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Aeroponics System – 90 Plant Vertical Farm Review

Aeroponics System - 90 Plant Vertical Farm Review

Why the Aeroponics System - 90 Plant Vertical Farm?

90 Plant Aeroponics SystemThis vertical grow system from Dealzer is a highly effective aeroponics system that makes the most efficient use of space.By growing in the round it uses all the light put out by up to 1200W of HID grow lights directly, avoiding any of the inefficiencies of reflected light.By growing vertically it dramatically increases the growing area available, allowing you to fit up to 90 plants in a footprint of just 5’ X 5’.The 90 Plant Vertical Farm grows your plants in 5 grow rings, vertically stacked for the most efficient use of space.Unlike most of the other deals on these pages, this system is not part of a grow box or grow tent kit. Just fit the system into your own growing room and massively increase your potential productivity.
  • The Vertical Farm is a self contained system measures 5’ X 5’
  • Grow up to 90 plants in a small space;
  • Highly productive aeroponics system;
  • Energy and space efficient;
  • Easy to use. Timers and controls all built in;
  • Up to 1200W of vertically mounted HID light;
  • 3 Year warranty;
  • Built in the USA.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • The 90 plant aeroponics system fits inside a 5’ X 5’ space;
  • Features 5 growing rings with offset plant sites to avoid overshadowing by the plants above;
  • Sturdy metal frame keeps everything stable and supports the vertically mounted light fixture;
  • Integral controls and timers makes operation simple and intuitive;
  • Grow rings constructed of high quality, UV safe PVC tubing.

90 Plant Aeroponics System - with plants

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • Vertically mounted Dual Cool Tube places the light at the centre of the set up. This avoids the need for reflectors and gives you light around 360 degrees of the bulbs, the most efficient way of lighting your plants;
  • 2 X 600W HPS/MH dimmable ballasts allow you to run bulbs at 400W, 500W or 600W each. This gives you a total of up to 1200W of HID light;
  • Dual 600W HID grow lights will provide all the lighting you need in the correct spectrum for effective growth.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

Unlike most of the grow boxes that we review, this system is a stand-alone system and would need to be installed in your own space and any relevant air movement and odor control provided by yourself.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Vertical Farm 90 Plant Aeroponics System

As the name suggests, the 90 Plant Aeroponics System has an aeroponic system at its heart. Aeroponics works by suspending your plants’ roots into a nutrient rich mist. This system allows the roots to take on ample oxygen as well as mainlining the nutrient solution directly into the root system.Aeroponics is a tried and tested method that is proven, cost effective and very productive. By recirculating nutrients and water you have complete control over nutrient concentration and avoid wasteful run off.

Here’s how the Vertical Farm system works.

  • 20 gallon reservoir contains your nutrient solution and is large enough to keep your solution pH stable;
  • A powerful 1000 gallon per hour (GPH) submersible pump feeds the solution into the system;
  • Built in manifold distributes the nutrient solution across all 5 grow ring layers of the stack system;
  • Nutrient solution is sprayed directly onto the plants’ roots via a spray bar;
  • Excess solution drains back into the reservoir ready for the next spray;
  • Setting a timer can make this system very efficient.
The 90 Plant Aeroponics System is extremely versatile and can be used to cultivate plants from seed, cuttings or from rooted clones.
  • Place seeds in Rockwool growing medium and present to the system in net baskets;
  • Place fresh cuttings in the system with the provided neoprene collars;
  • Place rooted plants in the system with the provided neoprene collars;


As with all of Dealzers products, the Aeroponics System - 90 Plant Vertical Farm comes with a no hassle three year warranty on all components. The cast iron Dealzer warranty gives you confidence and peace of mind.You can also benefit from Dealzer’s famous lifetime of tech support by phone or e-mail.

*** SuperCloset – SuperCloset don’t do the Vertical Farm, but check out their SuperPonics system

What people are saying about the Aeroponics System - 90 Plant Vertical Farm

“Great system. I have been growing for years now but wanted to bump up my production. This is just the thing for the job. I have more than tripled what I was previously getting from the same space”

“I am a commercial producer and use the vertical farm as part of my over all system. Very happy with it.”

“Vertical farming is the way forward. So much more efficient.”


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