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Stealth Box Supreme – 32 Plant Stealth Hydroponics Grow Box

Why the Stealth Box Supreme – 32 Plant Grow Box?

Almost all of the high quality grow boxes from Dealzer are designed with stealth in mind, that’s why you know that if they actually put Stealth in the name, they’re not messing about! The Stealth Plant Supreme looks pretty ordinary on the outside, but inside it’s packed with a fully automated, full cycle, SuperPonics grow system that is highly productive. This cabinet contains everything you need to start growing right away.Stealth Box Supreme Exterior

*** SuperCloset - Less money - LED SuperStar- A good option - 3 Year Warranty

The Stealth Box Supreme 32 Plant offers

  • Powerful (2 x 90Watt LED system runs efficiently, effectively and economically;
  • 100% light tight;
  • 100% odor tight;
  • 100% less noise, the same as a refrigerator only;
  • 100% locable;
  • Grow 8 large plants or 24 clones at the same time
  • CO2 system service port, if you want to upgrade
  • Fully automated grow system;
  • Soil or hydro, you choose when ordering;
  • Super stealthy – no heat, no odor, no unexpected electricity usage, whisper quiet, single cable, unobtrusive appearance;
  • Easy to follow instructions;
  • Stealth shipping;
  • Minimum 10 year product life;
  • No hassle 3 year warranty;
  • Lifetime of technical support.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • The Stealth Plant Supreme 32 Plant Grow Box measures 72” X 36” X 18”;
  • Dual compartment system allows for clones/seedlings and flowering plants at the same time;
  • Main flowering chamber allows for 8 plants to grow up to 41” tall in hydro or 52.5” tall in soil;
  • Cloning chamber gives ample space for 24 young clones or seedlings to develop into the flowering phase;
  • Lockable door with two keys gives security and confidence;
  • All controls and timers are hidden, just a single plug cable from the back of the cabinet is the only component not safely hidden inside;
  • 100% light tight systems
  • 100% odor tight, no leaked smells
  • All seems are 100% caulked
Stealth Box Supreme Rear

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • The Stealth Plant Supreme supplies enough light for all your needs;
  • Flowering chamber operates 2 X 90W custom designed LED grow lights;
  • LED units feature 3W bulbs wired into an aluminum chassis that keeps temperatures low;
  • LEDs run at 7/1/1 RBO ratio, perfect for flowering your babies to fruition;
  • Clone chamber features a High Output 24W T5 lamp. These fluorescent lights have become industry standard for cloning, and for a very good reason, they work perfectly and very efficiently, keeping utility bills low;
  • Full GFCI protection on all outlets “ground fault circuit interrupter”;
  • Water chilled power supply

Stealth Box Supreme LED'sStealth Box Supreme Cloner

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Patent pending carbon scrubber renders all exhaust odor free. No more giveaway smells;
  • Eight months supply of Ac Tech activated carbon allows you keep on top of unwanted odors;
  • The Stealth Plant Supreme features four super quiet exhaust fans that supply more than enough clean air whilst operating at just a whisper;
  • Internal 4” circulation fan keep the canopy moving and plants strong and healthy;
  • Use of powerful LEDs and T5s mean that the Stealth Plant Supreme has an almost zero heat signature;
  • Double layered mylar reflective panelling maximizes light penetration and keeps heat in.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Stealth Box Supreme Hydro SystemThe Stealth Plant Supreme 32 Plant Grow Box is a full cycle system that provides you with all you need grow your own herbal supply, just like the pros. The grow box features two separate chambers which means that you can run a complete cycle system, enabling you to have plants at all stages of growth at the same time.

Clone Chamber

The clone chamber features a cloning tray, humidity dome and all the necessary inserts. This system works with Deep Water Culture (DWC), a tried and tested hydroponic method that feeds your plant via the roots with a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, which will get the best out of your clones.
  • Durable reservoir and lid constructed from high density plastic;
  • Air pump runs almost silently and delivers oxygen to your plants’ root system;
  • High quality air stones super oxygenate your nutrient solution, promoting strong root growth and setting your plants up for explosive growth in the next phase;
  • Propagation tray included, with humidity dome and instructions

Flower Chamber

The main flowering chamber of the Stealth Plant Supreme operates with a SuperPonics system. This fully automated system combines DWC and Top Feed to provide the best of both worlds. The dual system supplies highly oxygenated feed solution to your plants roots while at the same time drip feeding them from above. Comparative testing has shown that this dual system approach can perform twice as well as any single system and up to five times better than soil systems.
  • Durable reservoir is UV stable and easy to clean;
  • Powerful water pump;
  • Quiet air pump delivers all the oxygen your plants’ roots need.
Stealth Box Supreme InteriorStealth Box Supreme Interior 2

Nutrients and Extras

The Stealth Plant Supreme is designed to get you growing with a minimum of fuss. It comes with the following components to get you up and running the day your stealth shipment arrives;
  • One Year Supply General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom – GH are well known throughout the hydroponics industry for their excellent product range. GH MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are a top selling range of plant nutrients that are pH buffered and complete in primary, secondary and micro nutrients. They are designed to work in hydro, coco and soil. This professional nutrient range will provide your plants with all they need to provide you with huge, healthy flowers;
  • Digital TDS Meter Keep on top of your Total Dissolved Solids with this quality Digital TDS Meter;
  • pH Control Kit – Keep your nutrient mix at the correct pH with this easy to use pH Control Kit;
  • Reservoir Thermometer – Make sure your reservoir temperature is spot on to keep your plants growing at their best;
  • Wireless Humidity and Temperature Monitor – Keep up to date with the conditions inside your Stealth Plant Supreme Grow Box without even having to open the door;
  • Hydroton – Hydroton is the growing medium of choice for DWC and SuperPonics hydro systems. One bag is all you need as these clay balls are completely recyclable;
  • Net Plugs – Net Plugs keep your plants stable and secure throughout the grow;
  • Timers – A dual outlet timer and three single outlet timers keep your system running with precision, allowing you to concentrate on other stuff while your plants just keep on growing;
  • Cloning Gel – Ensure that all your cuttings root perfectly and get the best possible start in life with this hormone cloning gel;
  • Instructional DVD – If you are new to hydroponics and it all seems a bit much to take in, kick back and watch this easy to follow DVD that explains the whole process, from start to finish, in easy to understand language;
  • All tubes, pipes, leads, batteries, cords and switches – in short, everything you need.
Stealth Box Supreme Full Kit


The Stealth Plant Supreme Grow Box comes with a comprehensive three year warranty that gives you confidence and peace of mind. On top of this, there is Dealzer’s famous lifetime of technical support on offer. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

*** SuperCloset - Less money - LED SuperStar- A good option - 3 Year Warranty

Optional Upgrades

  • CO2 System – This bucket CO2 system will provide around 6 months to a year’s worth of slow release CO2 into your Stealth Plant Supreme cabinet. Supplementing CO2 can seriously increase your yield. Dealzer provide replacement buckets at discounted rates to existing customers;
  • T5 Side Lighting –Side lighting increases light penetration to the lower parts of your plants, increasing vigor and growth and promoting flowering on lateral branches. This results in bigger plants and better yields;

What people saying about the Stealth Plant Supreme 32 Plant Grow Box

“Great box. Fits in just fine. Looks good. The LED works real well. Lots of space inside. I got me some big ol plants. Very happy Grower.”