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Grow Box – Hydroponic Boxes Reviewed

Hydroponic Grow Boxes

cash-crop-2-7-grow-box-reviewWant to grow marijuana indoors? Then you will want to consider a grow box or a big grow tent. This is a great page to start looking into all the different reviews we have.Although building your own can be fun and satisfying, off the shelf grow box kits come with all the experience and expertise of the manufacturers built in. These solid and self-contained units are extremely easy to set up and operate and you know that these proven systems will be safe and effective.

2017-2018 Best Grow Boxes

The Silverback - Grow Box USA

Massive Size, Sturdy, Great Extras

Yield Machine Max UFO Grow Box

Ease of Use, Robust Design, Plug'n'play

The Stanley - Grow Box USA

Beginner friendly, Side lighting, Automation Potential

Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0 - Dealzer

Super Stealth Odor Control, 9 Plants, Space Saver

2016-2017 Best Grow Boxes

Cash Crop 5.0 Grow Box

Simplicity, Efficiency, Stealth

GrowZilla Grow Box

Speed, Ease of Use, Massive Yields

SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Box

Tall and Slim, Full Spectrum King LED Grow Lights, SuperPonics Hydro

SuperTrinity LED Grow Box

Three chamber, dual cabinet system, Kind LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights, Full Cycle Setup

