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9 X 9 Grow Tent Kit Review

9’ X 9’ Grow Tent Kit Review

Here we review two contenders in this field from Dealzer and SuperCloset

9-x-9-grow-tent-kitThe 9’ X 9’ grow tent kit is a fully inclusive kit that contains all you need to grow up to 24 tall plants in the bubble bucket system, or up to 52 medium sized plants in the SuperFlow SuperPonics trough system.

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical support

Housed in an award winning 9’ X 9’ Gorilla Grow Tent, this kit is suitable for larger scale grows of full sized plants. It features an impressive 4 X 600W Lumatek lighting system and comes fully equipped and ready to go.

Why the 9 X 9 Grow Tent Kit?

  • Measures 9’ X 9’ X 6’11”;
  • Award winning Lumatek digital dimmable ballast;
  • 4 X high quality 600W HPS grow lights;
  • Packed throughout with brand name components;
  • Single large compartment with fully adjustable height;
  • Enough space for up to 52 flowering plants (26 with the BubbleFlow system;
  • Super stealthy, guaranteed odor proof and light tight;
  • Almost silent operation;
  • 3 year warranty with SuperCloset or Dealzer;
  • Lifetime of support and back-up;
  • Proudly built in California, USA.
9 x 9 grow tent kit open with bucketflow system

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • This self contained grow tent kit is housed in a top of the range Gorilla Grow Tent;
  • 9’ X 9’ Gorilla Grow Tent is the only tent in the world to have fully adjustable height. Increase height from 6’11” to 7’11” with the included, patent pending, easy to use extension kit;
  • Heavy duty tent fabric is 1680D, between 3 and 9 times thicker than competing grow tents;
  • Tent is well built and can support up to 300lbs;
  • Sturdy zippers are robust and light tight;
  • Multiple inlet/outlet ports allow for many different configurations;
  • Viewing window allows for plant inspection without disturbing the growing environment, ideal for when using CO2;
  • Trellis system allows you to grow an even canopy, optimizing light efficiency and providing extra support for your plants.
Gorilla grow tents logo

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • SuperCloset and Dealzer both offer the same lighting system with the 9 X 9 grow tent kit;
  • 4 X 600W Lumatek SuperCool Intelligent Lighting System;
  • Top of the range, award winning Lumatek dimmable digital ballast;
  • Dimmable ballast allows you to operate lights at 50%, 75%, 100% and even 110% with the ‘SuperLumens’ setting;
  • Professional air cooling uses dedicated fans to move air right across the bulb, keeping temperatures down and heat away from the delicate growing tips of your plants;
  • Sunlight Supply Blazer 6” AC reflectors makes a square footprint, avoiding dim corners;
  • 3M gasket sealed, closed loop cooling system;
  • Reflectors include: Tempered hinged glass with neoprene gasket, powder-coated galvanized steel housing, 95% reflective aluminum interior, EZ-Breeze aerodynamic junction box that improves airflow and increases cooling efficiency;
  • Reflectors mounted on fully adjustable ratchet yo-yos enabling you to easily position the lights at the optimum distance from your canopy.

9 x 9 grow tent kit yoyo lights9 x 9 grow tent kit with lights

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Heavy duty, Phresh carbon filters are guaranteed to neutralize unwanted odors;
  • Phresh filters are industry leaders and used by professional growers and cultivators worldwide;
  • Ventilation in the SuperCloset deal is provided by 2 X 8” Hurricane inline fans. Dealzer offer dual 6” Hurricane inline fans;
  • Hurricane fans are industrial strength and built of sturdy powdered steel and high quality UL components for quiet operation;
  • Internal air circulation is crucial for strengthening plants and preventing the build up of humidity which could lead to bud rot;
  • SuperCloset offer Active Air internal circulation fans, although they do not stipulate how many they supply;
  • Dealzer offer 3 X 6” internal circulation fans;
Hurricane inline fan

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

SuperCloset and Dealzer all offer you a choice of two hydroponic systems to go with the 9’ X 9’ Grow Tent Kit.

