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Buddha Box 5 X 5 Vertical Grow Tent Kit Review

Buddha Box 5’ X 5’ Vertical Grow Tent Kit Review

Vertical grow spaces 360° are the ultimate innovation for the most efficient use of space in your grow tent. By growing vertically you effectively multiply your horizontal growing area by nearly 400%!360 degree hydroponics

SuperCloset >> Buddha Box Complete Vertical Grow Room

Dealzer >> Buddha Box - 48 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

buddha box 5 x 5 grow tent diagramVerticalPonics is experiencing a massive explosion in popularity and it is easy to see why.If you have never seen a vertical cannabis garden then you’re missing out. Plants don’t necessarily grow upwards, they grow towards the light. By mounting 2 X 400W HPS grow lamps vertically in the middle of the grow tent it is possible to create a wall of green around it, with plants growing at angles away from their vertical framework and towards the light. This means that you can fit more than 48 plants at up to 3 feet tall in a grow tent that is only 5’ X 5’ - turning a growing area of just 25 square feet into a growing area of 96 square feet!

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical support

There are actually 60 plant sites in this system, although some companies only count it at 48, we assume this is because they don’t all count the corner sites as useable.

Why the Buddha Box Vertical Grow Tent Kit?

  • Measures 5’ X 5’ X 6’11”;
  • Award winning Lumatek digital dimmable ballast;
  • Dual 400W full spectrum HPS grow lamps;
  • Packed throughout with high quality components;
  • Single large compartment that is fully height adjustable;
  • Enough space for up to 48 flowering plants;
  • Stealthy system is guaranteed odor proof and light tight;
  • 3 year warranty with SuperCloset or Dealzer;
  • Lifetime of support and back-up;
  • Proudly built in California, USA.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • This super efficient vertical hydroponics set-up is housed in a top of the range, extendable Gorilla Grow Tent;
  • 5’ X 5’ X 6’11” Gorilla Grow Tent is the only tent in the world to have fully adjustable height. Increase height from 6’11” to 7’11” with the patent pending extension kit;
  • Gorilla tents are made from a heavy duty tent fabric that is 1680D. That’s 3 and 9 times thicker than competing grow tents;
  • Lightweight aluminum framework can support up to 100lbs;
  • Sturdy construction features robust and light tight zippers;
  • Diamond Reflective technology maximizes the light available to your growing plants;
  • Multiple inlet/outlet ports gives you the versatility to set up the tent for many different configurations;
  • Handy viewing window allows you to inspect plants without disturbing the growing environment. This is ideal when using CO2 augmentation;
  • Vertical net trellis system supports and trains your plants to present the maximum canopy area to the light.
Buddha Box 5 x 5 VerticalPonics Grow System

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • Dual 400W HPS SuperCool full spectrum Lumatek lighting system;
  • Award winning Lumatek dimmable digital ballast allows you to operate lights at 50%, 75% and 100%;
  • Digital ballast runs cooler, more reliably, and more quietly than old-school magnetic ballasts;
  • ‘SuperLumens’ setting provides an extra boost when needed;
  • Full spectrum HPS bulbs;
  • SuperCool cooling system keeps lights running cool, you can place your hand on the tube without burning. This makes heat control in the tent much easier;
  • Vertical mounting avoids the need for reflectors. By growing 360° around the bulb optimum light efficiency is achieved.

Dual 400W Vertical Grow Lights

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Heavy duty carbon filters are included to neutralize unwanted odors;
  • SuperCloset and Dealzer provide 6” X 24” Phresh filters.
  • Ventilation in the Dealzer deal is provided by 2 X 6” Vortex inline fans;
  • SuperCloset offer the Buddha Box 5’ X 5’ with twin 6” Hurricane inline fans;
  • Good internal air circulation is very important for growing strong plants and avoiding humid corners:
Hurricane inline fan

