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LED SuperNova Grow Box Review

LED SuperNova Grow Box

Why the LED SuperNova Grow Box?

The LED SuperNova is a top of the range grow box manufactured by SuperCloset of California USA. It is basically the massively popular SuperNova grow box, fitted out with a highly effective and efficient, KIND 12 band LED grow light.LED SuperNova*** SuperCloset – Super Nova LED - spot on grow help and pricingThe LED SuperNova has been made with stealth in mind and the cabinet is guaranteed to be odor proof and light proof. Noise is kept to an absolute minimum and the cabinet operates at a hum, no more than that of a modern refrigerator.If you are looking for confidence and reliability in a grow box, the LED SuperNova is made by award winning industry leaders and is backed by a cast iron 3 year warranty and a lifetime of technical support and back up.
  • Manufactured in USA by the award winning SuperCloset;
  • Measures a spacious 46” X 24” X 78”
  • Packed with top of the range components;
  • Dual compartment system allows for continual harvest;
  • Enough space for 16 flowering plants + 50 clones + 8 mother plants;
  • Guaranteed odor proof and light tight;
  • Whisper quiet operation;
  • 3 year warranty;
  • Lifetime of full technical support;
  • Proudly built in California, USA.
LED SuperNova Grow Box Fully Automated

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • The LED SuperNova grow box is built in heavy, 18 gauge powdered steel for strength and durability;
  • The LED SuperNova is also available as a white cabinet if you can find it.
  • Cabinet comes with triple lock and key mechanism for added discretion and security;
  • Cabinet measures 46”W X 24”D X 78”H and weighs 250lbs;
  • Dual chambers allow for Full Cycle Rotation system, enabling you to set up a continual harvest. You will never have to buy weed again;
  • Flowering chamber provides space for up to 16 medium/large plants;
  • Cloning chamber allows space for 50 clones and 8 mother/veg plants;
  • Cloning chamber contains adjustable shelf, allowing you to change the dimensions to fit your requirements;
  • Adjustable net trellis is anchored by strong magnets (cool!), allowing you to position it where you want to. They think it increases yield by up to 30%;
  • Removable magnetic reflective lining is great for cleaning and allows for better hygiene, preventing the accumulation of bugs and mold spores.
Super Nova Grow Box Cabinet Locked

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • LEDs do not require a ballast which saves around 100 Watts of power on the average HID unit;
  • The main flowering chamber of the LED SuperNova contains a KIND K3 Series LED grow light;
  • SuperCloset offer the Kind K3 L600
  • The KIND LED panel is a powerful, high performance LED grow light and an upgrade on the LED panel previously supplied with this grow box;
  • KIND K3 L450 has 8 separate modules, each containing 15 non-dimmable 3W diodes = 120 individual high powered LEDs. Read down further for our analysis of this LED.
  • KIND K3 L600 has 10 separate modules, each containing 15 non-dimmable 3W diodes = 150 individual high powered LEDs. Read down further for our analysis of this LED.
  • Claimed footprint for L450 = 3’ X 4’: Footprint for L600 = 3’ X 4.5’;
  • Actual size of each model Kind LED Grow Light. L450 = 20” X 11” X 3”: Actual size of L600 = 25” X 11” X 3”:
  • Custom designed 12 band light spectrum is ideal for photosynthesis at all stages of plant growth. Take a look at our full spectrum LED article.
  • Super long lasting diodes have a life rating of 50,000 hours;
  • Diodes run at a high performance 700mA;
  • 2 CM, heavy duty aluminum circuit boards and large cooling fans dissipate heat efficiently, extending the life of the unit and keeping grow box temperatures down;
  • “Secondary Optical Lens” optimizes Photosynthetically available radiation (PAR) and increases light penetration into the plant canopy and below, enhancing ‘sub canopy’ production;
  • 3 year warranty;
  • YoYo hanging system allows you to position the light at the correct level, basically as close to the plant tips as you can get it;
  • Cloning chamber houses 2 X 24W T5 fluorescents. These popular grow lamps are ideal for clones and delicate young seedlings, bathing them in light at a perfect 6500K.