2015-2016 Grow Boxes

Cash Crop 4.0 Grow Box

Affordable, Efficient, Stealthy 6 Plants

SuperBox CFL Grow Box

SuperPonics Hydro, 8 Plants, 200W CFL


Robotic Controller Automates Any Grow Box

Older Grow Boxes

SuperCombo Grow Box - Discontinued

Continual Grows 16 Plants SuperPonics Hydro

The Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box

Full Cycle Set-Up, Cloning, 400W HPS Lights

SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Box

Tall and Slim, 8 x 3.5’ Tall Plants, SuperPonics Hydro

SuperFlower - Discontinued

Tall, 16 x 5’ Tall Plants, 600W HPS Lights


Small, 8 x 2’ Tall Plants, SuperPonics Hydro

Yielder Max – 26 Plant Grow Box

Full Cycle Rotation, Carbon Filter, DWC Hydro


32 Plants, Full Cycle Rotation, Cloning

The Earth Cab

Full Cycle Rotation, Various Sizes, Soil

SuperStar 16 Plant Grow Box

Full Cycle Rotation, 150W HPS Lights, Carbon Filter

Auto Yielder Grow Box

6 Plants Soil or Hydro, Efficient

Grandma’s Secret Garden 9 Plant Grow Box

Super Stealth Odor Control, 9 Plants, Space Saver

Cash Crop 2.7 Grow Box - Discontinued

Affordable, Efficient, Stealthy 6 Plants

LED Super Star Grow Box

Continual Harvest, 16 Flowering Plants, 12 Band LEDs

LED Super Flower Grow Box

Single Compartment, 16 Plants, 12 Band KIND LEDs

LED Super Nova Grow Box

Continual Harvest, 16 Flowering Plants, Net Trellis to Boost Yield

MediCab Micro Grow Box

Stealth, 14 Plants in SOG, LED Grow Lights

Solaris Soil Grow Box

Space Saver, 4 Plants, 150WHPS

Stealth Box Extreme Grow Box

Super Stealthy, 8 Large Plants, 180W LED

Stacker 32 Plant LED Grow Box

Continual Harvest, 30 Mature Plants, 2 X 270W LED

Yielder Max 24 Plant Grow Box

Continual Yield, 14 Flowering Plants, Reflective Mylar
We totally recommend the guys at Dealzer and SuperCloset for grow boxes, they offer amazing kits and excellent customer service to you guys. We only work with companies that look after you.With such a wide range of sizes and shapes available to you, it is easy to be spoilt for choice. You know that there is definitely one that is right for you; it’s just that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. When choosing the correct grow box for your needs you should consider the following:BudgetHow much can you spend on a grow box? What is the longer-term plan for your growing set-up?SpaceHow much room do you have for your grow box? What strain of cannabis do you hope to grow? Big Hazes and leggy Sativas need room to stretch.StealthMost of these grow boxes take stealth very seriously. Think about how secretive you need to be to choose the right grow box for your purposes.Your Herbal RequirementsBeing realistic about how much marijuana you want to grow is important when sizing your grow box. Also, consider whether you need a continuous supply or if you can wait between harvests.Hydroponics SystemDifferent grow boxes come with different systems. Choose between Deep Water Culture, SuperPonics or even choose a grow box that uses soil as the growing medium.


budgetBudget is high on everyone’s list. Whilst it is possible to build your own grow box system from the constituent parts unless you know what you are doing, it is easy to surpass your budget as there are more parts involved than you might think. Also, with all that electricity and water in such close proximity to each other, the safety features of a professionally designed and built grow box should be high on your list of priorities.Be realistic about your needs. Our experience of growing weed indoors tells us that new growers are always looking to upgrade or expand their set up. It could cost less in the long run to buy a slightly over spec unit now than to upgrade in six months’ time and end up just storing all the expensive kit you just bought.


spaceOne of the most attractive features of a professionally built grow box is the efficient use of space. Anybody who has experienced building their own hydroponics setup in a cabinet or other small space will know that making the best use of that space and cramming in all the fixtures and equipment is harder than it looks.Most grow boxes are sold as complete systems with built-in plant sites. This means that the amount of horizontal space allotted to your plants has been predetermined. However, you don’t necessarily have to be constrained by this. The space given will be ideal for Sea of Green set ups where you can fit a lot of plants side by side. If you want to experiment with Low Stress Training or Screen of Green techniques you can simply use just some of the plant sites and grow fatter, bushier plants.The vertical space available in a grow box will tell you what size of plants you can fit in. Many grow box manufacturers will tell you how many plants you can grow in their system, but check the actual height. Whilst it is true that plants can be trained to fit smaller spaces, if you are intending on growing tall plants you will need the upwards space. Some of the smaller grow boxes are ideal for autos or shorter plants but will not accommodate taller plants like some of the leggy Hazes and other sativas.


Stealth Grow BoxStealth is something that is important to most home growers and something you will probably want to think about if you are considering buying a grow box. Most of the boxes on these pages take stealth very seriously and are packed with stealthy features to help keep your home grow op a secret. Some of the things you should think about are heat signature, noise, light leaks and energy consumption. You can find more detail about stealth grow boxes here.

Your Herbal Requirements

Weed YieldEach of Us Have Herbal Requirements That Are Unique to Our Own NeedsHow much weed you actually require is a huge consideration when choosing a grow box. If you are just looking for a bit of personal weed for occasional personal consumption then there is no point buying a huge system like the Mortgage Lifter 3.0 which is way over spec for you. On the other hand, you also need to be realistic about your needs. If you are a medical user with daily requirements or a caregiver with patients relying on you, then you will need to buy a box that is not too small for you. There are few things as frustrating as having to buy weed when you have your own crop waiting, but not quite ready yet.Another thing to bear in mind is the passion and excitement that comes with any interesting pastime or hobby. As is the nature of these things, you will soon be reading about, hearing about, and learning about, new techniques and methodologies to make the stuff that you produce the best that it can be. In our experience, if you scrimp too much in the first place you will be looking to upgrade before the year is out.Another important consideration that will affect the continuity of your herbal supply is whether your grow box is equipped with one grow chamber or two.Smaller boxes with a single grow chamber, like Grandma’s Secret Garden, mean that you have to veg and then flower your plants in the same space. Operations in this type of box normally have to rely on carrying out just one grow at a time; germinating, seedling, vegetating, flowering and then harvesting before starting over again. There is nothing wrong with this system, it just means that you will have to wait somewhere between two and four months between harvests.If a grow box features dual grow chambers like the Super Deluxe 3.0, then you will be able to operate a Full Cycle System, whereby you have plants at all stages of growth at the same time. This way of growing allows you to prepare and start the next generation of plants whilst the current generation is still in flower, allowing you to harvest a continual supply of greenery. This dual chamber system is important if you envisage yourself having a steady and uninterrupted supply of your favorite herbs.