Option 1: 24 Site BubbleFlow Bucket SuperPonics System

The 24 site BubbleFlow Bucket SuperPonics System is the ideal choice if you are interested in growing larger plants. Some of the bigger sativas, particularly the hazes, benefit from the space to grow big and tall. Allowing these plants to veg fully before flowering can result in some truly spectacular yields.The BubbleFlow Bucket system gives you 24 plant sites and uses a combination of hydroponic methods including:
  • Upwelling recirculation;
  • Bubbleponics;
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC);
  • Ebb and Flow.
These pump fed bucket systems are ideal for keeping pH and TDS levels stable. Results are consistently good and it is a tried and tested system that is proven to be a fast, efficient and effective.
  • Large 6.5 gallon buckets with net pots included;
  • Food grade, high density plastic reservoir and lid is UV stable and easy to clean;
  • Fully automated and easy to use;
  • High quality air stones create highly oxygenated solution;
  • All relevant Eco Series air pumps and water pumps are supplied.
24 site bubble flow bucket system hydroponics

Option 2: 52 SuperFlow SuperPonics System

This SuperFlow system is better suited to bulk crops of small or medium sized plants. It uses a combined SuperPonics system that is a combination of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Aeroponics and Ebb and Flow systems. The result is a superior system that will deliver high performance and massive yields. By keeping your plants’ roots suspended in a constant, nutrient rich, aeroponic mist, interspersed by regular, timed flows of super oxygenated nutrient solution, your plants will respond with vigor and reward you with explosive growth.
  • Super Flow aeroponics system is designed to be a non-clogging aeroponics system. The wide bore design of these units means that they will not clog, even when using organic hydro nutrients;
  • Large reservoir keeps nutrient mix stable and levels out peaks in TDS and pH;
  • Non-clogging system means less chance of root rot;
  • Non-clogging system is easy to clean;
  • Powerful and durable Eco Series air pump provides lots of air and operates quietly;
  • Eco Series water pump is powerful, quiet and reliable;
  • 52 site troughs allow space to grow up to 52 plants to fruition;
  • Sturdy frames are secure and keep plants at ideal height for working on;
  • For larger plants just plant out every other site with 26 plants.
52 site aeroponic super flow superponics hydroponic system

Nutrients and Extras

SuperCloset and Dealzer both offer you the following extras with your 9’ X 9’ grow tent kit:TDS meter – Total Dissolved Solids is the measurement of the concentration of your nutrient solution. Stay in the control of TDS with this easy to use, hand held TDS meter.52 site aeroponic super flow superponics hydroponic systemTDS meter grow tent kitGeneral Hydroponics pH control kit – The correct pH level of your nutrient solution is very important as it regulates how well your plants take on nutrients. Keeping your pH levels in the optimum zone is easy with this pH control kit from General Hydroponics. Adjustment is simple with the use of either pH Up or pH Down.General Hydroponics pH adjustment kitDigital thermometer and hygrometer – Controlling temperature and humidity is important for effective plant growth. You can monitor these levels easily with this digital thermometer/hygrometer. Features min/max function, clock, alarm and waterproof thermometer probe.Analog timers – All of the timers are supplied to fully automate your hydroponics grow tent kit.GFCI Shockbuster –Safety is a high priority when dealing with water and electrics. This essential piece of safety equipment will cut off all power to the cabinet should any of the electrical components come into contact with water.GFCI shockbusterGrowing Medium – All of the appropriate growing medium and substrate is supplied with the kit, regardless of who you buy it from.Easy to follow instructions and DVD – Both companies provide an easy to follow instructional DVD and full written instructions to set you on your path to growing your own top grade weed. Have the whole process explained to you in easy to understand language.

Dealzer Also Supply:

TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit – A selection of high quality hydroponic nutrients to get you started. This kit includes all the nutrients and supplements you might need for your first crop. Basic Bloom, Boost and Grow nutrients, plus a range of additives and supplements:Technaflora recipe for success nutrient starter kit
  • Nutrient Feeding Chart;
  • B.C. Bloom - 500ml;
  • B.C. Boost - 500ml;
  • B.C. Grow - 500ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red - 125ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green - 125ml;
  • Awesome Blossoms - 125ml;
  • MagiCal - 125ml;
  • SugarDaddy - 250ml;
  • ROOT 66 - 250ml;
  • Rootech Cloning Gel.


