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Handmade Glass Bongs and Weed Pipes

When we buy our own weed pipes and water bongs we always buy a piece that is unusual, offers excellent quality and of course handmade from Pyrex.If you want a truly unique, handmade, Pyrex (heat tempered) water pipe or bong delivered discreetly to the USA we *totally* recommend using Bongin.Sure you can buy bongs and water pipes from your local shop but if you have been in the business as long as we have you know they only come from one place, India. Fail. Yes, that shiny $100 bong usually cost the USA importer a mere $3.00 as they buy 10,000 at a time and the wholesaler cost is around $15.00. Sorry to kill the dream. It is just fact. There are exceptions of course like Roor bongs Germany and Sheldon Black USA which are beautifully made.Over the years (decades) we have dealt with most businesses in the industry worldwide and so we were thrilled to find beautifully handmade Pyrex glass pipes and bongs in the Czech Republic. Czech is situated in Eastern Europe and its capital is Prague. If you ever get a chance to visit you will find amazing cities, excellent beer and let’s not forget the gorgeous Czech girls!

This Czech bong and pipe glass studio create works of smoking art

  • 100% original, handmade in Czech Republic from Pyrex.
  • Excellent customer service. USA phone number and email support.
  • Free shipping with all orders over $99. Shipping is done twice a day.
  • Secure ordering and tracking using Thwarte.com These guys have been around a long time and are safe to deal with.
  • Free screens with all purchases.
  • Free gifts! These Czech’s are great. They give you more and more free gifts the higher the order value. Cool hey!
  • No wholesale available. This is their commitment to ‘handmadeness’ if that’s a word? All pieces are original.
  • Check out some of the examples below.
$28.00 USD 160mm (6.3 inches) Handmade Pyrex glass bong. Carb hole and removable slider. Check it out - Click Here$11.50 USD 100mm (4 inches) Handmade Pyrex glass pipe. Absolutely stunning piece of glass. Check it out - Click Here$105.90 USD – Free shipping! 370 mm (14.6 inches) Fused with 24 carat gold. Two part slider with diffuser. Amazing. Check it out - Click Here

The Czech Republic is renowned for creating some of the best glass in the world, such as Bohemia crystalsince the 13th Century and Swarovski who was born there.

Truly ‘amaze your friends’ with an absolutely unique, handmade, Pyrex (heat tempered) water pipe or bong. All delivered discreetly worldwide we *totally* recommend using Bongin.If you are considering a new pipe or bong for your personal collection then you need to try Bongin. We were so excited when we received our box from the other side of the world. We ripped it open and found the most amazing glass bong, such precision detail in thick glass. These works of art are brilliant birthday presents that will sh*t all over the junk your local headshop sells.

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