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Super Star 16 Plant All in One Hydroponic Grow Box Review

Why the Super Star 16 Plant Grow Box?

The Super Star Hydroponic Grow Box is a dual chamber grow box that provides a full cycle, continual rotation system. This allows you to keep plants at all stages of growth in a self contained and easy to use cabinet. This grow box is ideal for both complete novices and experts alike. The simple ‘plug and play’ design and easy to follow instructions make growing the best quality ganja an absolute breeze. The advanced features and convenient layout will appeal to growers of all levels.Super Star 16 Plant Grow Box

*** SuperCloset - Fantastic service as always from this team and spot on grow help and pricing

The Super Star grow box is sturdily built in the USA and is from high quality materials, giving you reliability and confidence. The box is shipped discreetly and takes minimal set up. You could be discreetly growing top grade weed on the day it arrives.
  • Completely odor free;
  • Quiet and discreet;
  • Easy to use;
  • Efficient and effective;
  • Comprehensive three year warranty;
  • A lifetime of customer support through Dealzer.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

 Super Star grow box cabinet 18 gauge steelSuper Star grow box security lock 
  • This 60 X 24 X 24 cabinet is manufactured from sturdy black, powder coated 18 gauge steel for strength;
  • Infra cool technology means the cabinet remains cool on the outside, even right next to the lights;
  • Super secure triple lock mechanism locks the door in three places at the turn of a key, keeping your precious plants safe and preventing anybody else seeing what you have growing;
  • Door is sealed, keeping it light tight for added efficiency and stealth;
  • The Super Star Grow Box is a Dual Chamber grow box, providing plenty of room to germinate, clone, veg and flower;
  • Cloning chamber provides space for 14 clones or young plants;
  • Veg/flower chamber accommodates 16 mature plants;
  • Grow plants up to 2 ½ feet tall;
  • Adjustable net trellis allows control over the canopy, improving light efficiency and increasing yields by up to 40%;
  • Two X five gallon reservoirs provide enough volume to keep nutrient solutions stable without constant monitoring;
  • Dual flowering chamber reservoirs allow you to flower plants at different stages of growth, or different seed strains with different nutrient requirements.

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

SuperStar grow box cabinet open
  • Lumatek digital, dimmable lighting system provides 150W of HPS, delivering 16000 lumens of light in the correct spectrum for your flowering plants;
  • Main lighting comes on an adjustable yoyo pulley to give control over the distance of the light from the canopy;
  • Lighting in the cloning chamber is provided by 2 X 24W high output T5 strip lights, giving your young plants light in the 6500k spectrum, perfect for vigorous growth;
  • Magnetic reflective panelling is 85% efficient and allows for removal and cleaning between grows, avoiding the build up of mold and mildew that can occur behind permanently attached reflection such as mylar;
  • System is fully automated and runs on analog timers. You can leave the Super Star Grow Box unattended for up to five days with no problems.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Two X 10 ½” activated carbon filter systems keeps all of the exhaust from the Super Star Grow Box odor free. This is essential for stealth growing;
  • Air circulation is provided by two 110cfm fans, giving a combined total of 220 cubic feet per minute of air exchange, more than enough to keep your plants healthy and strong;
  • Internal air movement is provided by a powerful four inch oscillating fan, this is mounted between the canopy and the light, strengthening stems, keeping the canopy cool and reducing the chances of mold.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The Super Star 16 Plant All in One Grow Box is a complete cycle rotation system. It provides you with everything you need to get your plants from seed/clone stage to harvest in one compact and self contained cabinet. This allows you to have plants at all stages of growth at the same time, letting you harvest regularly and giving you a constant supply of your favorite herbs.Super Star grow box cloning chamberThe upper, cloning chamber contains a propagation tray for seedling germination and a Super Cloner cloning box. The box has a three gallon reservoir and enough room for 14 clones or young plants to happily veg until they are ready to flower. The integrated DWC hydroponics system keeps your plants well fed during this delicate stage.When your babies are ready to flower, simply put them into the flowering chamber which provides you with enough room for 16 plants to grow to fruition.Superstar grow box flowering reservoirThe dual hydroponics system in the flowering chamber uses an effective DWC system to provide a super aerated nutrient solution directly to your plants’ roots. It also uses a top feed system, feeding your nutrient solution to your plants from above the roots.This dual hydro system is referred to as SuperPonics and gives you the best and most effective plant growth system. SuperPonics can provide up to five times more yield than any single hydroponics system.At the heart of the hydroponics system is the Eco 132 Submersible Pump. This robust and powerful, oil free, pump shifts up to 132 gallons of nutrient solution per hour, more than enough for all your plants’ needs.The Super Star Grow Box also features an integrated ball valve system that allows for easy change of reservoirs. You can empty the reservoirs without having to remove them from the system, minimizing hassle, mess and time.Superstar grow box easy water change system

