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Grubba Grow House Review – Commercial Marijuana Production

Jumpstart your Commercial Cannabis Operation with a Grubba Grow House

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As the wave of marijuana legalization sweeps the nation, many growers are happily making the switch from furtive guerrilla grows to respectable commercial operations. But even in states like Colorado where marijuana is now fully legalized starting up a new business as a legal commercial grower is not easy. There are business plans to write, licenses to obtain and zoning laws to contend with. Even in many commercial and industrial areas it can be difficult to get approval to grow cannabis.Commercial Cannabis Grow IndoorsOnce you overcome the legal hurdles, you still have to create a suitable space to cultivate your plants. For most commercial growers, outdoor gardens and even greenhouses are generally not an option, as zoning laws typically require the plants to be grown within an enclosed building. Converting an existing space into a suitable grow room is an expensive and tedious process. You need to consider ventilation, lighting, water, and CO2 supply, not to mention heating or cooling depending on your climate and the logistics of arranging pots or installing a hydroponic system.

Instead of Renovating, Try a Turn-Key Grow House

Grubba Grow Turn-Key HouseFortunately there are companies like Grubba who are trying to make the jump to commercial production easier. They produce the Grubba Grow, a self-contained unit that has everything you need to get your business up and running. While they can’t file the papers or fight your legal battles for you, their high quality, turn-key grow house could help you get around tricky zoning laws or convince skeptical officials to support you.They seem to have thought of everything with the Grubba Grow:
  • Lights
  • The Grubba Grow comes with reflectors that can be individually adjusted and moved using the grow controls. The reflector is designed after a Yield Lab reflector for MH/HPS lights. However the house is customizable and they can change the reflector design to match your favorite hood or even change it completely to accommodate and LED set-up.
  • Water
  • Plant watering is fully automated. There is a main solenoid valve to control water supply to the entire system, while smaller needle valves adjust the amount of flow delivered to each group of plants.
Automated Irrigation for Marijuana Grow
  • Grow Conditions
  • The Grubba Grow controls allow you to fully customize both temperature and CO2 levels.
Climate Control for Marijuana Grow
  • Strength and security
  • The shell of the Grubba Grow is a sturdy ISO shipping container which is nearly impossible to break into. The floors are coated with a UV stable bedliner for an extra degree of toughness.
The standard unit measures 10’X40’X11’, and a smaller 20’ long version is also available. In addition to the grow house itself, Grubba Grow includes all the equipment you need to get your first grow underway. The standard unit includes:
  • 100 One Gallon Nursery Pots100 5 Gallon Grow Pots11 Pallets
  • One Access Ramp1 Pallet Jack2 Spare High Velocity Air Filters
  • One 40lb Propane Tank (you can also choose to use natural gas)
Dimensions of Grubba Grow Cannabis

Get Ready for your Grubba Grow to Arrive

There are just a couple of things you will need to make your property ready to receive your grow house:
  • 1. Electricity
  • Your grow house will need a power source. Grubba Grow gives you a couple of options which allow you to increase your energy efficiency:
    • a. 230V Single Phase
    • This option is up to 50% more efficient than using standard 115V Single Phase.
    • b. 230V Three Phase
    • The three phase choice is 40% more efficient than the 230V Single Phase, making it 70% more efficient than the standard 115V Single Phase.
  • 2. Water
  • You will need to connect your Grubba Grow to a water source. It comes with a standard ¾” female threaded garden hose connector. Make sure your system can supply 40-60 psi to this connection. Once you’re hooked up just adjust the grow controls to set your irrigation cycles.
  • 3. Gas
  • The CO2 system can be run on either propane or natural gas. You will need to specify your choice when you order. If you change your mind at a later date there are kits available to change the necessary components of the gas delivery system.

Getting Started...

When your Grubba Grow arrives you will have to do some minimal assembly. Pieces such as the rain caps, HVAC unit and top duct will need to be installed. If you are wary of attempting this yourself, Grubba will send a technician to complete the installation on site.

The Grow Cycle with Grubba Grow

Grubba Grow makes the whole cultivation process very simple. The basic model is set-up for soil grows, as that is the most economical design. But the Grubba Grow staff is all about customer service and will be happy to work with you to design a hydroponic set-up.Here is the basic growing program:Nursery Cannabis Seedlings Grubba Grow
  • 2. When it is time to transplant, prepare the 5 gallon grow pots. Move your seedlings and position them in stations 1-9. The 40’ grow house can accommodate 81 plants in the nine stations. Adjust your settings as necessary throughout the vegging and flowering cycles;
  • 3. Harvest! When your plants are ready it is easy to move them out of the Grubba Grow for easy harvesting. Use the included pallet truck to remove each pallet of nine plants each from the grow house.
Harvest Cannabis from Grubba Grow
  • 4. Clean up is made easy by the durable bed liner and smooth surfaces of the Grubba Grow. Spray the floors, check your reflectors, irrigation system and filters and get your next round of seedlings into their nursery pots.

How Grubba Compares

The Grubba Grow is not the only grow house on the market. While this is a great option for those looking to make their entrance into the commercial growing arena, those with smaller operations may be looking for a more manageable grow box.SuperLocker 3.0 Grow BoxSome of our favorite smaller versions include:
  • SuperCombo Grow Box- A set of two filing cabinet style grow boxes: one for flowering, one for vegging. With Superponics hydroponics for maximum growth.
  • SuperLocker 3.0 – The perfect set-up for a beginner. Tall, slim grow box for up to 8 plants. Quality HPS lighting, Superponics and cloning equipment. Comes ready to go, just add water and plants!
  • The Earth Cab – For those who grow in soil, this is the perfect grow box. It comes with serious odor controlling carbon filters. Your neighbors won’t have a clue, even if you grow a stinky Cheese or Skunk in this box.
Check out more of our favorite grow boxes and grow tents in all shapes and sizes.


Companies like Grubba are helping growers make the transition from private to commercial. Starting any new business is never easy, nor is it cheap. But with a turn-key grow house like the Grubba Grow the process is made simpler. With a sticker price of around $69,000, for many growers investing in a grow house will actually save money when compared to the costs and time invested in renovating an existing building. Why spend months outfitting an existing structure when you could start growing next week? You could be selling the harvest from your first grow with Grubba Grow before you manage to retrofit an old building and get it up to the proper code.Within a few months the company is hoping to offer a lease option as well as grow insurance to make starting your commercial operation even easier. If you are making the leap into commercial growing, consider purchasing a self-contained grow house to make the whole process smoother, faster and cheaper.