yields.But that was all yesterday. Today there are smart growing tools that make cultivating top shelf buds a breeze. Here are our favorite smart cannabis growing gadgets:

1. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant SensorThe Koubachi does everything. This golf club shaped gadget looks like it came right out of the space age. Once you use it, you’ll be convinced it isn’t of mere Earthly origins.The Koubachi measures soil moisture, temperature and the intensity of light that hits it. With the data it feeds into your phone or email you will know exactly when you need to water your plants, adjust your lights or reset your thermostat. You’ll never burn your plants again, no matter how suddenly those leggy Sativas start to stretch.You can access data from the Koubachi via the phone app or the web app. It’s easy to use on any device. Best of all, this sensor isn’t expensive. You can get the indoor design for $100 on Amazon, or the tougher outdoor version for $130.

2. Solar Sync

Solar Sync Healthier MarijuanaOutdoor marijuana growers are often at the mercy of the weather. If you have a large grow in a dry climate you may set-up an irrigation system, or even just a simple sprinkler.But what if you’re trying to be stealthy? You don’t want to visit the site every day. You could set a timer on the sprinkler, but if it rains you’ll be wasting water and maybe even flooding your tender young plants. You need the Solary Sync.This is a smart irrigation system. It measures evapotraspiration, which is the sum amount of water moving from the soil and your plants into the air. It includes evaporation and water lost during the plant’s respiration cycle. The Solar Sync also tracks the amount of sunlight hitting your garden and the ambient temperatures.The Solar Sync is able to sort through all this information to decide when to turn on the sprinklers. You don’t have to do anything at all. It can detect rain and will turn off the water when it starts. You don’t even have to show up till harvest time.

3. Plantlink

Grow Better Marijuana with PlantlinkThe Plantlink is similar to the Solar Sync, only it can attach to any sprinkler. The sensors monitor water levels in the soil and will notify you via text, email or voicemail when your cannabis plants need water.With the Plantlink, smart watering goes even further. This device tracks temperature and weather patterns. Not only will it not turn on the sprinkler if it’s raining, it won’t turn it on if it predicts that rain is coming soon. This is the ultimate water-saving irrigation gadget for our outdoor marijuana grow.

4. Water from a Stone Globe

Better Watering Cannabis PlantsThis is smart technology that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or a smartphone. These simple, pretty globes slowly release water for a period of three to four days.Water from a Stone Globe is perfect for indoor soil grows. You can place one in each container if you have to go out of town for the weekend and your green girls will receive a steady supply of water.

5. Edyn Smart Garden System

Edyn Smart Garden GrowAnother awesome irrigation gadget, the Edyn Smart Garden System has a solar powered garden sensor and water valve. Both are are wi-fi connected.The sensor tracks all of the systems in your garden or grow room. It can be used indoors or out with ease. The Edyn Smart Garden sensor will send you updates on your smart phone about the humidity levels, temperature, moisture and even the soil nutrition in your containers or garden.If you add the water valve, the system will use its data to water plants only as they need it. You can also choose to control the valve from afar. This system is great because it feeds you valuable information and lets you choose how to use it. You can trust the system to make watering decisions or you can make adjustments yourself based on the data.

6. Gro-1 iPhone 4/4S Case with LED Binocular Microscope

Gro1 iPhone Case with MicroscopeThis handy iPhone case turns your smartphone into a microscope. Now you can identify mites or other pests on your plants with nothing more than the phone in your pocket. It is perfect for catching mildew or bud rot in the earliest stages.In addition to helping you prevent and control disease, this tool is perfect for early identification of male, female and hermaphrodite plants. You can get in close enough to pick out the first pollen sacs before they have a chance to fill your buds with seeds.At $35, why wouldn’t you buy this iPhone case?

Taking Advantage of the Smart Technology Age

There are downsides to technology. People spend too much time on their phones and Facebook accounts. No one writes letters or makes phone calls anymore. A lot of traditional, organic, outdoor growers frown upon all the high-tech gear young marijuana growers use these days.But, love it or hate it, the age of smart technology is here to stay. It is still important to cultivate a basic understanding of sound growing knowledge, so you don’t lose a crop just because the internet goes down. Yet there is no reason not to take advantage of the resources available to you.These gadgets, simple or complex as they may be, can help you achieve great results in the grow room while spending less time physically amongst the plants. That means you can still go to work, play softball or hang out with your friends while growing the best marijuana buds around.