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Growing marijuana with a GroPro robot is a time saving automated hydroponic system.

Grow Hydroponic Marijuana with a Robot

Do you spend too much time in your grow room? Or maybe not enough? Are your yields lower than you would like? Have you lost plants to nutrient lockout or from unbalanced pH levels. Do you want an automated system?AHS-1 GroPro for Hydroponic MarijuanaGrowing hydroponic marijuana isn’t as easy as it sounds. Simplify your next grow with the help of a GroPro Supercharger from Automated Hydroponics Solutions. This robot will take all the guesswork out of your next grow. Grow smarter instead of working harder.GroPro Hydroponics Supercharger is a state-of-the-art environmental robot that will manage your hydroponics system for optimal growth.The GroPro is a slightly smaller version of a laboratory grade robotic dosing controller that has been modified for marijuana growers.

What the GroPro Does:

  • Balances pH
    • With the GroPro monitoring and adjusting pH levels 24 hours a day, you’ll never see dangerous spikes that could lead to nutrient lockout.
  • Maintains Reservoir Water Levels
    • This handy robot keeps an eye on the water levels of your hydroponic system. You can leave it alone for 2 weeks with zero maintenance and your plants will never dry out.
  • Infuses Oxygen into the Water
    • Never lose plants to root rot again. The GroPro oxygenates the water for healthy root growth and higher yields of heavy buds.
  • Monitor and Add Nutrients and Minerals as Needed
    • The GroPro checks the state of your hydroponics system up to 100 times an hour. It constantly makes minute adjustments to nutrient and mineral levels to give your plants exactly what they need, moment to moment. No manual monitoring system will ever be so precise. What your yields skyrocket
The GroPro can be used with your existing hydroponic system, grow box or grow tent. It can be used to maximize yields from four plants or to monitor a commercial grow of over a hundred.GroPro for Cannabis Growing

9 Special Features of the GroPro Environmental Robot

1 - Scientific Micro Dosing Computer

Measures nutrient solution 100 times per minute and activates dosing pump to adjust pH levels or dose roots with NitroGro fuel.GroPro Dosing Controller

2 - Medical Grade Pump

Long lasting pump that will not break down over time. This is a reliable pump that will keep your system running smoothly.GroPro Cannabis Pump

3 - Micro Air Pump

Quality build and quiet operation are the prime features of this pump. It will keep your water oxygenated for healthier roots. Adjust the pump speed to adjust the amount of oxygen in your hydroponic system.

4 - Remote pH Probe

Monitor the pH of nutrient solutions at any distance from the dosing controller.

5 - Choice of Water Level Sensor

Choose a horizontal or vertically mounted water level float switch to suit your particular set-up. For instance, a horizontal sensor works well with an Aeroponic system, while a vertical sensor is better for Deep Water Culture.

6 - General Hydroponics pH Test Kit

Features pH up and down solution as well as indicator solution and vial. Gently balance pH levels with micro adjustments to maximize plant growth.

7 - High-Tech Design

The GroPro Environmental Robot was designed using the same software the US Navy uses to build battleships. You can rest assured that this is the best and most precise electronic doser built anywhere in the world.

8 - Built By Hand in the United States

Every GroPro is built by in the United States by a small and committed team of engineers. Each unit is carefully stress tested before shipping.

9 - Includes Clear Instructions

Get to know your GroPro easily with the step by step e-Guide. It features clear illustrations and easy instructions to help you understand all the special workings of your GroPro. If you have questions don’t hesitate to call. The unit comes with lifetime technical support over the phone.GroPro SuperCharger for Growing Marijuana

Every GroPro includes a 180 day supply of NitroGro Plant Fuel

This is a powerful blend of micro and macro nutrients based on the latest scientific research from top horticulturists coupled with the hands-on experience of professional cannabis growers.Used in conjunction with the GroPro Environmental Robot, NitroGro:
  • Maximizes uptake of oxygen
  • Encourages rapid uptake of nutrients
  • Speeds growth
  • Results in larger, stronger plants with bigger, stronger buds

Grow Smarter with the GroPro

The GroPro is a simple way to increase your bud quality by boosting THC and CBD levels. You’ll see higher yields while spending less time in the grow room. Best of all, you can use the GroPro in conjunction with any grow box, grow tent or hydroponic system you already have.It’s easy to understand why this device won the High Times 2015 Gear of the Year Award. With a solid one year warranty, you have nothing to lose by giving the GroPro a try on your next hydroponic marijuana grow.