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Holland’s Hope Seeds

Holland Hope (outdoor)

THC Level – Medium

Yield - High

Size - Medium

Marijuana Strains-Hollands Hope

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Holland Hope seeds are the ideal choice for outdoor growers in cooler climates where wetter conditions can mean growth is limited for other strains. A very stable mix of an Afghan and a solid Skunk it is particularly resistant to mould and most pests making it an excellent choice for the less experienced grower. Flowering time is relatively short, between 45-50 days in temperate climates. The taste and aroma have a distinctively citrus hint that gives a nice all round body buzz without a couch lock stone. Hollands Hope seeds are a solid producer that will yield around 400-500 grams per M2 in a 'sea of green'.Hollands Hope truly thrives in the more damp climates around the pacific rim and this has led to a fresh taste and a good citrus flavour. It is an indica / staiva mix but leads more to the sativa side as if smoke heavily it will bring on a heavy couch lock, albeit a slightly more cerebral one.

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Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will make sure your delivery arrives discreetly worldwide.

10 thoughts on “Holland’s Hope Seeds

  1. Ollie says:

    I have somewhere in mind to grow my weed but I don’t know where to dry or cure it as nobody can know I have weed please tell me if I can somehow cure and dry my weed outside

  2. Stausch says:

    Grows well in temperate marine climate.Yields pretty consistent six ounces of resiny kind of leafy buds per plant.Five hours direct sun is minimum for a good yield,seems potency is tied to amount of direct sun plant receives.Responds well to standard Miracle Grow fertilizer,very hardy, resists bud mold during wet Septembers.Ready to harvest around first week of October.Good for making dry sieved Hashish.
    Recently crossed with another short season mold resistant outdoor variety i’ve been working with for a few years now( Early Pearl x Manitoba Poison x Northern Lights).

  3. mark says:

    auto flower-60 day wonder or a none auto, top-44. peace.

  4. RCKYMNTNHGH says:

    @ Growing Weed, I am using a bucket meathod. At the area Hydro store, I found a bucket system. 5 gallon bucket, the lid is made with roughly an 8 inch basket that drops into the bucket. I use clay pellets as a medium, soil. Whatever medium I germinate in, I just place the pellets around it. I add fertilizer to the water, and test for PH. THIS is the Kicker … you need an airstone inside the bucket. I love this “poor man’s hydro”. The root system will fill the bucket by harvest. You cannot drown the plants because of the airstone. That is not to say that you cannot overfill, possibly promoting mold. It is a learning experience but this is the cheapest way to grow in water (that I have found).

  5. Operation420 says:

    Woah, that is a crazy looking strain there! Nice pinks and purples. I need to get this strain on my blog.

  6. wdman2 says:

    I have one in my cabinet thats about 19 inches right now

  7. vhvhvj says:

    @matt, lowryder number1, i grow them, they flower and ripen for harvest from seed to bud in just 8 weeks, although they are really good for stealth indoor growing as they never grow more than 14 inches high, and average about a foot tall, hope that helped.

  8. matt says:

    any one know the fastest growing seed,from seed to bud ???

  9. Growing Weed says:

    What is the best method for growing weed indoors? I have grown weed in soil a few times before and it was good weed but i am pretty certain i can do better, i just pointing in the right direction. I have heard of soilless growing mediums, could anyone enlighten me on these mediums? Thanks.

  10. Jarrod Wilson says:

    From the pacific, NZ, where i get these seeds from?

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