Regardless of whether you buy it from SuperCloset or Dealzer, the 9’ X 9’ Grow Tent Kit comes with a no hassle three year warranty on all components except the light bulbs. This cast iron guarantee gives you complete confidence and peace of mind.Don’t forget that both companies also offer you a lifetime of technical support. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full support and back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

Optional Upgrades

Whether you buy the 9’ X 9’ grow tent kit from Dealzer or SuperCloset you will get everything you need to successfully grow your first crop. The following upgrades are also available.

Available From SuperCloset and Dealzer:

Professional CO2 Kit

Supplementing the CO2 in your growing environment is a great way to increase the size of your yield. This Professional CO2 Kit includes:
  • Regulator;
  • Solenoid valve;
  • Flow meter;
  • Timer;
  • Injection tubing;
  • Setup instructions.
professional CO2 kit

24-7 Nutrient Monitor

This is a fantastic piece of kit from Control Wizard Products. The 24-7 Nutrient Monitor will give you a constant reading for temperature, PPM and pH levels, 24/7. The display is large and easy to read and will save you the hassle of having to continually take readings. Now you can monitor your levels at a glance.24-7 nutrient monitor

Total Germination Package

Good success at seed germination comes with practice and experience. In the meantime germination failure can be expensive and frustrating. Take the luck out of it with this Total Germination Package. The pack contains everything you need to create the perfect germinating environment. Kit includes:
  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Heat Mat with adjustable thermostat
  • Rock Wool cube medium
total germination package

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Water is at the very heart of every hydroponics system (the clue is in the name!). Make sure that the water you feed in is of the very best quality with this highly effective piece of kit. This is especially relevant if you live in a location with poor water quality.This Reverse Osmosis water filter will provide up to 200 gallons of purified, ultra low PPM water every day. Removes 99%+ of chlorine and other contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter includes:

  • 4-Stage reverse osmosis unit;
  • 2 reverse osmosis membranes;
  • Carbon filter;
  • Cleanable sediment filter;
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge;
  • Wall mountable metal bracket;
  • Garden hose connector;
  • Inline shut-off (8ft.);
  • Drain line (5ft.);
  • Inlet line;
  • Filter wrench;
  • Instructions;
  • Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".

Available from Dealzer Only:

Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack

Nutrients are consumables and you will find that you get through some of them more quickly than others. This pack contains extra quantities of the nutes that you will use the most. Pack includes:
  • 2x B.C. Bloom - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 3x B.C. Boost - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x B.C. Grow - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 1x Awesome Blossoms - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 2x SugarDaddy - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x Thrive Alive Red - 500ml Bottle;
  • 1x MagiCal - 1 Liter Bottle.
Technaflora nutrient upgrade package

Available from SuperCloset Only:

4 X 1,000 W HPS Bulb/Ballast Combo

Growing indoors is all about light. The extra lumens you give to your plants with this lighting upgrade will directly result in of denser buds. The closed loop reflectors supplied with the kit will easily cope with the extra heat generated.

4 X 400 Watt MH Vegetation Bulbs

These 400 Watt bulbs are designed specifically for the vegetative stage of your plants’ growth cycle. With a color temperature of 4000K, these high intensity discharge quartz metal halide bulbs emit 33,100 lumens each. This is an ideal choice, especially if you want to veg out some larger plants for a longer period of time.

Gorilla Grow Tent 2' Height Extension Kit

Your Gorilla grow tent already comes with a 12” extension kit that will increase the height to 7’11”. With this optional extra extension kit you can take that up to 8’11”! This is perfect for really tall plants, or simply to give yourself lots of room for manoeuvring.

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical support

What people saying about the 9 X 9 Grow Tent Kit

“Brilliant Kit! For me this was a step up in size and I’m real glad I made it. I’m now a legal caregiver for several patients and things have never been so good”

“I took the bucket version because i was struggling to fit my hazes into my previous grow room. With the extra extension set those girls are like goddam trees man! Insane!”

“I was very impressed by the build quality and the quality of all of the components used. This is a classy set up and I love it. Cannot wait for my first crop to be ready. It’s looking really good right now – 4 weeks into flower with some beautiful OG Kush”