Nutrients and Extras

 The Super Star Grow Box comes with all you need to start growing now. The comprehensive list of extras includes:
  • Technaflora ‘Recipe for Success’ Starter Kit. This self contained pack from Canadian nutrient experts Technaflora contains all the nutrients, additives and supplements that you will need to get you going. Contents of the kit are:
    • 500 ml - B.C Grow
    • 500 ml - B.C Boost
    • 500 ml - B.C Bloom
    • 250 ml - SugarDaddy
    • 250 ml – ROOT 66
    • 125 ml - Thrive Alive B-1 Red
    • 125 ml - Thrive Alive B-1 Green
    • 125 ml - MagiCal
    • 125 ml - Awesome Blossoms
    • 7 g - Rootech Cloning Gel
The Kit also contains the famous ‘Recipe for Success’ mixing chart, providing step by step instructions on how to effectively combine the nutrients for maximum yields.Technaflora recipe for success starter kit Superstar grow box
  • A General Hydroponics pH testing kit to keep your nutrient solution at the optimum pH level for your plants;
  • An HM Digital TDS meter to accurately monitor the concentration of your nutrient solution.


The Super Star 16 Plant All in One Grow Box comes with a comprehensive three year warranty, giving you confidence and peace of mind. As with all Dealzer products it also comes with their famous lifetime of technical support. Dealzer will be on hand by phone or e-mail to help answer your questions, regardless of how long you have owned the unit. 

Optional Upgrades

Although the Super Star Grow Box comes with everything you need to grow a constant supply of weed, the nature of any fascinating past time is that you will soon be looking for ways to improve on the whole experience. Dealzer offer an impressive range of optional upgrades which include:
  • 2 X 2ft long T5 cool spectrum side lights. These will give a more complete spectrum in the flowering chamber and also provide light penetration to the lower branches. This will promote better yields and also give you better options for further vegging of your plants in the flowering chamber. (These T5s are standard with the LED Super Star);
  • Philips 150W MH lamp. Turn your flowering chamber into an out and out veg chamber with this Metal Halide lamp. Around 13,000 lumens of light in the spectrum optimal for vegetative growth;
  • 250W light and ballast HPS or MH. Add an extra 100 Watts of lighting power to increase vigor and growth;
  • CO2 boost system. Adding CO2 to your plants’ growing environment can increase growth speed by 25%. This CO2 tank system supplies extra CO2 for up to six months with no maintenance or heat generation;
  • Procyon 100 LED light system. This high quality LED lighting panel can give your plants’ growth a massive boost. Specifications on this panel are:
    • 56 CREE Xlamp high power LEDs (40 Red, 16 Blue)
    • 100W nominal LED power delivery
    • 125W total power consumption
    • Integrated power supply that requires no ballast
    • Replaces 400W HID light, giving 75% power savings
    • Covers approximately 10 square feet
    • 50,000+ hour LED life
    • Measures 13.5" x 5" x 5" - Weight 7lbs.
Procyon 100 LED Grow Light
  • Technaflora Nutrients Expert Pack. This upgraded Technaflora nutrients pack contains top of the range nutrients and additives for improved plant performance. Pack includes:
    • 500 mL Thrive Alive B-1 Red (Quantity 1)
    • 1 Liter BC Boost (Quantity 3)
    • 1 Liter BC Grow (Qauntity 1)
    • 1 Liter BC Bloom (Quantity 2)
    • 500 mL Awesome Blossoms (Quantity 1)
    • 500 mL Magical (Quantity 1)
    • 1 Liter Sugar Daddy (Quantity 2)
Technaflora expert hydroponics nutrients
  • Germination Pack. Professional quality media for improved germination and healthier plant growth;
  • Stealth Ro200 Water Filtration. This reverse osmosis water filtration unit from Hydro-Logic provides you with up to 200 gallons per day of ultra-pure, low ppm water, removing 98% of chlorine and other contaminants. Unit specifications include:
    • Green Coconut Carbon filter.
    • Pressure Gauge to monitor performance.
    • Everything included for rapid connection.
    • Unit size: 16.5" x 14" - Weight: 9.8 Lbs.
    • Inlet Tube Size: 3/8"- Outlet Tube Size: 1/4"
    • 4-Stage RO Unit
    • 2x RO Membranes
    • Cleanable Sediment Filter
    • Automatic Shut-Off Cartridge
    • Wall Mountable Metal Bracket
    • Garden Hose Connector
    • lnline Shut-Off
    • 8 ft. RO & Drain Line
    • 5 ft. Inlet Line
    • Filter Wrench & Instructions
Stealth RO200 water filtration
  • Sunglasses. Protect your eyesight when tending your plants with these UV protection sunglasses;
  • Ozonator. This air purifier keeps air clean from microbes and disease organisms. It also detects and removes odor molecules from the air using sophisticated ozone technology. Apply a ‘belt and braces’ approach to odor stealth by combining this with the inbuilt carbon filters on your Super Star Grow Box

*** SuperCloset - Fantastic service as always from this team and spot on grow help and pricing

What people saying about the Super Star – 16 Plant – All in One Grow Box

“This grow box is sick. One of the best there is. The rotation system is easy to use and gives me a steady supply. No noise and no smell. The best box available for the price. “The Super Star 16 Plant Grow Box is easily one of the best grow boxes of this type on the market. The SuperPonics system is highly productive and simplicity itself to use. Growing marijuana has never been so easy or so discreet. With a lifetime of support to back it up it’s hard to think of good reasons why you shouldn’t buy this grow box.