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5 X 5 Grow Tent Kit Review

5’ X 5’ Grow Tent Kit Review

Why the 5’ X 5’ Grow Tent Kit?

This medium sized hydroponic grow tent kit comes backed by an excellent reputation, not to mention a no hassle three year warranty and a lifetime of customer support and technical back up.

This 5 X 5 kit features the best quality hydroponic components on the market, all wrapped up in an award winning Gorilla grow tent.

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical supportNew to hydroponics and find the science all a bit too chewy? No need to worry, whether you purchase from SuperCloset or Dealzer, you will be provided with a comprehensive and easy to follow instructional DVD as well as full written instructions. You can be growing like the pros before the day is out. All you need to add is water, seeds, and your love of the final product.
  • Tent measures 5’ X 5’ X 6’11”;
  • Award winning, patent pending Gorilla grow tent features extension kit to raise the height to 7’11”;
  • 600W Lumatek HPS Lighting Kit;
  • Choice of hydroponic system;
  • Enough space for up to 20 flowering plants with SuperPonics system or 6 with the BubbleFlow system;
  • Takes stealth seriously, guaranteed odor proof and light tight;
  • 3 year warranty with either SuperCloset or Dealzer;
  • Lifetime of technical support and back-up;
  • Proudly built in California, USA.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • Gorilla grow tents are generally considered to be the best quality grow tents on the market. Made from 1680D fabric which is the thickest and hardest wearing grow tent fabric available. This rip resistant fabric is between 3 – 9 times thicker than other grow tent fabrics;
  • 5’ deep X 5’ wide X 6’11” tall. This tent provides loads of space and comes with a choice of systems. It can accommodate up to 20 plants in the 20 site Superflow SuperPonics system, or 6 larger plants in the 6 site Bubbleflow Bucket SuperPonics system;
  • Grow tent is fully adjustable in height with the height extension kit (included). Sturdy extension poles allow you to add an extra foot of vertical space, raising the height of your tent to 7’11”, perfect for larger hazes and other sativas;
  • The award winning Gorilla tent is sturdy and strong. It can safely support up to 300lbs! This is more than enough to cope with the weight of your fans and lights;
  • Multiple air ports make the Gorilla grow tent extremely versatile, giving you the option of placing inlets and outlets where you wish, to suit your own preferences and requirements;
  • Durable, industrial strength zippers are light tight and built to withstand heavy usage;
  • Infrared blocking roof insert makes temperature control easier and increases stealth (while supplies last);
  • Adjustable net trellis gives your plants support and helps you develop a uniform canopy, thus increasing yields.

Gorilla grow tent logo

Gorilla 5 x 5 grow tent

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

SuperCloset and Dealzer both offer the same lighting system with the 5’ X 5’ Grow Tent Kit:
  • Award winning Lumatek 600W dimmable, digital ballast. This ballast is one of the most popular ballasts in the world, and with good reason;
  • Digital ballasts put out around 30% more lumens than traditional magnetic ballasts whilst consuming less energy;
  • Dimmable ballast can be turned down to 400W when required, saving energy and protecting young and delicate plants;
  • Award winning ballast outperforms old school ‘core and coil’ ballasts, running in total silence with no annoying buzzing or flickering;
  • Lumatek ballast is fully compatible with all suitable HPS, MH and dual spectrum bulbs. Soft start technology extends bulb life by up to 300%;
  • Ballast comes with matching high quality 600W HPS grow lamp to give you all the lumens you need for this space;
  • Blazer 6” air cooled reflector keeps a current of air flowing over the bulb. By keeping the bulb temperature down it is possible to get the bulb closer to the growing canopy for better, faster growth;
  • Blazer reflector includes hinged tempered glass and neoprene gasket to hold it tightly in place. Textured German aluminum interior is 95% reflective, directing the light to where you need it, the canopy. Air cooling flanges are fitted with a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place;
  • Heavy duty yoyos give you complete control over light placement, allowing you to lower it to the canopy for stronger, more vigorous growth.

Lumatek 600W digital dimmable ballast

Blazer air cooled reflector

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • SuperCloset and Dealzer both offer Phresh 6” X 24” industrial strength activated carbon filters. These quality filters ensures that your grow is odor free, keeping dank smells inside the tent;
  • Carbon filter includes pre-filter;
  • 2 X 6” Hurricane inline fans provide a total of 870 cubic feet of fresh air per minute (435CFM each). Completely changing the air in the tent almost 5 times per minute. High volume air exchange is essential in bringing in CO2 for your plants and expelling stale, used air;
  • Hurricane fans operate quietly and are made from hard wearing, powder coated steel. All components are UL certified for reliability;
  • 25 feet of ThermoFlo SR ducting helps keep operating noise to a minimum;
  • Internal air circulation is provided by 2 X powerful 6” dual speed internal circulation fans. These fans are fully adjustable for height and tilt. Good internal air circulation is important for strengthening stems and preventing the build up of humidity which can cause bud rot;
  • Internal Infrared blocking panel fits snugly into the roof of the tent. This super-insulates the tent, making temperature control easier and eliminating give-away heat signatures (only while stocks last).