Super LED Supenova Grow BoxKind K3 L450 LED Grow Light

LED Grow Lights

LED lighting systems are a big investment. You should take some time to do the research on different systems and find out how they work. Check out the following articles: Some of the information from KIND is difficult to follow but our calculations are:LEDs are typically low voltage devices operating at forward (V) voltages of 2 to 2.8 as shown at the bottom of page two on the PDF above and IF (Forward current = 0.7A – 700 mA). (The letter I stands for current in Amps in electrical calculations) Power P = VIThe K3 L450; 15 X 3Watt LEDs in each section, then there are eight sections = 120 LEDs in total. Take the above data (assume VF = 2.25 V) as Kind say and IF = 700mA (so power = V*I =2.25*0.7 = 1.575 Watts per LED) and go from there. e.g. 120 LEDs = 120*1.575 = 189 Watts. So we believe the actual draw is 189 Watts.SuperCloset offer the K3 L600; 15 X 3Watt LEDs in each section, then there are ten sections = 150 LEDs in total. Take the above data (assume VF = 2.25 V) as Kind say and IF = 700mA (so power = V*I =2.25*0.7 = 1.575 Watts per LED) and go from there. e.g. 150 LEDs = 150*1.575 = 236.25 Watts. So we believe the actual draw is around 236 Watts.KIND talk about 3W type LEDs (like the specs above) but they’re clearly not operating them at that level, this would be like running your car engine at full revs all the time and would limit the life expectancy of the LEDs. More on LED grow lights.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Super cool LED lighting dramatically lowers the need for any heat ventilation in the LED SuperNova grow box;
  • Twin industrial grade carbon filters make sure that the exhaust from the LED SuperNova is guaranteed to be odor free, essential for stealth grows;
  • Two powerful and quiet air pumps combine to provide 440CFM of air exchange, constantly refreshing the air in the cabinet and removing stale used air;
  • Internal air circulation is provided by a powerful fan that circulates the air at up to 160CFM. Moving air around your plants is crucial for strengthening stems and branches. It also helps keep humidity down, preventing mold.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The LED SuperNova Grow Box comes with dual chambers. This means that you can set up your system as a Full Cycle Rotation System. With this set up you are able to cultivate plants at all stages of growth simultaneously. Whilst one batch of plants is ready for harvest you can have others at varying stages, from seedling to flowering. With a little planning it is easy to set up a continual harvest system that will give you a regular supply of herbs.The Flowering Chamber
  • The LED SuperNova includes an award winning SuperPonics 16 system. This high performance hydro system combines Deep Water Culture, Bubbleponics and Top Feed Watering to bring you a combination of the best hydroponic grow systems available;
  • Using a SuperPonics combination system has been proven to outperform single systems by up to 200%, and soil systems by up to a massive 500%;
  • Spacious 15 gallon nutrient reservoir is made from UV stable, FDA approved materials;
  • SuperPonics system is run by a powerful 185GPH (Gallons Per Hour) water pump. This oil-less pump features a magnetic rotor with ceramic shaft and bearing to ensure a reliable and operation;
  • SuperPonics system is equipped with an easy change valve system. Changing your nutrient solution has never been so easy, just turn the valve to empty the spent solution;
  • Air for the hydroponics system is supplied by an Eco Series air pump. SuperCloset supply the Eco Air 4 which has 4 outlets and provides 640lph. Despite the difference, both are adequate for running this system.
Super Nova Grow Box SuperPonics Easy Drain SystemThe Cloning Chamber
  • SuperCloner 50 fully automated hydroponic cloning system. This system uses a combination of Deep Water Culture (DWC) and bubbleponics to nurture your delicate clones until they have developed a strong and effective root system. You can even leave clones in there until they are ready for flowering!
  • The SuperCloner 50 measures 28” X 22” X 6”. This is enough space for 50 clones seedlings or young plants;
  • The cloning chamber also contains a dedicated Mother Station. This smaller, 8 site SuperPonics system, provides enough space for up to eight mother plants or vegetative plants;
  • Use the Mother Station to keep a variety of mothers for different strains, or use it for a bit of extra vegging – the more veg you give it, the larger the yield;
  • The Mother Station operates using the same combined SuperPonics system as that found in the main flowering chamber.
LED SuperNova Grow Box Cloning Chamber*** SuperCloset – Super Nova LED - spot on grow help and pricing

