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Cannabis are resellers of cannabis seeds from an award winning Dutch seed breeder. They carry an impressive range of 59 different cannabis strains and these include all of the big names; White Widow, Skunk, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Black Domina and G13 to name just a few.

Marijuana seeds from Cannabis are kept at a competitive price due to the name. By having such a popular search term in their name, Cannabis are consistently at the top of the search results, thus keeping advertising costs low.

All of their marijuana seeds are grown outdoors under natural light and packed in crush proof tubes. In fact, Cannabis guarantees that all seeds are hand checked before despatch and that there will be no crushed seeds.

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  1. Spigity says:

    Don’t buy from these clowns … never got my order and never got a reply from my several complaints.

    CannabisSeeds_dot_com is a FRAUD!!!!

  2. AJ says:

    Ordered there special 300 feminized seeds for $143, sent payment by mail order recieved an update 4 days later confirming payment had been received by the seller and goods hd been shipped and too my suprise my order arrived 5 days later not a bad turn around at all. Brilliant customer service and a great turn around.. definitely recommend and will use again.

  3. Chad says:

    First time ordering from this site so started with a small order (12 white widow), prices are very low recieved my seeds within 3 days of payment being cashed, which an email let me know that they had been sent, paid via mail order. Very happy with product suprised by so many negative reviews personally would use again and would recommend. Thank you.

  4. mike says:

    Worthless seeds none germinated and no response from the seller. Stay away

  5. Mike Byciuk says:

    I bought 10 fem. white widow seeds from and they sent me 12 seeds. I tried different methods to germinate these seeds and my success rate was zero. I emailed these people asking a full refund or good seeds and so far no response.
    Warning: Save your money, the produce that this organization sells is complete crap.

    My Rating:0.0

  6. Fruity Nugetts says:

    bought 60 fem seed so far 90% percent poped, 98% are females, very happy

  7. thc master says:

    Total dishonest seller! Bought feminized seeds and have males popping up every where…Beware of this BS company…So far I have a 50/50 ratio male to female…I’m totally pissed!

  8. big wayne says:

    yeah i had the same problem. ordered 12 northern lights from them an NONE! poped. i even used every method i could think of

  9. Lucky says:

    I bought some G13 seeds from I must say, the germination rate was very poor to non. Out of 10 seeds non poped up.
    I wrote them an email, lets see if I get an answer !

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