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Hydrofarm Germination Station

Marijuana Germination Station

Stop Wasting Cash!

You’ve identified a reliable seedbank. You’ve made your order. You’ve waited… and waited… and waited… eagerly to get your seeds delivered. You’ve spent good money on your seeds, and a lot more on setting up your grow space. You need to get plants growing as quickly as possible so you can start seeing some payout from your big investment.Marijuana seeds typically come in packets of ten or so, which is not enough for more than a small grow for home use. If your dreams are bigger than this, you are hoping to get the first crop up and ready as soon as possible so you can identify a mother plant to make clones and grow your operation. Time is money, after all.Healthy Marijuana SeedlingAfter all your investments, planting seeds that fail to germinate can be a devastating disappoint. Stop wasting valuable seeds. The Germination Station from Hydrofarm will not only increase germination rates but it will make your seedlings stronger and healthier. Sturdy seedlings make robust plants and robust plants give high yields of the tasty bud you’ve worked so hard for.Healthy Seedlings in Germination Station

About Germinating Marijuana

The first step in growing your own cannabis is often one of the most intimidating. Is it possible that a 4 foot tall, thick trunked and heavily budded marijuana plant can burst out of that insignificant little seed? Waiting for the first leaves to sprout can be an agonizing experience. If you understand how seeds germinate and what you can do to increase their odds of producing healthy plants, the whole process becomes easier.Just Sprouted Marijuana Seed

The Process…

  • 1. Choose the right seeds

If you purchased your seeds from a seedbank, you’re going to plant them all. But if you are using seeds from a bag of bud or from your own breeding program, you have some degree of choice.

White or green seeds are immature and will probably not sprout. Mature seeds have a waxy, shiny shell and come in varying shades of brown. You may even have mottled seeds that resemble a turtle shell.

  • 2. Soak your seeds.

Getting your seeds thoroughly wet before planting will help speed up germination. You can either soak them in a small amount of water (mineral water is best) overnight, or wrap them in a damp paper towel.

  • 3. Two ways to Germinate
    • a. If you soaked your seeds in water overnight, you can now place them in your growing medium, carefully covered with 3/16” of medium. Keep the medium evenly damp but not soaking wet.
    • b. You can also germinate the seeds right in the damp paper towel. Keep it in a dark, warm place and keep it wet until the seeds crack. When the root is ¼”- ½” long, CAREFULLY transplant it into your growing medium.
  • 4. Be patient.

It will take about a month for your strongest seedlings to become fully rooted and ready for transplant into a larger container. Don’t rush them. If the root system is not well developed the stress of transplanting can damage your young seedlings.

For more step-by-step instruction for germinating marijuana, check out our page here.

Choosing a Growing Medium

Germination Station Labeled RockwoolSeeds can be germinated in a wide variety of mediums. Remember, the seed has all the stored nutrients it needs to get started. You do not need to give it any nutrients, just plain old water, for the first week or so. Whichever growing medium you choose, make sure it holds water well. Here are our favorite options:
  • 1. Soil
  • A high quality potting soil that holds moisture well is great for germinating cannabis.
  • 2. Soilless potting mix
  • These mixes usually include coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, peat or a combination of these four.
  • 3. Rockwool Cubes
  • Made from spun out melted rock or metal these cubes hold water well and work great for germination. Once your seedlings are started you can move the entire cube into a hydroponic system.
We don’t recommend Hydroton or other expanded clay pellets or any form of gravel as these mediums do not retain enough moisture for good germination.

Keeping the Right Conditions for Germination

First True Leaves Cannabis SeedlingTemperature and moisture are the two essentials for successful marijuana germination. You want to keep the soil temperature between 75° and 80°. Temperatures below this will result in slower germination or poor germination rates, while temps above 90° can damage seedlings.Your growing medium must always be damp, but never soaking wet, throughout the entire first month of your plant’s growth. Many growers water with a spray bottle during this stage to avoid flooding the delicate seedlings.

What is the Germination Station?

Hydrofarm Germination Station for MarijuanaMost problems with cannabis germination are the result of a medium that is too cold, too wet or too dry. The Germination Station is an enclosed growing space that prevents these problems by giving you full control of temperature and humidity. Start your seeds anywhere. The station is small, unobtrusive and easy to use. A heat mat gently warms your growing medium, keeping it at the ideal temperature for germination. The humidity dome traps moisture, so your seeds stay evenly moist.Seedlings can stay in the station until they have developed sturdy 1” roots. The controlled environment allows you to give your plants the best start possible, making them strong and vigorous.

Features of the Germination Station

The Germination Station comes equipped with everything you need to get started:
  • Waterproof Heating Mat
    • Keep your seeds warm for better germination and more vigorous early growth
    • 17 Watts, 120 volt
    • 9” X 19.5”
    • Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • 2” Humidity Dome
    • Seals in moisture to keep the growing medium perfectly damp for germination
  • 11” X 22” Watertight Base Tray
  • 72-cell Seedling Insert
    • Start up to 6 dozen seeds at one time
Hydrofarm includes full instructions and grow tips.

Using the Germination Station

You can choose any growing medium you like to fill the 72 cell seedling tray. Soak your seeds overnight, then simply place them in the cells, covered by a small amount of medium.Remember, marijuana seeds don’t need or want light during germination. Wait until the first leaves break the surface before placing the entire station under lights or outdoors in the sunshine.Station Under Lights Cannabis SproutedThe Germination Station is also a great place to transition freshly rooted clones. Once they show a few small roots, place your cuttings in the seedling tray and cover with the humidity dome.


Don’t waste valuable seeds. Give your plants the best start possible with the Germination Station. This simple grow set-up allows you to maintain the perfect temperature and moisture levels to optimize germination rates. Even more importantly, seeds started in this well protected, carefully managed system develop into stronger, healthier seedlings. If you want the biggest, hardiest, heaviest yielding crop you’ve ever grown, start the grow out right with the Germination Station.

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