Hydroponics System

Hydroponic Growing SystemsHydroponic Systems are the Most Productive Way to Grow WeedAt the heart of every hydroponic grow box is its hydroponics system. Of course, not all grow boxes are about hydro. Check out the Earth Cab Series for example, which is designed especially for growers who prefer to use soil.So to run over the basics – hydroponic systems are soil-less systems where all of the plants’ nutrient requirements are met by the grower using a nutrient rich solution which is delivered directly to the plants’ roots. Hydroponic systems are proven to be more productive than soil systems although some growers prefer soil because it is said to give a superior flavor. Some growers opt for soil for environmental reasons too. There is a wide variety of hydroponics systems. Read more about the various types of hydroponic system here.The choice of which single hydroponics system to use is largely subjective and is a matter of personal preference. A lot of grow box kits do use the Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system. DWC is a system that suspends the plants’ roots in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. These easy to maintain hydroponic systems are known to be effective and will reward growers with excellent yields.One thing that is remarkable about some of the grow boxes on offer is their use of SuperPonics systems. These are systems that use two or more types of hydroponic system in tandem to achieve even greater efficiency. A good example is the Super Star grow box which uses a combination of aeroponics to deliver a mist of highly oxygenated nutrient solution to the plants’ roots from a reservoir below, and a Drip Feed to deliver a nutrient solution to the roots from above. These multiple SuperPonics systems are known to greatly increase yield and deliver some astounding results. SuperPonics could be the shape of the future for all high-performance hydroponic growth systems.

2017-2018 Grow Box Reviews


The Silverback - Grow Box USA

silverback-grow-box-usaThe Silverback is the grow box for the serious at-home gardener. This behemoth grows 3+ plants at a time and it is the largest grow box offered by Grow Box USA. The fixture comes with dual-outlet grounded timers, built-in humidity and temperature meters and enough growing material to last for your first couple of grows. The Silverback sports a hybrid drip feed system, stabilized by a cooler and reservoir. The hydroponic system can support up to 9 plants and it is constantly aerated by a built-in system. The frame is made from solid 16-gauge steel, offering great support and flexibility. Great for people who want massive grows and ultimate quality in their grows.


  • Dimensions: 6½'H x 4'W x 2'D
  • Three 135W LED lights (no side lights)
  • Eight exhaust fans and two intake fans to circulate air (through filters)
  • Internal CO2 system
  • Zero-maintenance water cooler and backup reservoir
  • Cloning chamber with T5 fluorescent lights.
  • Automated pH adjuster (at an extra cost)

Yield Machine Max UFO Grow Box

yield-machine-maxAble to grow up to six plants at a time, this grow cabinet comes equipped with a 150W UFO LED grow lamp, full ventilation system (with carbon filters and 4.75” fans) and a hydroponic system. In addition, you’ll get a full set of nutrients for your first few grows. Practically this means that with the Yield Machine Max you’ll be ready to get going right off the bat!


  • Dimensions: 4’ H, 18″ W, 13″ D
  • 4.75” fans
  • Carbon filters
  • Full spectrum LED lamp
  • Hydroponic system
  • includes 3 part General hydroponics flora series one of the best nutrients for yield on the market. 16oz of 3 bottles, not a small sample, one of each: FloraGro, Floramicro, and FloraBloom.

The Stanley - Grow Box USA

the-stanley-grow-box-usaThe Stanley is GBU’s flagship model, and for all the right reasons. With two 84W LED side lights and two 90W overhead LED lights, this fixture will make sure that no corner of your plants remains under-lit. Also, this unit is one of the most beginner-friendly models on the market, as every part of growing can be automated: From the lights to the CO2 levels, to the fans and coolers, everything is automatic and can be left unattended for up to two weeks. The unit runs quiet, offers great odor and light protection and framed by a 16-gauge welded steel skeleton.


