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CO2 EASi – CO2 and Temperature Controller by Harvest Master

CO2 EASi Temperature Controller

This is not an advert for the CO2 EASi. We just reviewed it because we liked it.

Why the CO2 EASi?

The CO2 EASi will save you time and money and help you to grow massive buds by moderating the carbon dioxide flow into your grow room or tent.

CO2 EASi Controller from Harvest Master

An intelligent controller used to inject carbon dioxide, the CO2 EASi varies the amount of CO2 released based on specific grow conditions to maximize results while using less gas. If you choose the COOL Kit option, it also acts as an intelligent temperature controller.

Harvest Master has thought of everything with this CO2 controller; it will sort out all your timing for you. Kits are available for the US/Canada, Europe, the UK and Oceania, and come ready to go.

CO2 EASi with CO2 Cannister

What your CO2 EASi will do:

>>> Use its light sensor to detect artificial lighting, then…

During Light ON periods:

  • Maintains CO2 PPM levels at your set target for as long as possible;
  • Emits audible alarm, or flash a light when CO2 is being released so you know not to enter the grow room;
  • Turns on fans when maximum room temperature is reached;
  • Turns CO2 off when fans are on;
  • If COOL Kit is included, it will moderate temperature to stay within 2°C of target temperature.

During Light OFF periods: :

  • Turns off CO2 injection
  • Turns on fans to control temperature and vent CO2
  • If COOL Kit is included, it activates air conditioning units to maintain target temperature when the grow room gets too warm, for instance if hot outside air is being drawn in

Did you know…

Normal fresh air has 380-390 parts per million (PPM) of carbon dioxide. A marijuana plant can utilize from 1500-2000 PPM effectively! Remember, CO2 is as essential for plant survival and growth as oxygen is for us. If you can provide your plants greater amounts of CO2 than exist in the ambient environment, you can increase your yields up to 40%.

  • CO2 combined with water and light energy is converted into carbohydrates by the plant and are used for growth and energy
  • Via Photosynthesis Plants make Carboyhydrates (Sugars) using Water, Light and CO2
  • If additional CO2 is supplied plants can grow faster, bigger and produce more buds;
  • The CO2 EASi controller is attached to a regulator on an electric solenoid valve to inject bottled CO2 gas into the grow room;
  • The CO2 EASi monitors CO2 levels in the room and automatically opens the solenoid valve when necessary to maintain the CO2 set point as long as possible;
  • Plants cannot absorb CO2 without light, so injecting CO2 into the grow room in the dark period wastes gas;
  • The CO2 EASi uses its light sensor to perceive artificial light and release CO2 accordingly.

Too Much Heat Kills Plants

One of the biggest problems when growing marijuana under lights is heat. When cannabis plants get too hot their leaves crisp and yellow and the entire plant can die.

Marijuana Leaves Damaged by 100 F Temperatures

Most growers use fans and ventilation systems to dissipate excess heat. Unfortunately, these same fans will blow out the CO2 you just injected into your grow room, wasting gas and costing you money.

With the CO2 EASi controller:

  • Temperature levels are constantly monitored;
  • CO2 is released until a maximum temperature level is reached, then is turned off while fans and ventilation systems turn on so gas is not wasted;
  • If the COOL Kit is included, air conditioning units will be activated to control temperatures without venting CO2.

Efficiency Monitoring

Your CO2 EASi controller has an efficiency monitoring system. This unique feature from Harvest Master calculates how effectively CO2 is being used in the room.

  • If fans are activated CO2 is wasted, reducing efficiency
  • With the COOL Kit, 99% efficiency is a possibility

If you have been operating at high efficiency and suddenly see a low rating, you know you have a problem in grow room such as:

  • Leaks around doors or ventilation system;
  • Malfunction in your CO2 device;
  • Malfunction in your cooling unit.

Bottle Life Timer

The CO2 EASi also includes a bottle life timer which tracks how much of a new tank you have used so you always have a backup ready to go. Don’t lose any valuable growing time by running out of CO2 unprepared.

Smart System

The CO2 EASi controller is constantly learning and adapting to your precise conditions. When you first turn it on, the CO2 EASi will learn all about your CO2 use, even sensing whether you use a bottle or burner.

Through constant learning and adaptation each day, the CO2 EASi will calculate and perform CO2 injections to optimize the growth of your plants. It will:

  • Calculate and display CO2 usage rate;
  • Evaluate efficiency of cooling and exhaust systems;
  • Identify possible improvements to help you reduce CO2 usage, lower utility costs and increase yields.

Chrysanthemums, Right Used Harvest Master Controller, Left Used other CO2 Controller

What people are saying about Harvest Master:

“Great product. Works so easy and reliably for me, I got another one… support and advice are great. Thanks a million”

“You deliver so fast.”

“Thanks so much man, your company has the best support of any product to date. The best. Anything I can do to give a reference for the best controllers out there.”

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