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Location: SpainAwards Won: 2
Established: 1985Unique Strains: 8+Website: positronicseeds.comRating:

Positronics seed bank. In 1985 the first European grow shop, Positronics, was opened by marijuana pioneer and activist Wernard Bruining (the founder of Mellow Yellow, the first Dutch coffee shop). Having already gained many years of experience crossbreeding marijuana strains and developing new strains of cannabis seeds, Positronics were soon leaders in the field of cannabis hybridisation.

In 1996 Positronics closed down and the seed bank was split between its workers. The original cannabis strains moved to Spain where El Punto Eres Tu, in association with Werner, carried on the good work of developing new marijuana strains and hybrids from Positronic’s original genetic stock. 

And with such cannabis strain classics as Caramelice, Purple Haze and Blue Rhino it’s safe to say that the Positronics heritage is in good hands. (Good cross breed is Blue Haze or )

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