  • Dimensions: 6’H x 3’ W x 1½' D
  • Hydroponic system can be set for drip feeding of up to eight plants
  • Aeration system and backup reservoir included
  • Three dual-outlet grounded timers
  • Internal CO2 boost bucket system
  • pH adjusting kit

Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0 - Dealzer

grandmas-secret-gardenGrandma’s Secret Garden by Dealzer is a great grow box for those who want to learn about hydroponic growth but don’t want the hassle of building and kitting out a grow room. This fixture comes in two versions: Hydro (a DWC system that supports up to 9 plants) and soil (up to two plants). This fixture is a great option for those who don’t want to break the bank, as it offers tons of features for a reasonable price. Its moderate size makes sure it will fit in any area


  • Dimensions 36”H x 20”W x 16.5” D
  • Water Hydroponics system
  • Full Spectrum LED lamp
  • Carbon filters

2016-2017 Grow Box Reviews

The Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box

The Deluxe Grow Box


  • Medium grows up to 16 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation systems;
  • Cloning;
  • 36? X 24? X 72?.
400W Lumatek HPS Lighting SystemFor those who want a larger stand-alone grow box, the Deluxe 3.0 is a great choice. A dual chamber, full cycle set-up means that this grow box does everything you need it to and is fully automated and assembled. Measuring 36’’ x 24’’ x 72’’, this sleek, powder coated grow box is capable of supporting up to 36 plants with the patented SuperPonics system. It comes with everything you need so all you need to do is add the seeds and if you want to upgrade the unit down the line, there is an array of options for this. More details and reviews of the Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box.Currently, there is also a LED version of the Deluxe 3.0 which is presented on this article.

SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Box

Superlocker Grow Box

Super Locker 3.0 GOOD FOR

  • Medium grows up to 8 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation systems;
  • Cloning;
  • 18? X 24? X 64?;
  • 150W HPS Lighting System;
If you prefer the style of a vertical grow box, then the SuperLocker 3.0 is for you. This locker-style grow box is slim and sleek and fits into most spaces at a mere 18’’ wide. It is a fully automated grow box that comes fully assembled so you have only minimal set up to do before you are up and running. Capable of supporting up to 8 3.5ft tall plants with the SuperPonics 2.0 system, the dual chamber SuperLocker is a popular choice for beginners or growers who require only a modest yield. More detail and reviews of the SuperLocker Vertical Grow Box.Super Locker 3.0 can still be acquired through SuperCloset, however there is a newer, energy efficient model. You can find more info about it on our 2017 grow boxes review.


Superbox Grow Box

SuperBox Grow Box GOOD FOR

  • Medium grows up to 8 small plants;
  • 30? X 18? X 24?;
  • 200W Feliz CFL Grow Light.
If you require only a modest yield or are short on space, the 30’’ x 18’’ x 24’’ SuperBox is a great option to go for. A single chamber unit, the SuperBox accommodates 8 x 2ft tall plants which can result in a yield of 4oz per harvest. It is a great starter grow box for first time growers. Extremely discreet and small enough to fit into most spaces, the SuperBox comes with everything you need to get started, except the seeds and is fully automated, so you spend a minimal amount of time setting it up before you can leave it to itself. The unit comes with the patented SuperPonics system, which allows for 2-5x faster growth. More detail and reviews of the SuperBox 3.0.

Yielder Max – 26 Plant Grow Box

Yielder Max 26 Grow BoxYielder Max – 26 Plant Grow Box


  • Large grows up to 26 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation;
  • Cloning;
  • 5? X 24? X 31?;
  • 200W MaxLume CFL Grow Light.
The Yielder Max is a large and self contained hydroponic growing system that features dual chambers so you will be able to set up a Full Cycle Rotation system. It also has a very effective DWC hydroponic system that will produce high grade buds. For those who worry about stealth, a 10lb activated carbon filter ensures that even the smelliest weed remains private and discreet. Click here for more information and reviews of the Yielder Max 26 Plant Grow Box.


