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Marijuana Growth

Marijuana Seedlings

Moisture and warmth from the soil will cause your seeds to awaken. Within a few days, if the soil is warm enough, the seed casing will crack open and a fragile root and stem will form. When the seedling emerges it is at its most vulnerable and your weed clearing and good soil preparation will have paid off.


Marijuana Vegetative Growth

Once established your seedlings will soon enter a vigorous vegetative growth stage. From such fragile beginnings plants quickly become full and robust. Unlike growing marijuana indoors you have no control over the duration of the vegetative growth stage and over the course of a summer plants can become huge. It is a good idea during this phase to feed your plants well with some quality, nitrogen rich, fertilizer.

Marijuana vegetative growth

65 thoughts on “Marijuana Growth

  1. levi says:

    i planted about 10 plants in the middle of may and were haveing a crappy summer this year rained half of july plants are about 3 ft tall shouldnt i be seeing some kind of buds starting by now

  2. nat says:

    it actually needs a minimum of 8 hours a day

  3. mackdown says:

    Do you really need 18 hours of light per day to grow? If this is so, how does marijuana ever grow outside? I can’t think of anywhere in the world that has 18 hours of sunlight per day.

    Admin: Some people grow them in the desert with a massive water supply dug into the ground to get the full 18 hours. But you are right 18 hours is not realisitc. Buy ‘auto flowering’ seeds and they grow like normal and then autoflower later even if there is half cloud cover everyday (UK). try these: http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/lowryder_2_seeds.html

  4. big mac says:

    You could put them out but keep a close eye or else it will dry up.

  5. ronniev says:

    hi i have some clones that started indoors and i would like to plant them outside they have great roots and i live in so cal so its getn hot do i have to introduce them to sunlight gradualy or can i just plant my babies outside rightaway?

  6. Josh says:

    Spray the plant with water mixed with soap to kill the smell of the plants lol

  7. tim says:

    i dont know what to do i planted this seed i got from a bag i bought and its june i planted it a month ago and its already 4 and a half foot with a 3 foot diameter and it smells really really skunky and also itss in my back yard and the nieghbors a cop….. what do i doo i think its to big to move cuz the cop will see me bringing it down the driveway

  8. glen says:

    aussiebud, u should move it to the forest but make sure to use proper soil and dig deep, the deeper the hole the better. also weed around the plant and protect it with chicken wire to protect it from unwanted animals.(deer love to eat weed)

  9. AussieBud says:

    Hi.I was wondering what to do when you have a 1ft female plant.That is a dark green and you can smell it from your nextdoor neighbours?????.Thanks

  10. dav says:

    yeah i aws wondering what nitrogen i should use first time growing and just wont a good one

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