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Whether you purchase from SuperCloset or Dealzer, the Buddha Box 5’ X 5’ Vertical Grow Tent Kit comes with a SuperPonics VerticalPonic hydroponic system. This 48 plant system is, like all SuperPonics systems, a fusion of more than one hydroponic system. By combining systems it is possible to dramatically increase yields.This system is a fusion of ebb and flow and aeroponics systems. How this works is that the plants’ roots are suspended in a perpetual mist of nutrient solution, allowing them to be exposed to lots of oxygen. Regular, timed floods of nutrient rich solution then periodically cover the roots. This method allows the plants to use the nutrients in the solution in a highly efficient way and results in explosive growth and massive yields.Buddha Box 5 x 5 VerticalPonics SystemBuddha Box 5 x 5 VerticalPonics System with Plants

System includes:

  • 2 X 20 Gallon reservoirs;
  • Snap cap, custom molded, UV stable, food grade plastic reservoirs are big enough to keep nutrient solution stable, minimizing maintenance and potential problems;
  • Sturdy, powder coated framework for support;
  • 12 X high quality plastic hydroponic troughs;
  • All tubing, net pots and growing medium;
  • All three companies supply the system with the Eco Commercial Air 5 air pump to provide the air. This is a hard wearing, commercial grade air pump that runs quietly and without oil:
    • 80 Watt
    • 4.2 PSI
    • Single outlet = 88 Liter/min
    • 8 outlet air manifold.
  • SuperCloset supply a Little Giant Water Pump. This submersible pump is light, small and quiet and is backed by Little Giant’s great reputation:
    • 1/150 HP oil-filled motor
    • Epoxy-coated, cast aluminum housing and motor cover
    • Nylon volute
    • Stainless steel shaft
    • Nitrile shaft seal
    • Screened intake
    • Advanced non-mercury mechanical switch
    • Thermal overload protection
  • Dealzer supply the EcoPlus Eco633 water pump. This pump features:
    • 35 Watts
    • 594 Gallons per hour
    • Oil free magnetic rotor
    • Ceramic shaft and high quality bearings
    • Quiet operation

Nutrients and Extras

SuperCloset and Dealzer all offer you the following extras with your Buddha Box 5’ X 5’ vertical grow tent kit:TDS meter – Measuring the concentration of your nutrient solution is vital to successful hydroponics. This easy to use meter will give you an accurate reading of the Total Dissolved Solids in your solution.TDS MeterGeneral Hydroponics pH control kit – Keeping your pH at the correct level is very important. pH helps to regulate how well your plants take on the nutrients in your solution. Keep your pH level in the optimum zone with this easy to use pH control kit from General Hydroponics. Simply take a reading and adjust with the use of either pH Up or pH Down.General Hydroponics pH Adjustment KitDigital thermometer and hygrometer – Controlling temperature and humidity is also important for successful plant growth. Monitoring these levels is easy with this digital thermometer/hygrometer. Features min/max function, clock, alarm and waterproof thermometer probe.Analog timers – All necessary timers are supplied to fully automate your vertical hydroponics grow tent kit.GFCI Shockbuster – Safety awareness is essential when working with water and electrics. This essential piece of safety equipment cuts off all power to the cabinet if any of the electrical components should come into contact with water.GFCI shockbusterGrowing Medium – All of the appropriate growing medium and substrate is supplied with the kit, regardless of who you buy it from.Easy to follow instructions and DVD – Your vertical grow tent kit is provided with an easy to follow DVD and full written instructions. Have the whole process explained to you in easy to understand language.

Dealzer also supply:

TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit – A selection of high quality hydroponic nutrients to get you started. This kit includes all the nutrients and supplements you might need for your first crop. Basic Bloom, Boost and Grow nutrients, plus a range of additives and supplements:technaflora recipe for success nutrient starter kit
  • Nutrient Feeding Chart;
  • B.C. Bloom - 500ml;
  • B.C. Boost - 500ml;
  • B.C. Grow - 500ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red - 125ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green - 125ml;
  • Awesome Blossoms - 125ml;
  • MagiCal - 125ml;
  • SugarDaddy - 250ml;
  • ROOT 66 - 250ml;
  • Rootech Cloning Gel.


