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AutoYielder Grow Box Review

AutoYielder - Grow Box Review

Why the AutoYielder Grow Box?

The AutoYielder grow box is an entry level hydroponic grow box that grows high quality hydroponic marijuana. With an easy to use hydroponic system, two powerful CFL grow lights, carbon filtration and a lifetime warranty and customer service, the AutoYielder grow box is simple but effective and will have you producing your first high grade buds before you know it.Auto Yielder Grow Box

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  • Single cabinet – 36” Tall X 21” Wide X 13.5” deep;
  • 6 Plant DWC hydroponic system;
  • Choice of soil or hydro;
  • FluoroWing lighting system;
  • 125W CFL (6,400K) specifically for vegetative growth and...
  • 125W CFL (2,700K) specifically for flowering;
  • Light tight and odor proof;
  • All pumps and fans required;
  • Starter nutrient pack;
  • Lockable for security;
  • Stealth shipping and billing;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Comprehensive, easy to follow instructions;
  • Hand built in Oregon, USA.
AutoYielder Marijuana Grow Box - three quarter view

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • Cabinet size is 36”H X 21”W X 13.5”D. This gives you space for 6 small to medium plants;
  • Cabinet is sturdily constructed from ¾” Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF);
  • MDF is significantly stronger and more durable than the plywood or particle board used on some other cabinets;
  • Highly reflective, infrared blocking lining uses light efficiently and effectively, focusing it back onto your growing plants without creating hot spots;
  • Lockable door for security, keeps unwanted attention out.
AutoYielder Marijuana Grow Box - closedAuto Yielder Marijuana Grow Box - Lockable and Light Tight

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • The AutoYielder comes complete with a FluoroWing CFL grow light system that is designed for both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth;
  • 1 X 125W CFL 6400K grow bulb. Bulbs in the 6400K range are ideal for vegetating your plants;
  • 1 X 125W CFL 2700K grow bulb. This bulb is the great color light for flowering your plants;
  • Each bulb provides around 7,000 lumens of light in the appropriate spectrum for your plants’ growth and flowering;
  • Simply change over the bulbs when you switch from 14 or 18/6 to 12/12 to induce flowering. See light cycles. Having the two different bulbs means that you maximize both the flowering and vegetative stages of your plants’ grow cycle;
  • FluoroWing reflector from Hydrofarm reflects upwards light back down onto your plants for maximum efficiency.

Auto Yielder Grow Box - Grow Light ReflectorAuto Yielder Marijuana Grow Box - 125W CFL Grow Light

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Proprietary dual layer carbon filter for both intake and exhaust is deliberately over spec to guarantee that all unwanted odors stay inside your Auto Yielder grow box. Growing your own can sometimes be a smelly business, but with this carbon filtration system you have no reason to worry;
  • Reliable exhaust fan runs at 110CFM, completely changing the air in the cabinet more than 18 times per minute. Fresh, CO2 rich air is essential to your growing success;
  • There is no internal air circulation provided in the AutoYielder. In such a small box the air movement created by the exhaust fan is enough to keep the plants moving.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Auto Yielder Marijuana Grow Box - Hydroponic SystemThe AutoYielder grow box comes with a proven and reliable DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponics system. This system works by suspending the plants’ roots directly into a reservoir of highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Providing the roots with abundant oxygen as well as nutrients allows the plants to thrive. DWC is one of the most popular and effective hydroponics systems for home growers, and with good reason.
  • 2.37 gallon reservoir;
  • Reservoir constructed from UV stable plastic;
  • 3.5W, dual outlet Aquavita air pump delivers 3 liters of fresh air per minute to your system;
  • Quality air stone and air line;
  • 6 X 2” net cups to support your plants;
  • Rockwool growing medium.
AutoYielder Marijuana Grow Box - Aquavita Air PumpFor those who prefer to grow in soil, you can order a soil version of the Auto Yielder grow box that replaces the DWC system with pots and soil.

Nutrients and Extras

  • General Hydroponics Nutrients - Your AutoYielder grow box comes complete with these high quality hydroponic nutrients. 1 quart each of GH FloraGro and GH FloraBloom will provide you with enough nutes for 2-3 full grow cycles. Nutrients contain primary, secondary, and micro nutrients and will result in good yields and good plant vitality.
General Hydroponic Nutrients for AutoYielder Grow Box - Cannabis


The AutoYielder Grow Box comes with a life time warranty on all non consumable components. Consumable components such as Nutrients, Grow Medium and Grow Bulbs, are covered by a one-year warranty.As well as that, you can expect lifetime of technical support and back up. You can get free phone or e-mail support from industry experts for the lifetime of this product.

Optional Upgrades

    • T5 Supplemental Side Lighting – By adding these 2 X 24” High Output T5 side lights you will increase the lighting in your grow box. Each light is 24W, giving a total of 48W of extra light to improve under canopy production. This is especially useful with CFL packages, remember, more Watts equals more buds!
    • Total Germination Package – Give your expensive cannabis seeds the best possible chance of a good start with this Total Germination Package. Package includes:
      • Seedling Tray;
      • Humidity Dome;
      • Seedling Heat Mat;
      • Heat Mat Thermostat;
      • Rock Wool Cube Growing Medium.

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What people saying about the AutoYielder Grow Box

“I thought hydro would be complicated and hard to master. Its actually easy as pie! So glad I finally took the plunge.”

“Better than the ‘Cash Crop’ so my local hydro shop says. Might put one in the shed and see what it produces. Jerri – San Rafael”

"This is the ideal starter kit. Small and discrete and real easy to use. Love it!"