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Have yourself a merry little Christmas with some awesome cannabis strains! Get the smell, feel and warmth of the holiday season!

The HTG Christmas Special – Perfect Strains for the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is upon us once again! Whether you are a believer or not, there is no denying that Christmas time generates a fuzzy feeling in all of our hearts. It is the perfect time of the season to share and give back to our loved ones, even though 2017 left most of us with mixed feelings about it.Christmas cannabisHowever, on a more positive note, cannabis is now accepted more than ever throughout the world. This is certainly a Christmas season of good cheer for marijuana growers and users around the globe. With Christmas only two weeks away, an important year for the legalization movement can finally close with sharing some premium buds with your closest friends (or family, if you are that lucky).

Harvesting the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas holiday is all about coziness, festive feeling, bright spirits and the signature smell of pinewood and cookies. Whether you need something to calm you down after a possibly awkward weekend with relatives or a little stimulant to make you party even harder, there is something for everyone in the world of marijuana.Get your juices flowing by smoking/vaping/eating something suitable to the occasion. Below you will find a list with our favorite Christmas strains, based on every holiday situation!

Premium Strains for Those Special Times

As growers know better than everyone, not all strains were created equal. Some of them have earned a place in the cannabis hall of fame, for good reasons. So, what would be a better time to enjoy some of the best strains ever created than the holiday season?This Chrismas, enjoy the best cannabis has to offer! These are the strains for the connoisseurs, who want to experience the Christmas holiday, in style!

Durban Poison

Durban poisonA beloved favorite among HTG readers, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa that comes straight from the African continent. Dubbed as the “Espresso of Cannabis” from growers and marijuana experts all over the world, this strain offers an invigorating and pleasant high.Although it comes in many different variations, we believe that the original Durban Poison is the best for the holiday season. The effects of this strain are highly energetic, so it is a perfect stimulant for outdoor or indoor activities!

Best For

Winter sports (or water-skiing for Australians);Last-minute shopping;Fun trips with friends and family!

White Widow

White widowAnother classic, the White Widow is by far the most acclaimed strain ever to be presented on HTG. This famous hybrid strain has a long and intriguing story behind it, but it is still one of the most beloved strains ever bred, even 20 years after its first seed was sown.This multi-awarded hybrid is an Indica dominant, that features whopping THC levels. Despite that fact, it has a surprisingly soothing effect that can lead to a powerful combination of bodily relaxation and cerebral activity. With a killer combination such as this, White Widow is a classic case of a “you-can’t-go-wrong-with-that-strain” strain!

Best For

Cozy nights with friends;After-party cool down;Watching “Interstellar” or your favorite Sci-Fi movie.

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Christmas Smelling Strains

Who doesn't love the smell of Christmas? Piney, earthy goodness that warms our hearts and reminds us that not all hope for humanity is not lost! However, being growers, we know a thing or two about the chemistry behind cannabis smell.That’s why we have we’ve selected some strains that will encapsulate all the freshness of the classic piney scent right to your smoke! Below, you will find a list of strains that are high on alpha-pinene, the terpene that is responsible for piney-smelling cannabis. The following strains are sure to bring on this unique flavor so often associated with the holiday season.

Jack Herer

Jack hererThis strain was named after the cannabis activist Jack Herer and the strain’s popularity certainly does him credit. The taste of this bud is extremely complex: experienced smokers will identify a faint lemony aftertaste, overshadowed by the rich piney feel, along with some haze twists.Jack Herer is notoriously difficult to grow. However, it makes up for it with a highly cerebral effect, that is further followed by a buzzing bodily stone. A perfect combination of timeless quality and Christmas feel, Jack Herer is a must for your holiday list!

Best For

Reading Jack Herer’s book (The Emperor Wears no Clothes);Watching the film inspired by said book (Emperor of Hemp);Throwing a party in memory of Jack Herer.

Super Silver Haze

Super silver hazeNicknamed “the Indica among Sativas”, Super Silver Haze caused a sensation when it first released in the ‘90s, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup three times in a row. With effects that are immediately felt on the body and mind, Super Silver Haze’s buzz is vivid and euphoric.Its high pinene content means that the smell will be unmistakably Christmas-like too!

Best For

Spiritual activities;Slow nights by the fire;In-depth discussions about the earth, the universe and everything.

Party Strains

Even if you are not exactly an extroverted individual, chances are that the holiday spirit will lead you to some social event, giving you a chance to mingle! Social events can be draining for some people, but luckily there are some strains that can help you relaxed and talkative all night long!

Laughing Buddha

Laughing buddhaLaughter is an essential component of every party. No night of partying can be considered successful without some good banter. Laughing Buddha can help bring out your inner comedian: this sativa is a cross between two famous landraces: Thai and Jamaican.First bred by Amsterdam’s Barney’s Farm Seeds, this strain will deliver sheer amounts of joy, happiness, and giggles. Give it a try and have some fun!

Best For

Partying all night long;Playing party games;Flirting at parties.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl scout cookiesThis strain is a nicely balanced hybrid that comes from a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. Although its effect is not nearly as giggly as the Laughing Buddha, this is the perfect smoke to take your mind off reality for a bit and help you focus on the “here and now”.Not particularly sedative nor extremely cerebral, this strain will definitely give you some good kicks, while at the same time letting you in control. Just be sure to be receptive and not think about work all the time!

Best For

Forgetting work;Making you forget that you can’t dance;Not-so-extreme parties.