Phresh activated carbon filter

Internal circulation fan

Hurricane inline fan

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Fullbloom 5 x 5 grow tent kit with buckets

Whoever you order from, the 5 X 5 grow tent kit gives you the choice of two different hydroponic systems. You decide...

Option 1 - 20 Site SuperFlow SuperPonic System

With this system you can grow up to 20 plants. This would be the ideal choice if you are interested in running a Sea of Green set up, or any system where you grow larger quantities of smaller plants.This system combines Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Aeroponics and Ebb and Flow systems to bring you a high performance, low maintenance hydro system. Your plants’ roots are suspended in a constant, nutrient rich, aeroponic mist. As well as this they receive regular flows of highly oxygenated nutrient solution.
  • Super Flow aeroponics system is the world’s first non-clogging aeroponics system. This system uses large diameter tubing and is designed to stay clog-free, even when using organic hydroponic nutrients and supplements;
  • Large 20 gallon reservoir keeps your nutrient mix stable, avoiding those annoying spikes in PPM and pH which can lead to problems;
  • Non-clogging, easy to clean system prevents root rot;
  • 20 dedicated plant sites allows you to grow up to 20 plants at a time, simply use alternate plant sites if you want to grow fewer, larger plants;
  • Powerful and durable Eco Series air pump provides plenty of fresh air to super-oxygenate your nutrient solution;
  • Air pump is low noise and works without oil;
  • Eco Series submersible water pump keeps the solution moving, supplying your plants’ roots with regular floods of nutrient solution;
  • Troughs are built on a sturdy framework that presents them at an easy height to work at, taking the strain from your back;
  • UV resistant, heavy gauge, HDPE food grade plastic makes the system safe and free from contaminants;
  • Easy Drain valve and tube make changing the nutrient solution easy.

Superflow 20 site hydroponic superponic system

Option 2 – 6 Site BubbleFlow Bucket SuperPonic System

You should choose the 6 site BubbleFlow Bucket SuperPonics System if you are interested in growing larger plants. This system is ideal for taller plants as well as for those of you who like to let their plants veg out fully before flowering.The BubbleFlow Bucket system gives you 6 plant sites that use combined hydroponic methods in one system, this fully automated upwelling, recirculating, ebb and flow system uses a mix of:
  • Bubbleponics;
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC);
  • Ebb and Flow.
Results from this system are consistently good and it is proven to be a fast and effective way to grow your plants.
  • High density plastic reservoir and lid is UV stable and easy to clean;
  • Fully automated and easy to use;
  • High quality air stones create highly oxygenated solution;
  • Powerful yet quiet Eco Series water pump and air pump to keep your system running at optimum efficiency;
  • Large 6.5 gallon buckets with large net pots;
  • Upgradeable to 12 or 24 bucket system.

6 site bubble flow hydroponics system

Nutrients and Extras

Whether you purchase from SuperCloset or Dealzer, the 5 X 5 grow tent kit provides you with all you need to successfully complete your first grow. Amongst the many extras you will find:TDS meter – Monitor your nutrient solution accurately with this handheld TDS pen. Keeping control of your nutrient solution is vital for successful hydroponic growth.

5 X 5 grow tent kit TDS meter

General Hydroponics pH control kitMaintaining the correct pH in your nutrient solution can make the difference between failure and success. pH regulates how well your plants take on nutrients from your solution. Regularly checking your pH is crucial. With this pH adjustment kit it is simple. Just check the current pH with the pH indicator solution. If you need to adjust it just add a few drops of pH Up or pH Down. There are 8 ounces of each provided on this very useful kit;

General Hydroponics pH adjustment kit

Digital thermometer and hygrometer – Keep on top of your grow tent environment with this easy to use thermometer/hygrometer. Features Max/Min function, clock, alarm and waterproof thermometer probe.

Fullbloom grow tent kit thermometer hygrometer

Analog timer – Analog timers are more reliable and less prone to problems than their digital counterparts. Timers are essential for controlling the ‘daytime’ and ‘night-time’ in your grow tent.GFCI Shockbuster – Stay safe with this GFCI Shockbuster that will cut all electrical current to the grow tent should any electrical component short circuit or come into contact with water.

GFCI shockbuster

Easy to follow instructions and DVD – Hydroponic growing is nowhere near as complicated as a lot of folk seem to think. Before unpacking your 5 X 5 grow tent kit, sit back and watch this easy to follow instructional DVD and let industry professionals explain it to you in simple terms. It’s actually quite easy to do and you will be growing like the pros in no time at all.TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit – This nutrient kit is a standard component in many grow box/grow tent packages and offers you a comprehensive range of all the nutrients and supplements you will need.

