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The Trinity 3.0 Grow Box Review

Why the Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet?

The Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet is a triple-chamber system that has been upgraded from the original and now includes the SuperPonics System, allowing for an increase of up to 5x the speed, size and yield of the previous closet. It is a triple-chamber Grow Closet, allowing for germination, cloning, vegetating and flowering to happen all at the same time.

The Trinity is sold by all three major hydroponics companies that we recommend


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 Trinity Grow Box ReviewThis fully-automated, full-cycle Grow Closet comes fully assembled and with everything you need to get started – all you need to do is add the plants. It is a large enough Grow Closet for both personal or small commercial growing.
  • Measures 72” x 72” x 24”
  • Accommodates up to 32 vegetating plants
  • Grows up to 44 x 4.5ft tall plants in a cycle
  • Full spectrum SuperCool Lumatek Lighting System with one 400W and one 600W bulb
  • Fully-adjustable internal circulation fan
  • Two 15-gallon reservoirs
  • Uses SuperPonics, which includes both an air pump and a water pump for the best in oxygenaton/filtration
  • System accommodates soil
The Trinity 3.0 comes from a state of the art facility in California ready built and has a discreet, stealthy and sleek design. It is powder-coated in black and is made from 16-18 gauge steel with a triple-locking door for the best security.With a full three-year warranty and lifetime support from Dealzer.

Build quality, size, yield and security

The Trinity 3.0 measures 72” x 72” x 24” and is a great size for a very healthy yield every time you harvest.The unit is constructed from 16-18 gauge steel, and is assembled in California at our state of the art facility. It comes powder-coated in black for a sleek and discreet look with a triple-locking mechanism so you can be assured that your Grow Closet is secure.The Trinity 3.0 has 3 chambers – one Cloning Chamber, which has a 50-site SuperCloner and 2 Vegetative Chambers that accommodate up to 16 plants each (32 total). This superb Grow Closet can support 44 growing plants at 4.5ft tall in every 45-65 day cycle. The full-cycle feature significantly cuts down the time between each harvest.

Lights, ballast, control and power

The Cloning Chamber:
  • Comes with two 24W T-5 Fluorescent bulbs – the perfect light spectrum for plants in this stage of growth
  • Anadjustable shelf allows for easily changing the height of your lights to ensure your flourishing plants are getting the best light to thrive in.
The Vegetative ChambersLumatek supercool 400HPS
  • Comes with two full-spectrum dimmable SuperCool Lumatek High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs as standard.
  • The Closet comes with one 600W bulb and one 400W bulb (though an upgrade can easily be made to have two 600W bulbs for extra light for your plants) - These lights are set on Yo-Yos, which makes adjusting easy and quick, so you can make sure your plants’ canopy is getting the optimal amount of light.
  • The HPS bulbs are powered by the Lumatek Electronic Dimmable Ballast, giving you full control over your lighting. This ballast also comes with ‘Smart VoltTM and works with both 120 and 240 volt power. You simply need to unplug one cord and plug in the other. The Trinity 3.0 comes with an 8ft 120-volt power cord as standard.
  • The SunliftTM Yo-Yo system is a reflector suspension system designed at making it easy to get the most from the light available and to be able to adjust quickly and easily. You can adjust the hood height with one movement and a pair of Sunlifts can hold up to 22lbs.
  • To ensure that no lumens are lost, the inside of the unit comes with magnetic reflectors that can be removed for cleaning or re-adjusting as your plants grow. These reflectors are easy to clean and mold-repellent.
Whenever you are handling water and electricity in close proximity, it is important to put safety first. The Trinity 3.0 comes with a GFCI Shock Buster – an easy to use piece of equipment that helps to prevent electrical malfunctions. This switch will immediately shut off the electricity supply to your unit if a power surge is detected – something that can happen when water comes into contact with electrical devices.

