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Location: Amsterdam, NLAwards Won: 4
Established: 1993Unique Strains: 22+Rating:


‘T.H.Seeds’ seed bank is an Amsterdam based cannabis seed bank with a good reputation and successful track record. It started life in the C.I.A (Cannabis in Amsterdam, a cannabis
information centre and renowned marijuana seed shop) and quickly became established
among the cannabis seed producing community.

With an ethos of expanding the diversity and variety of cannabis strains, T.H.Seeds are credited with introducing both the original Bubblegum, and S.A.G.E, marijuana strains into Europe from the USA.

With such award winning marijuana strains as S.A.G.E., MK Ultra and Kushage in their stable, it’s easy to see why T.H.Seeds soon became one of the major innovators in the development of cannabis strains.

T.H.Seeds do not sell directly from their website but via an international network of

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