Technaflora recipe for success nutrient starter kit

  • Nutrient Feeding Chart;
  • B.C. Bloom - 500ml;
  • B.C. Boost - 500ml;
  • B.C. Grow - 500ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red - 125ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green - 125ml;
  • Awesome Blossoms - 125ml;
  • MagiCal - 125ml;
  • SugarDaddy - 250ml;
  • ROOT 66 - 250ml;
  • Rootech Cloning Gel.


Whether you buy the 5 X 5 Grow Tent Kit from SuperCloset or Dealzer, it comes with a no hassle three year warranty on all components except the light bulbs. This cast iron guarantee gives you confidence and peace of mind.Don’t forget the lifetime of technical support that is available to you too. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full support and back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

Optional Upgrades

This 5 X 5 grow tent kit will provide you with everything you need to achieve your first harvest of your favorite plants. However, should you want to experiment with augmenting your yields and improving your growing experience, you can choose from the following optional upgrades.

Available From SuperCloset and Dealzer:

Professional CO2 Kit

Professional CO2 kit

Add extra CO2 to your plants’ growing environment and dramatically increase your yields. This kit contains everything you need for a professional CO2 set up, except the CO2 bottle.The Professional CO2 Kit includes:
  • Regulator;
  • Solenoid valve;
  • Flow meter;
  • Timer;
  • Injection tubing;
  • Setup instructions.
24-7 Nutrient MonitorKeep on top of the growing environment with this handy 24/7 nutrient monitor. Instead of having to remember to check your values, this meter constantly monitors your nutrient solution, alerting you to any changes before they get a chance to become problems.

24-7 nutrient monitor

Total Germination PackageThe Total Germination Package is ideal for starting off your delicate seeds and provides all you need to create the perfect germination environment Seeds can be an expensive item so it pays to maximize your germination success rate. Kit includes:
  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Heat Mat with adjustable thermostat
  • Rock Wool cube medium

total germination package

Method 7 Grow Room GlassesThese Method 7 Growing Glasses use patent pending Rendition Technology to provide "Perfect Color" when working under bright grow lights. They look cool and protect your eyes too.

Method 7 grow room glasses eye protection

Reverse Osmosis Water FilterEnsure that the water that you put into the system is pure and clean with a reverse osmosis water filter.This RO water filter provides up to 200 gallons per day of highly purified, ultra low PPM water. 99%+ of chlorine and other contaminants are removed.Reverse Osmosis Water Filter includes:
  • 4-Stage reverse osmosis unit;
  • 2 reverse osmosis membranes;
  • Carbon filter;
  • Cleanable sediment filter;
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge;
  • Wall mountable metal bracket;
  • Garden hose connector;
  • Inline shut-off (8ft.);
  • Drain line (5ft.);
  • Inlet line;
  • Filter wrench;
  • Instructions;
  • Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".

Available From Dealzer Only:

Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack

Some nutrients are used more than others and you will find that you get through these more quickly. This pack contains extra quantities of the nutes that you will use the most. Pack includes:
  • 2x B.C. Bloom - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 3x B.C. Boost - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x B.C. Grow - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 1x Awesome Blossoms - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 2x SugarDaddy - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x Thrive Alive Red - 500ml Bottle;
  • 1x MagiCal - 1 Liter Bottle.

Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack

Available From SuperCloset Only:

1000w HPS Bulb/Ballast ComboMore light means more yield, simple. By upgrading the grow light in this package to a 1000W HPS system you will be able to grow bigger yields of denser, more compact buds. The closed loop reflectors supplied with the kit will easily cope with the extra heat generated.400 Watt MH Vegetation BulbsMetal Halide lights are best for optimizing the vegetative stage of plant growth. These 400 Watt bulbs are designed specifically for the vegetative stage of your plants’ growth cycle. They have a color temperature of 4000K and pump out 33,100 lumens of light that will encourage vegetative growth. This is an ideal choice if you intend to veg your plants for a longer period of time.Gorilla Grow Tent 2' Height Extension KitA 12” extension kit is already included with your 5 X 5 Gorilla grow tent. This optional extra extension kit will add an extra foot, taking the height up to 8’11”! This is the ideal upgrade for people who want to have a go at growing tall Hazes and other sativas.*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical support

What people saying about the 5 X 5 Grow Tent Kit

“Fantastic! I am very pleased with my 5 X 5 grow tent kit.”

“This kit has given me enough room for 6 huge sativas. Other tents and grow boxes are often too small and rely on you growing autos or smaller indicas. I grew 6 Neville’s Hazes in this and they filled it right up. Yields were amazing.”

“I bought this for my first grow. At first I thought I should get something smaller, but I know how things are – you ALWAYS want to upgrade within a few weeks of buying anything new. I was right. I am now growing 20 plants at a time and am looking for another tent so I can start growing some big mamas!”