Trinity OpenTrinity Grow Box


  • Large grows up to 32 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation systems;
  • Cloning;
  • 72? X 72? X 24?;
  • Lumatek Digital 400W and 600W Combined Lighting System.
If you’re thinking on a larger scale when it comes to grow boxes, the Trinity 3.0 grow closet is the ultimate in home growing. A triple chamber system, the Trinity 3.0 is superb for large scale personal growing or small commercial growing. Measuring 72’’ x 72’’ x 24’’, this grow box can accommodate up to 44 x 4.5ft tall plants in a cycle. Plenty of space allows for lush, healthy harvests and the SuperPonics system means that you can reduce your growing time by up to 5x. The full cycle nature of the triple chamber system also reduces the time between harvests for a continuous full cycle grow box. More detail and reviews of the Trinity 3.0 Grow Box.There all-new SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet is reviewed on our 2017 grow boxes section and it is better than ever! Be sure to take a look!

Earth Cab

earth-cab-grow-box earth-cab-pro-grow-box earth-cab-pro-xl-grow-box earth-cab-xl-grow-box


  • Medium to large grows for soil;
  • Full cycle rotation;
  • Cloning;
  • From 36? X 26? X 74.5? to 46? X 26? X 74.5.
Apollo Digital Lighting System with 600W MH Bulb and 600W HS BulbIt’s not all about the hydro! Many growers prefer to use soil for a variety of reasons and the Earth Cab Grow Box series has been designed with these good people in mind. The range contains a choice of 4 different boxes that cater to a range of needs. All of them are powered by 600W grow lamps and run on 20lb carbon filters guaranteeing odor free exhausts, even with the dankest ganja. Click here for more information and reviews of the Earth Cab Grow Box series.

Super Star 16 Plant Grow Box

Superstar Grow Box CabinetSuper Star 16 Plant Grow Box


  • Medium Grows up to 16 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation;
  • Cloning;
  • 60? X 24? X 24?.

150W Lumatek HPS Lighting System

The Super Star grow box is packed full with the latest and best components that grow boxes have to offer. There’s a powerful HID grow lamp, high quality activated carbon filter and an easy to use SuperPonics growing system that has space for up to 16 plants. There’s also a separate cloning chamber so that you can set up a Full Cycle Rotation system, providing you with a continual harvest. Click here for more information and reviews of the Super Star 16 Plant Grow Box.SuperStar 3.0 has improved on many aspects compared to its predecessor. The main difference is the LED lighting, which is equipped with (as is usually the case with SuperCloset products) a 12 Bandwidth Full Spectrum 3 Watt Kind LED K3 – L300 Grow Light.

2016 Grow Box Reviews

Cash Crop 4.0 Hydroponic Grow Box

Cash Crop 4.0 DealzerThe Cash Crop 4.0 from Dealzer is the perfect grow box for medicinal or personal use. This is an upgrade from the Cash Crop 3.0, Dealzer’s original discount grow box. It’s the previous iteration of the all-new and improved Cash Crop 5.0. All of Dealzer’s grow boxes come with a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting a top-notch product. This little grow box features high lumens, incredible odor control and all the extras you need to get started.

Here’s what makes the Cash Crop 4.0 the perfect small-time hydroponic grow box:

  • Self-Cooled Cabinet;
  • Hiflect Insulation for Maximum Light Usage and Growth;
  • Lockable Latches;
  • Ona Block Powerful Deodorizer;
  • Plants will fill the Whole Box or Your Money Back;
  • Hanging light system – The lights are hanged in a way that ensures an even light distribution among the plants.
Enjoy 5 pounds of dried buds per year from this little grow box. Get free stealth shipping and the whole set-up for under $500.

