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Location: CaliforniaAwards Won: 16
Established: UnknownUnique Strains: 40+Website:

The Cali Connection seed bank has been set up to act as an umbrella organisation for California’s cannabis growers. By collecting together some of the best genetic resources from Northern and Southern California they have developed a rich pool of genetic material to play with. Their stated mission is to supply the world with Cali’s best cannabis genetics in seed form.

Sour OG and Tahoe OG Kush are just two of quite an impressive and ongoing list of new strains.

Although they are relative newcomers, The Cali Connection are already supplying their marijuana seeds through established seed banks such as The Attitude. A new UK based website should soon see them selling cannabis seeds direct to the public.

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3 thoughts on “The Cali Connection

  1. Saltysquid says:

    I have bought 6 female Tahoe OG that cost me $116. My 1st batch turned out males and luckily caught in time before a disaster would of unfolded in my grow room. I contacted the seed bank I bought it from, and they sent me anther 6 “females”. It happened again! I have been growing for a long time, and my other female seeds from other breeders (seed from Holland) have always been true. If these were $20 seeds, I would take my loss like a big boy. Cali Connection’s reputation has fallen into greed. If your looking for quality FEMALE seeds than DON’T BUY SEEDS THAT COMES FROM CALI CONNECTION, unless you like being raped. No one has time for this bull crap! What a rip off! Buy from a seed bank from Holland that ships to the USA, it will save you ALOT of time, money, and frustration. You picking up what I’m putting down for you? Good Luck, met me at 4:20 will smoke a phatty!

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  2. dank420 says:

    HEY Kush, man why would you kill an awsome strain like that? All of the OG’S Chem 4 OG, Tahoe OG, Larry OG, Skywalker OG, OG 18, Ghost OG They all grow tall and lanky. What you need to do is top the branches when it streches maybe even a couple times before you flower and you will get the most fantastic results even under a 400 watt hps. Cali Connection : Tahoe OG THC %25.5

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  3. Kush says:

    I only grew one chem 4 og from seed and it was so stretchy and awful I ripped her down on week 5 and thew it in the trash ……..Id like to Hope there is a good pheno in my pack but I doubt Ill try it again

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