Air movement, air filtration heat and odor

For perfect airflow throughout the closet, the Trinity 3.0 comes with a 2-speed, 4.5” fully adjustable fan. It produces either 100 or 160 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of airflow for your plants. This breeze is crucial for replicating the natural breeze that helps to strengthen the stems of your plants. With the weigh of a healthy canopy, plants need to be as strong as possible to avoid sagging under the weight.fanThe fan is fully adjustable, meaning that every plant within your Grow Closet will benefit from the airflow – no plant need go neglected with this internal air circulation feature.The Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet comes with everything you need to get started – all you need to do is add the plants. However, there is an option for an easily integrated CO2 system, which can add up to 25% more to your yields.The unit also comes with an industrial grade Odorsok Activated Carbon Filter, which eliminates 100% of the odor your plants create. The filter lasts for about 2 years and is easy to replace.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The Trinity 3.0 is a triple-chamber system. It has one Cloning chamber and two Vegetative chambers.The Cloning Chamber This chamber has the 50-site SuperCloner for superb germination, cloning and early-stage vegetative growth of your plants.The SuperCloner is fully automated and provides a 100% success rate for your seeds, clones and mothers. You can leave your plants in this chamber until they are 2ft tall, if you so wish.The Vegetative/Flowering Chambers SuperPonics System TrinityWith the Trinity 3.0 you get two vegetative/flowering chambers. Each one holds up to 16 plants, so between the two, you can flower 32 plants.These chambers use the patented SuperPonics watering system and each chamber has a 15-Gallon reservoir.The success of the SuperPonics system is predicated upon the multiple methods it uses. With this system, your plants enjoy four proven hydroponic methods – Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, BubblePonics and AeroPonics. These methods together mean that you can grow your plants at 2-5x the rate any single hydroponics method would.The SuperPonics system significantly increases your growing time and yield amount by using both a water pump and an air pump.Eco 2 Air PumpAir Pump - The air pump is the Eco Air 2 – an ideal pump for keeping your nutrient solution oxygenated, which is crucial for ensuring your plants thrive. The variable output feature means you can adjust how much air your plants get. It is powerful and durable while still being extremely quiet.grow box water pumpWater Pump - The water pump for the SuperPonics system is a 185 gallon per hour pump with an oil-free, magnetic rotor. This crucial component constantly circulates fresh water, keeping your plants healthy and happy. It is quiet and reliable thanks to high quality bearings and a ceramic shaft. All you need to do is hook it up to your timer and you’re set.The advantage of using both an air and a water pump simultaneously is not just that your plants will get the optimal amount of oxygenation and fresh water, but also that if one system failed, the other acts as a buffer.

Nutrients and Extras

The Trinity 3.0 comes with the following as standard:Technaflora starter kit
  • Technaflora ‘Recipe for Success’ Nutrient Starter Kit – this comprehensive beginner program has been created by the experts at Technaflora and has everything you need to give your plants the best start possible.
The kit can last up to 2 months and comes with the following:
  • B.C. Bloom;
  • B.C. Boost;
  • B.C. Grow;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green;
  • Awesome Blossoms;
  • Rootech Cloning Gel;
  • MagiCal;
  • SugarDaddy;
  • ROOT 66.
The kit also comes with a feeding schedule, describing exactly how to mix and administer your nutrients and how often you have to feed your plants.
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit –It is crucial to regularly check the pH of your system if you want to have the healthiest plants. The Trinity 3.0 comes with a pH control kit by General Hydroponics, which includes:
    • 8 ounces of pH Up
    • 8 ounces of pH Down
    • pH indicator solution
    • a testing vial
    • a dropper
The kit also comes with a color-coded chart for easy identification of pH levels.
  • Measuring cup – You need to ensure you are giving your plants the perfect amount of nutrients and this cup will help you do just that.
  • TDS Meter by TDS-EZ – Built out of strong and durable plastic, this crucial piece of equipment comes with an easy-to-read large LCD screen and has a color-coded chart on the back of it. This chart clearly explains the TDS values so you can easily make sure you know the amount of nutrients present in your system.
  • Analog Timer – A very important piece of equipment for automating the on/off cycle of the lights, exhaust fan and internal circulation fan. It is very user-friendly, and once it is set, you can leave your cabinet for days without worrying.
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer – You need to know what the temperature and humidity levels are inside your unit are and this reliable meter will tell you just that. It provides accurate readings, has a clock and alarm function, uses both 12 and 24-hour modes and comes with a waterproof temperature probe.
  • Rockwool Cubes – Ideal for beginning plants with the Supermini Cloner. Made from melted and spun rock, these cubes provide a solid foundation for your new roots to bed into. When your plants are ready, you simply transfer them to the Clay Grow Rocks in the SuperPonics System.
  • Clay Grow Rocks – The perfect material for providing your flowering plants with a solid foundation, while allowing for perfect drainage.
  • Dutch Master Replicator Cloning Gel – Professional strength and ready to use, this product helps your clones to take root quickly and significantly increases the chances of your clones becoming healthy adult plants. Simply take a cutting at a 45-degree angle, dip it into the gel for 30 seconds and place it into the Rockwool cubes in the Supermini Cloner.
  • An instructional DVD is also included to help beginners to growing or those new to the system.


