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My Top 5 autoflowering strains and why

Here's some info on autos I have grown, some outdoors.  I live in Europe but my latitude is around thirty six degrees - similar to California and Northern Afghanistan so we’ve got some good sun.

Flash Seeds Chaze

I just finished my first batch of Chaze seeds. It was absolutely phenomenal. And the plant is very forgiving. I really abused mine (not intentionally) by over fertilizing, messing with photoperiods, bringing it in under lights for a while and it took all this without complaint and still produced a lovely bit of weed.The high from it was as described. A definite nice stoned feeling but with that haze energy boost.  It helps to be doing something.  It was so motivational the first time I smoked it that I ended up going for a five mile walk in the country.I have heard people say that the high from autos doesn't last. Not true here - the high was strong and I was able to literally have a few tokes then leave it for a few hours, without any noticeable 'wearing off'.I cannot recommend it highly enough, and am growing more now. Probably not something to smoke if you want sleep - although I had no problems sleeping after being quite busy in the day. One of the best 'daytime' smokes I have ever come across.The plant branches out well and can get very big in some cases. Buds are loose and open, and you can see the thc spraying out of them onto the surrounding area during flowering.Yield is very good for an auto (over five hundred grams has been reported) - though my first attempt at this plant had a low final yield, that was my fault. Chaze does take a little longer than a normal auto, but it's worth the wait. 



Dutch Passion Autoblueberry THC: 7-14%

I've smoked an indoor and outdoor blueberry (Dutch Passion) and found them both to be highly euphoric, but not in an unmanageable way.Slightly motivating - a really smooth and pleasant up happy high which I would like some more of now if possible. I'm just about to plant a bunch of autoblueberry outdoors. I like how fast these grow too, they are normally pretty much finished in seventy days. And it tastes great.Yield wise I have had over an ounce from an autoblueberry, no problem, indoors.  Buds are sticky with the distinctive blueberry smell. 

Dutch Passion Automazar THC:7-14%

Another Dutch Passion plant, with a powerful, tasty high. I grew some of these indoors with smartpots and they branched out beautifully and produced very well.As I remember I got over 40 grams from one plant. A little bit of a hashy high perhaps - just slightly on  that side of things. Knocked some people out straight I heard.It certainly seemed quite easy to grow, and I would grow it again. It worked. 

Dinafem White Widow Auto THC:Medium

A nice easy to grow plant with a strong, lasting high – we love the Dinafem White Widow.I grew these outdoors and they did great - the weed was extremely nice to look at and formed quickly. Some friends described it as a 'megastone'.A couple of the plants yielded over twenty grame outdoors. Very sticky, fun weed and the buds were an interesting variety of colours. 

The Joint Doctor's Easy Ryder  THC:19%

This was the very first plant that I grew indoors. It was very straightforward to grow, and it bushed out nicely. It was done in around seventy days - providing over twenty eight grams of very nice bud.I would definitely describe this one as a daytime smoke - the effect was an inspiring and long lasting 'up' high. 

Just out:

The Dinafem Blue Cheese auto looks quite something with amazing looking buds.Just a totally beautiful example with many substantial bud sites, quick growing too. Dinafem have really excelled themselves here with this little beauty.Big Buddha also just brought out their famous Blue Cheese as an auto - these plants grow very tall for autos and have many bud sites.Super Stinky another 'Super Auto' from comes highly recommended. A friend got around three hundred grams per plant from them. 



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