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GroMo 40 Light Deprivation Tent

GroMo 40 Light Deprivation Tent

Open Gromo 40The Gromo 40 is an automated cold frame that will alternately expose and cover your garden at any times of day you choose. It is the ultimate grow tent, promising increased yields through multiple harvests. You can use the Gromo 40 to force early flowering in any outdoor crop; coupled with the protective characteristics of the cold frame you can both extend your growing season AND go from seed to harvest more quickly.

With the Gromo 40 you get:

  • An Extended Growing Season
  • Plants which Begin Flowering Sooner
  • Multiple Harvests each Year
  • A Flip Top Cold Frame: Stabilizes temperature, protects against wind and rain
  • A Controlled Growing Environment: A secure outdoor grow environment that can be supplemented by lights, fans and CO2
Young Plants Protected from Weather

How Light Deprivation Works

Light deprivation is a concept based on artificially reducing day length to force a plant to flower. Marijuana, like many crops, is stimulated to begin flowering when the days shorten to 12 hours of light or less in each 24 hour period.With light deprivation, a greenhouse is covered to completely block out sunlight, forcing plants to flower early and creating the possibility of multiple harvests. This technique has been used with common garden crops for hundreds of years to force early or multiple harvests and increase yields.Once you begin the process of light deprivation you must stick with it. If your plants receive more than 12 hours of light for even a single day they may revert to the vegetative cycle or, even worse, become confused and turn hermaphrodite. Timing, consistency and commitment are essential when using this technique. Many light deprivation covers require manual set-up and removal each day, leaving the process open to human error.The Gromo 40 makes this easier, by automatically covering or exposing your garden on any schedule you set.

Better than Either Indoor or Outdoor Growing Alone

Protect Plants from Deer and PestsThe Gromo 40 is the perfect balance between outdoor and indoor grow set-ups:
  • Protection: The cold frame protects your plants from wind, rain and temperature fluctuations.
  • Lower Costs: Using natural sunlight for the majority of your plants’ lighting needs reduces the expense of purchasing and operating grow lights.
  • No Expensive Hydroponic System. You can grow your plants naturally, in high quality soil without the hassle of operating a hydro set-up.
  • Increase THC Levels: The July and August sunlight is high in UVB rays, which boost THC levels. By September these levels drop drastically. Forcing buds to ripen early under high UVB light will produce a harvest that packs an extra THC punch.
  • Avoid the Damp. You can harvest early before cool, damp fall weather increases the risk of mold and pest damage.
Grow Extra Potent Buds

Features of the Gromo 40


  • High Performance Gas Struts
  • Nitrogen Filled Pressure Tube
  • 35 lbs Force
  • 24 inch Stroke Length


  • 12 VDC Voltage, AC adapter available
  • 5A at Full Load
  • 0.25 inch Mounting Holes


  • Heavy Duty Recycled Poly Lumber Base
  • Reinforced 18 mm Agricultural Grade Polyethylene Cover

Extra Features

Choose to add on these options to customize your Gromo 40:
  • Ventilation System
  • Low Cost Wet Environment LEDs
  • Multiple Mounting System Styles
The Gromo 40 is a professionally designed grow tent that will give you complete light control without the stress of manually removing and securing a tarp or cover each day.Take Advantage of the SunThe Gromo 40 allows you to combine the power of the sun, high quality outdoor grow equipment and supplemental lighting to achieve the highest yield and most potent buds at every harvest. The commitment required by using a light deprivation system discourages many gardeners from using this technique to boost yields. The need for consistency ties you to your garden during the entire flowering period of your plants, which could last anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the strain you are growing. The Gromo 40 automated system takes the pressure off, freeing you to sleep in or even go out of town for a weekend, without worrying about losing your crop.

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