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Marijuana Growth

Marijuana Seedlings

Moisture and warmth from the soil will cause your seeds to awaken. Within a few days, if the soil is warm enough, the seed casing will crack open and a fragile root and stem will form. When the seedling emerges it is at its most vulnerable and your weed clearing and good soil preparation will have paid off.


Marijuana Vegetative Growth

Once established your seedlings will soon enter a vigorous vegetative growth stage. From such fragile beginnings plants quickly become full and robust. Unlike growing marijuana indoors you have no control over the duration of the vegetative growth stage and over the course of a summer plants can become huge. It is a good idea during this phase to feed your plants well with some quality, nitrogen rich, fertilizer.

Marijuana vegetative growth

65 thoughts on “Marijuana Growth

  1. ryan says:

    Any tips on growing in illionis. And tips for a first time growing outdoors any special tools/materials

  2. nick says:

    What can I use to protect against bugs? and any other growning pointers would be fantastic

    • Thomas says:

      There are organic safe aspirin based products at Lowe’s that fight mold, mights, and other insects. I only use these in the veg stage of growing. Never spray anything on your buds. If you get bugs in the flowering stage I have heard of people using different oils to treat for mights. I myself cut the bad buds off and throw them away. It may make you cry but it is better than getting cancer or poisoning your self and your friends.

  3. craigf says:

    Hi new to growing. I germinated my seeds and are ready to be planted. I have a spot already for them and was wondering if i should use this soil for starting them off or go and buy some top soil or fertilizer? Please put my mind at ease!!!

    • Thomas says:

      There are a lot of choices out there these days, including soils that have everything the plant needs to grow through out the life of the plant. These tend to be expensive, so I go to a local farm that sells garden soil. This mix should be 1 part sand 1 part compost and two parts regular soil. To this mix you add either per-lite or peat moss and mix well. I find the soil I buy sometimes has chunks of unbroken compost in it. You must break these up or you will get hot spots that will damage your plants roots or could even kill a younger plant.

  4. hoganbogan says:

    Is lizard poo a viable fertilizer? I have pet blue tongue lizards and they poo alot I’ve been putting the dried ones on top of soil what other methods could I use without burning the roots

  5. dan says:

    I have small blueish-gray insects on underside of the leave and around the stalk. what can be used to get rid of these critters?

  6. mark says:

    I have 6ft plants with small buds starting do i trim leaves off plant to promote bud growth!!!

  7. Rickyrolex says:

    Hi, I’m a first time grower.. I have two plants I started outdoors in early April .. They are 6 ft tall, almost 4ft wide, but I still have no flowering going on! It’s September and all I see is more 7 finger leaves sprouting, is it because there a halogen lamp in the back yard lighting that turns on at dusk? It’s about 18 ft up a light pole,, it’s bright and it on all night, so the plants always have some sort of lights!

  8. jason ravenall says:

    my young plants are growing skinny but not rooting properly. any ideas why???

    • cultivater says:

      root development is based off of having a good amount of and ratio of nutrients and a good amount of plant growth promoting bacteria to convert that nutrients into food for your plant.

  9. ryuk6 says:

    When growing outside does one have to water there crop ?

  10. Shane says:

    Ive got better results from mixed potting soil or pete moss
    Last season i grew 2 plants 1 green crack and the other
    Sour lemon cough i got 3 lbs off the green crack
    And 4 lbs off the sour an ive been using fish oil
    And egg shells and at the last 2 weeks i put a t spoon of black
    Malassiss with a gallon of water an the buds grew ten times bigger
    In those 2 weeks

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