Regardless of whether you buy it from SuperCloset or Dealzer, The Buddha Box Vertical Grow Tent Kit comes with a no hassle three year warranty on all components except the light bulbs. This cast iron guarantee gives you complete confidence and peace of mind.Don’t forget that both companies also offer you a lifetime of technical support. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full support and back up from hydroponic growing experts.

Optional Upgrades

Whether you buy the Buddha Box vertical grow tent kit from Dealzer or SuperCloset you will get everything you need to successfully grow your first crop. The following upgrades are also available.

Available From SuperCloset:

Professional CO2 Kit

Plants can use CO2 at much higher levels than are naturally present in the atmosphere. CO2 augmentation is a guaranteed method of increasing the size of your yield. This Professional CO2 Kit includes:
  • Regulator;
  • Solenoid valve;
  • Flow meter;
  • Timer;
  • Injection tubing;
  • Setup instructions.
Professional CO2 kit

24-7 Nutrient Monitor

This great piece of equipment from Control Wizard Products gives you a constant reading for temperature, PPM and pH levels. The 24-7 Nutrient Monitor will save you the hassle of continually taking readings, allowing you to monitor your levels at a glance, 24/7.24-7 Nutrient Monitor

Total Germination Package

Seed germination failure can be expensive and frustrating. Take the luck out of it with this Total Germination Package. The pack contains everything you need to create the perfect germinating environment. Kit includes:
  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Heat Mat with adjustable thermostat
  • Rock Wool cube medium
total germination package

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Make sure that the water you feed into your vertical hydroponics system is of the very best quality with this highly effective piece of equipment. This is especially relevant if you live in a poor water quality area or use well water with a high mineral content.This Reverse Osmosis water filter will provide up to 200 gallons of purified, ultra low PPM water every day. Removes 99%+ of chlorine and other contaminants.Reverse Osmosis Water Filter includes:
  • 4-Stage reverse osmosis unit;
  • 2 reverse osmosis membranes;
  • Carbon filter;
  • Cleanable sediment filter;
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge;
  • Wall mountable metal bracket;
  • Garden hose connector;
  • Inline shut-off (8ft.);
  • Drain line (5ft.);
  • Inlet line;
  • Filter wrench;
  • Instructions;
  • Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".

Available from Dealzer Only:

Technaflora Super Nutrient Upgrade Pack

Stock up on your consumable nutrients with this pack. Contains extra quantities of the nutrients that you know you will use the most. Pack includes:
  • 2x B.C. Bloom - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 3x B.C. Boost - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x B.C. Grow - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 1x Awesome Blossoms - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 2x SugarDaddy - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x Thrive Alive Red - 500ml Bottle;
  • 1x MagiCal - 1 Liter Bottle.
Technaflora nutrient upgrade package

Available from SuperCloset:

Dual 600W HPS Bulb/Ballast Combo

The extra lumens you deliver to your plants with this 600W HPS upgrade will directly result in bigger and better yields.

Available from SuperCloset:

Dual 400W MH Bulbs

These 400 Watt bulbs are emit the right kind of light for the vegetative stage of your plants’ growth cycle. Running at 4000K, these high intensity discharge quartz metal halide bulbs emit a massive 33,100 lumens each. This is the perfect choice for those who want to let their plants veg out for a longer period of time.

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and excellent customer service and technical support

What people saying about the Buddha Box 5’ X 5’ Vertical Grow Tent Kit

“I’ve been a commercial grower for years and thought I pretty much knew it all. The vertical grow room set up has totally increased my yields for the same space. Amazing.”

“Vertical hydro – its the future of growing weed”

"Always thought these vertical systems were a bit pie in the sky. Finally saw a friend using one and was blown away! Really efficient use of space. I have one now and am very happy. Especially recommended if you have limited space and want to maximize what you get from it"