Real seed company

Real seed company

Real Seed company – Marijuana seed banks


Location: Bristol, UKAwards Won: 0
Established: 2007Unique Strains: 10+
Website: therealseedcompany.comRating:


real seed company
The Real Seed Company is a UK based collective of cannabis growers dedicated to preserving the genetic integrity of traditional cannabis strains in their un-hybridised form. They offer an open catalogue of authentic heirloom marijuana strains from traditional marijuana producing areas such as Kerala, Thailand and Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Cannabis seeds from The Real Seed Company include cannabis strains specifically grown for the production of charas, cream and hashish and feature such strains as Nepalese, Parvati and Malana Cream.

The Real Seed Company ship cannabis seeds worldwide although they do not ship to the USA.

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One thought on “Real seed company

  1. Jacque says:

    Bad experience. Prolonged wait, no response from company in over three months, seed received. One strain 3-11 germination, one strain no spunk, no zest for life. Six month old plant are standing there at 4ft tall with no flowers on them. A complete waste of time. An insult to the good companies out there. Get rid of these guys, they give others an undeserved bad reputation.

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