The Trinity 3.0 comes with a full 3-year warranty on the whole system, excluding bulbs.You also get 24/7 lifetime customer support.

Optional Upgrades

procyon super combo
  • Procyon 100 LED Grow Light – Can reduce light operating costs by up to 70% and has a 50,000-hour lifespan so is super low maintenance.
  • The light includes the following:
    • 56 CREE* Xlamp high power LEDs (40 red, 16 blue)
    • 100W nominal LED power
    • Measures 13.5" x 5" x 5", weighs 7lbs
    • 125W total power consumption
    • Integrated power supply so requires does not require a ballast
    • Built in cooling fan
    • Replaces a 400W HID light, providing up to a 75% saving on power
    • Covers +/- 10sq feet
    • 50,000+ hour LED life
    • Made in the USA
  • CO2 Regulator Kit – This kit comes with a solenoid, regulator, timer and injection tubing. This kit can increase your yield by up to 50%. Easy to use, it comes with a DVD to take you through the set-up step by step.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter – This hydroponics-customized filter produces up to 200 GPD (gallons per day) of contaminant-free, low PPM water. Removes 98% of chlorine and other contaminants that can compromise the health of your plants.
It uses around 25% less water than other reverse osmosis systems and includes everything you need to set up quickly:
  • 4-stage RO Unit
  • 2 RO Membranes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cleanable sediment filter
  • Automatic shut-off filter
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge
  • Wall-mounted metal bracket
  • Garden hose connector
  • In-line shut off
  • 8-foot RO and drain line
  • 5-foot inlet line
  • Filter wrench
  • Instructions
  • Measures 16.5’’ x 14’’ and weighs 9.8lbs. Comes with a limited 1-year warranty
  • CO2 Boost
A super easy-to-use plug in and pump CO2 injection for your plants. Can provide your plants with CO2 everyday for 90 days if applied correctly. It’s a brilliant and safe alternative to using a tank system.
  • Total Germination Package – This kit ensures that every seed flourishes and makes it through to harvest. It includes everything you need to maximise your chances of success. The kit includes:
    • Humidity dome
    • Seedlings heat mat
    • Heat mat thermostat
    • Rockwool cubes (medium)
24-7 nutrient meter (super locker 3.0)
  • 24-7 Nutrient Meter by Control Wizard Products – a great all-round meter for the optimal application of nutrients that require that extra attention. It measures PPM, pH and temperature.
The easy-to-read screen is large and can be read from a distance. It’s easy to calibrate using the screws on the front. Comes with a 6 month limited warranty.
  • Ozonator
This useful piece of equipment provides a clean environment within your cabinet. Sufficient quantities of Ozone can oxidize and destroy nasty build-ups of harmful bacteria – the Ozonator keeps these build-ups at bay.
  • Technaflora Supernutrient Upgrade Kit – A larger supply of the essential nutrients your plants need. It comes with a comprehensive nutrient program and includes:
    • 2x B.C. Bloom – 1 Liter Bottles
    • 3x B.C. Boost – 1 Liter Bottles
    • 1x B.C. Grow – 1 Liter Bottle
    • 1x Awesome Blossoms – 1 Liter Bottle
    • 1x Thrive Alive Red – 500ml Bottle
    • 1x MagiCal – 1 Liter Bottle
  • Amethyst Grow Goggles by Growgles – Dealing with so much light can be a concern for the long-term health of your eyes. These goggles reduce sodium glare (red/orange) and protects from UV and IR.

*** SuperCloset offer fantastic support and all the extras you will ever need


What People are saying about the Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet

"Very well designed and set up was a breeze. It took me about 2 hours to get everything 100% up and running".
"an easy to use piece of equipment that helps to prevent electrical malfunctions. This switch will immediately shut off the electricity supply to your unit if a power surge is detected – something that can happen when water comes into contact with electrical devices.
Clay Grow Rocks – The perfect material for providing your flowering plants with a solid foundation, while allowing for perfect drainage.