Nutrients and Extras

The LED SuperNova Grow Box comes as a complete start up kit, containing everything you might need to start growing immediately. The list of included extras contains:Technaflora ‘Recipe for Success’ Starter Kit - This complete starter pack comes from Canadian nutrient experts Technaflora. It contains every nutrient and supplement that you could possibly need to get going, and more. It also includes an easy to follow mixing/feeding chart to get you on your way. Contents of the kit are:
  • 500 ml - B.C Grow;
  • 500 ml - B.C Boost;
  • 500 ml - B.C Bloom;
  • 250 ml – SugarDaddy;
  • 250 ml – ROOT 66;
  • 125 ml - Thrive Alive B-1 Red;
  • 125 ml - Thrive Alive B-1 Green;
  • 125 ml – MagiCal;
  • 125 ml - Awesome Blossoms;
  • 7 g - Rootech Cloning Gel.
Technaflora Recipe For Success Nutrient Starter Kit />Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer –The temperature and humidity levels inside your grow box are crucial to your success. Keep on top of them with this handy meter. Includes a water proof temperature probe, min/max memory function, 12/24 hour mode switch and choice of C0 or F0.Ecoplus Thermometer HygrometerGeneral Hydroponics pH Control Kit – The pH value of your nutrient solution is essential to the efficacy with which your plants synthesise the nutrients that are in it. Controlling pH is easy with this kit. Kit provides you with 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH Down, 1 ounce indicator and testing vial.General Hydroponics pH Adjustment KitDigital TDS EZ Meter – Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is the way that the concentration of your nutrient solution is measured. Controlling this is essential to effective hydroponic horticulture. Keep in control of TDS levels with this TDS-EZ meter from HM Digital. It is hardwearing and easy to use and includes full instruction with a convenient color chart.TDS Meter LED SuperNova Grow BoxAnalog Single Timers –Analog timers are sturdier and more reliable than digital. These analog timers provide complete control over your watering and feeding schedules, telling your plants whether it is ‘day’ time or ‘night’ time.GFCI Shock Buster – Stay safe with this Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. All that water and electricity in close combination sounds like a bad idea. This easy to use safeguard will shut off all power to the LED SuperNova grow box if any electrical components should come into contact with water. Essential for safe working practices.GFCI Shockbuster LED SuperNova Grow BoxRockwool Cubes –Rockwool is the cloning medium of preference of millions of growers worldwide. With its excellent wicking properties Rockwool is the ideal way to give your plants the best start in life.Clay Grow Rocks –This coarse and porous growing medium encourages and promotes strong healthy roots, which in turn results in bigger and better crops.


The LED SuperNova Grow Box comes with a no hassle, three year manufacturer’s warranty.There is also a lifetime of technical support from experienced growers on offer. That’s right! For the lifetime of your purchase you can contact the manufacturer at any time by e-mail or phone for continual free support.Optional UpgradesThe LED SuperNova Grow Box contains all that you need to get growing on the day that it arrives. However, should you wish to upgrade to get the very best performance possible, you can choose from the following optional upgrades which are offered by SuperCloset.TechnaFlora SuperNutrient Upgrade Package – These nutrients come as an upgrade to the standard TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit. Basically it consists of larger quantities of the nutes that you will be using the most of.Technaflora Nutrient Upgrade PackageCO2 Kit –Augmenting CO2 is a guaranteed way to improve yields and one that is practiced by professional horticulturalists. It is easy to do with this professional CO2 kit. Kit includes solenoid, regulator, timer, injection tubing. Everything except the CO2 tank which you can source yourself locally.Professional CO2 KitTotal Germination Package – Seeds cost money. It’s a shame to waste it with half-baked germination attempts. You can massively improve on your germination success with this Total Germination Package. Kit includes:
  • Seedling Tray;
  • Humidity Dome;
  • Seedling Heat Mat;
  • Heat Mat Thermostat;
  • Rock Wool Cube Medium.
Total Germination PackageReverse Osmosis Water Filter – Water quality is at the very heart of your hydroponics system. Give yourself a fighting chance with this Reverse Osmosis water filter. The filter produces up to 200 gallons per day (GPD) of ultra-pure, low PPM water, by removing over 98% of chlorine and other contaminants. Unit measures 16.5’’ x 14” and weight: 9.8 lbs. It comes with a limited 1 year warranty and the kit includes:
  • 4-Stage RO Unit;
  • 2 RO Membranes ;
  • Carbon Filter;
  • Cleanable Sediment Filter;
  • Automatic Shut-Off Cartridge;
  • Wall Mountable Metal Bracket;
  • Garden Hose Connector;
  • ln-line Shut-Off;
  • 8 ft. RO & Drain Line;
  • 5 ft. Inlet Line;
  • Filter Wrench;
  • Instructions.
Method 7 Indoor “Sun” Glasses – These funky looking indoor sunglasses been made especially for those who work with harsh grow room lighting. The glasses use patent pending Rendition Technology to balance colors, allowing you to see the full range of natural colors when in the grow room. They also protect your eyes too.Method 7 Grow Room Glasses Eye Protection24-7 Nutrient Meter – With the standard meter provided in your LED SuperNova package you will need to check your levels once or twice per week. With this 24-7 Nutrient Meter from Control Wizard Products, your levels are monitors constantly, giving you an ‘at a glance’ reading whenever you think about it. Measure your nutrient solution’s PPM, pH, and temperature accurately and read it easily from the large illuminated display.24-7 Nutrient Monitor*** SuperCloset – Super Nova LED - spot on grow help and pricingWhat people saying about the LED SuperNova Grow Box

“I thought the led phenomenon was all hype. Boy was I wrong. I did a lot of reading and then settled on buying the led super nova. My yields have increased by half as much again and my bills have dropped. Amazing.“

“LED all the way! There so cool they almost touch my plants without burning them. The plants love them and so do I!”

“I was a total beginner at growing so thought it would make sense to buy a grow box rather than messing about myself with stuff I don’t understand. It is so easy and the quality of the bud I now produce is much greater than I was paying top dollar for just a year ago! Why pay for it when it is so easy to grow your own?”