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Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box Review

cash-crop-grow-box-cabinet-and-nutrientsWe love the guys at Dealzer - click here to take a look at the Cash Crop and make sure you tell them HTG sent you.

Why the Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box by Dealzer?

The Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box is an entry level grow box that is ideal for the small home gardener or novice grower. With enough room for six plants this compact grow box is easy to stash away from sight in a study, attic or even a closet. Being light tight, odor tight and operating at a mere whisper the Cash Crop 2.7 grow box is stealthy and yet contains everything you need to grow healthy productive plants from start to finish. The Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box is:
  • Affordable – The Cash Crop 2.7 is an affordable grow box designed to make hydro grow boxes accessible on even the most restricted budget.
  • Stealthy – By being light tight, odor free and running quietly, the Cash Crop 2.7 is super stealthy and will not attract unwanted attention from neighbors or visitors to your home.
  • <Efficient – The Cash Crop 2.7 uses its compact size highly efficiently to provide you with bumper yields from a tiny space.
  • Simple – With a lifetime of free technical support and simple, easy to use components, the Cash Crop 2.7 doesn't require a degree in horticulture to use. Just stick to the easy to follow instructions and you will be growing like a pro from your first crop.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • The Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box is sturdily constructed from half inch thick MDF, making it light yet strong. Plans for future development of the grow box include upgrading this to heavy duty plywood, finished with white melamine both inside and out.
  • This self cooled cabinet measures a compact 24" x 16" x 9.5". Small enough to hide away yet large enough for six plants.
  • Snap lock doors with lock and key to keep your plants safe and secure.
  • One gallon reservoir and six plant hydro system built in.
  • The Cash Crop 2.7 is designed to deliver high yields with low maintenance. The skilled gardener can expect to produce up to five pounds of dried bud per year.

Lights, Ballasts, Control, and Power

  • 180W of efficiently produced light during each stage of growth is ample for six vigorous plants.
  • CFLs operate efficiently producing little heat, this keeps the interior of your Cash Crop 2.7 grow box cool, preventing plants from overheating and keeping the heat signature to a minimum.
  • 3 X 60W CFL Grow Bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs operate at 6500k, delivering the perfect light spectrum for vegging your plants.
  • 3 X 60W CFL Flowering Bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs deliver light at 2700k, just right for the flowering phase of your grow.
  • The Cash Crop 2.7 uses heavy duty, 24 hour cycle timers to take care of your plants without you having to worry about them.
  • The Cash Crop 2.7 requires three electrical sockets for power.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat, and Odor Control

  • Dual carbon filters built into the air circulation system keeps exhaust from the Cash Crop 2.7 grow box odor free for super stealth.
  • Air movement is facilitated by an 80mm PC fan. The fan turns at 2200RPM and is rated at 28CFM, more than enough for a box of this size.
  • Operating at only 24DBA the fan is super quiet, keeping exterior noise to a minimum and enhancing the stealth attributes of the grow box.
  • The Cash Crop 2.7 cabinet is self cooled. The quality fan and CFL lighting keep temperatures down and avoids the need for awkward temperature control systems.
  • Hiflect insulation helps to reflect light. Maximizing the lumens and keeping your plants happy. The Hiflect insulation also helps stabilize temperatures.
  • High performance air pump runs quietly at 1500cc/minute and provides 2.5psi of pressure. The pump is rated for a 10 gallon tank and is easily powerful enough for the Cash Crop 2.7.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

  • The Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box features a single cabinet with a one gallon tank and six plant hydroponics system.
  • The unit works using Deep Water Culture hydroponics, tried and tested to give you the best results.
  • The quality air line and one inch air stone oxygenates your nutrient mix and create a fine mist, supplying nutrients directly to the root systems.
  • Simply start your clones or seedlings off in the supplied organic starter plugs.
  • When your young plants are ready for flowering, slip them into the net cups and swap the vegging light bulbs to the flowering bulbs.
  • Reset the timers to 12/12 and watch them go.
  • The 24” of cabinet space allows your plants to stretch and flower, most plants will bend to fill the space giving enough room for you to crop up to 5lb of dried plant matter per year.
Deep Water Culture hydroponics is recognized as a highly efficient and easy to operate hydro system. By keeping it simple there is less opportunity for things to go wrong. Even if you have no previous experience of using hydroponic systems, with the Cash Crop 2.7 you will be up and running within days and could have your first crop within a couple of months. Extensive instructions and a lifetime of technical support mean that any issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

Nutrients and Extras

Your Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box comes with a one year supply of Moon Dust All-In-One nutrients. Here’s what they say about Moon Dust:
  • A well balanced formula (19-8-13) designed for the complete life cycle of your plants.
  • Combines the best of a range of carefully selected and tested horticultural additives and base nutrients.
  • Highly concentrated, chelated and pH stabilized.
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners.
  • Includes more than 18 beneficial fungi (including 2 species of trichoderma).
  • Includes 19 beneficial bacteria.
  • Includes added carbs, humic acid, calcium, magnesium, kelp meal and other vitamin complexes.


Dealzer put their money where their mouth is by offering an amazing lifetime warranty on the Cash Crop 2.7. They also offer their famous and respected lifetime of free tech support. Just contact them by phone or e-mail for ongoing technical assistance.

Optional Upgrades

  • The Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box Deluxe contains all the same features as the standard Cash Crop 2.7, but in a box that is 36" tall as opposed to 24". This gives you an extra foot of growing space, allowing for larger plants and…. you’ve guessed it, higher yields.
  • CO2 boost bucket system – Adding extra CO2 to your growing environment is known to significantly improve yields and plant health. This system from Boost Buddy allows you to deliver extra CO2 to your plants for up to six months at a time without any maintenance, electricity or heat generation.

What people saying about the Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box

"I grew my first crop of plants with the CO2 system enhancer. The box works just as good as I expected. The company were very helpful and answered all my questions. The instructions were clear and straight forward which I found very helpful as this was my first grow. Am very happy with the results and am already considering an upgrade so that I can grow more plants next time. Thanks for making it so easy."
We love the guys at Dealzer - click here to take a look at the Cash Crop.

5 thoughts on “Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box Review

  1. Sherri Savage says:

    I have misplaced my grow chart please help

  2. Terika says:

    Hello. I purchased a cash crop box. And I was wondering if u can send me another copy of the starter instructions. Please and thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Terika. You will need to contact the manufacturer that you bought your box from. They offer unlimited e-mail support and back up.

  3. tom foley says:

    Cash crop 2.7 Not happy at all with this product.. When I called customer service I was given another number to call, after calling that number I was told someone would get back to me but that never happened.. I followed all instructions and now my plants are nearly dead. Very disappointed after spending $500

  4. joe silvia says:

    I need some advise. my plants are 7 weeks old, and they are 9 inches. my leaves look to have like purple spots on them. I put a 1/4 teaspoon of nutrients in res. what should I do?

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