Here are the specs:

  • 6 Plant Hydroponics System;
  • (3) 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs and (3) 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs for Flowering and Vegging;
  • 6 Net Pots, 6 Grow Cubes;
  • Nutrients Included;
  • 10-gallon air pump and oxygenator for Hydroponic System;
  • CFM Fan System – Fan system with a 190 cubic feet per minute power.
Dealzer Cash Crop 4.0 Grow BoxDealzer Cash Crop Grow BoxDiscreet Cash Crop 4.0 Grow BoxCash Crop 4.0 Six Plant DWCCash-Crop-4.0-DWC-Grow-Box

SuperBox CFL Grow Cabinet

SuperBox CFL Grow Box SuperClosetThe SuperBox is the most space efficient marijuana grow cabinet on offer from SuperCloset. At just under 3 feet high, you can fit this little grow box anywhere in your home or office. Despite its small size, the SuperBox is a powerful grow closet that delivers the all star performance we’ve come to expect from all SuperCloset products.Choose a soil set-up or a completely automated hydroponic growing system. The latter comes with all the necessary bits and pieces, plus a detailed video tutorial to get you started. Add on 7 days a week lifetime customer, tech and grow support and you’ve got all the resources an indoor marijuana grower could hope for.

Our Favorite Features of the SuperBox:

  • Comes Fully Assembled;
  • InfraCool System for Superior Ventilation;
  • Air Tight, Light Tight, Inconspicuous… 100% Stealth.
The SuperBox is a single chamber system, allowing you to grow from seed to harvest in one smooth cycle, following the simple instructions provided by SuperCloset. Use the Net Trellis to boost yields up to 30%. The top line hydro system won’t clog, and the lights are designed to operate efficiently.

SuperBox Specs:

  • 8 Plant Capacity;
  • Fully Automated SuperPonics Hydro System (or Choose Soil);
  • 200W Warm Spectrum Feliz CFL Lighting System;
  • Activated Carbon Scrubber;
  • Adjustable Internal Fan;
  • Anti-Mold Reflective Panels are Removable and Adjustable;
  • Hygrometer and Full Controls.


AHS 1 GroPro for Hydroponic MarijuanaThis last isn’t a grow box itself, but rather a robotic controller that will make growing with any run-of-the-mill grow box a breeze. You can enjoy all the benefits of new technology to increase yields and bud quality while still using your old grow box.The GroPro AHS-1 features a Hydroponics Supercharger, a cutting edge environmental robot that takes all the guesswork out of growing hydroponic marijuana. This laboratory grade dosing controller handles every aspect of growing including:
  • Continuous Monitoring and Balancing pH Levels 24 Hours a Day;
  • Maintains Reservoir Water Levels;
  • Infuses Oxygen into the Water;
  • Monitor and Adds Nutrients and Minerals.
Customize your GroPro set-up to work with a DWC or Aeroponics systems.The GroPro will increase your yields, boost THC and CBD content in your buds and, most importantly, free up your time. The GroPro’s high tech design is made entirely in the United States so you know you’re supporting the economy.

2017 Grow Box Reviews

Cash Crop 5.0 Grow Box

Cash Crop 5.0 Grow BoxThe latest iteration of the well-known and loved product series made by Dealzer, the Cash Crop 5.0 is an improvement on everything that made its predecessor famous. Perhaps the biggest game changer here is the addition of full-spectrum Quasar LED grow lights. This compares to the previous model’s CFL Grow Bulbs, which were not only less powerful, but also quite a lot more power consuming.There are, however, some things that haven’t changed since the previous model. The first is the already successful Deep Water Culture hydroponics system. The second is the lifetime warranty that comes with every Dealzer product. The final is that the Cash Crop 5.0 remains one of the simplest and stealthiest grow boxes on the market, at a highly affordable price tag.

What makes the Cash Crop 5.0 great:

  • Easy to use;
  • Stealthy Design, that blends seamlessly with the environment;
  • Great value for money;
You can enjoy all the features of the Cash Crop 5.0 knowing that it comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 support from the people at Dealzer.

Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 Specs

  • Full Spectrum Quasar LED Lights at 20W;
  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System;
  • Carbon protected intake and exhaust system;
  • A lot of free extras and nutrients;
  • Grows 6-9 Plants at a time.
Cash Crop 5.0 Grow Box OpenCash Crop 5.0 Grow Box PlantsQuasar LED Grow Lights

Growzilla Grow Box

Growzilla 3.0 LED Hydroponics Grow BoxThe keywords with which the manufacturers of GrowZilla Grow Box choose to describe their product are speed, simplicity, massive yields. This grow box is made by Dealzer, like the Cash Crop, but it is considerably more sophisticated. However, this fact should not deter aspiring novice growers, who are covered by Dealzer at every step of their way towards indoor-growing mastery. Besides, the design of the Growzilla does not take long to get used to.If what you are searching for a grow box that will do everything for you, look no further. This magnificent piece of growing technology can go from seed to harvest in 70 days without the slightest input from the user. It can hold up to 9 plants so it can grow up to 9 pounds of dried marijuana per year.

Why choose the GrowZilla grow box?

  • Speed;
  • Ease of Use;
  • Unbelievable Yields.

GrowZilla Specs

  • Full Spectrum Mars Hydro Reflector LED Unit (48 Diodes at 5W each);
  • Carbon Protected Intake and Exhaust system;
  • Odor Control provided by Ozium.

Super Locker 3.0 LED Grow Box

Superlocker 3.0 Led Grow BoxThe well-known locker-shaped Grow Box is back with an all-new and improved lighting system, that will significantly cut down on your energy costs and offer a much more efficient environment for plant growing. Perfect for taller plants, the Super Locker 3.0 is a great choice for people who are desperate to save space without sacrificing a quality grow room for their babies.The Super Locker features a dual chamber system that consists of a cloning and a flowering chamber. However, the best attribute of the Super Locker is its full-cycle, stealth LED lighting system, that allow for germination, cloning, vegetation and flowering, all at the same time.

Our favorite features of the Super Locker 3.0 LED

  • Stealthy and compact design;
  • Signature Hydroponics system;
  • Perfect for taller plants.

Super Locker 3.0 LED Specs

  • SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic Grow System;
  • Full Spectrum 3W Kind LED Grow Lights;
  • T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting;
  • Dual “Vegetation” and “Cloning” chamber;
  • Signature SuperPonic 8 watering system.

SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet

SuperTrinity LED Grow CabinetSuperTrinity is perhaps the super-star among the grow boxes we have presented thus far. Featuring a three chamber, dual cabinet system designed to offer a full-cycle grow with maximum output, there is little you can’t do with this grow box, made by Super Closet. The Super Trinity LED grow cabinet combines the best attributes of the Super Nova and the Super Nova Flower edition cabinets.This luxurious grow cabinet can grow up to a whopping 12 plants at a time and is the perfect choice for people who are not willing to compromise in terms of quality and quantity; every detail is designed to perfection and everything about this grow box points at one direction: maximum yield, fast.

What we love about the SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet

  • Comes pre-assembled;
  • Three-chamber system;
  • Holds up to 12 plants.
Super Closet also offers a “No Hassle” 3-year warranty, and complimentary 7 Day/Week Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support for all their products.

SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet Specs

  • Dual 12 bandwidth full spectrum 3W Kind LED K3 – L600 grow lights
  • Anti-mold reflective, removable, and adjustable panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness
  • Adjustable Internal Circulation Fans
  • Dual Industrial Grade Carbon Filters
  • Trademarked SuperPonics hydro system
  • Super Cloner 50 Site System
SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet packagingSuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet cloning chamberSuper Cloner 50 Site System

Discontinued Grow Boxes

SuperCombo Grow Box

Supercombo Grow Box


  • Medium grows up to 16 plants;
  • Full cycle rotation systems;
  • Cabinet 1 – 36” x 24” x 42” – Cabinet 2 – 18” x 24” x 30”;
  • 400W HPS Lighting System;
  • 200W Feliz Grow Lamp.
If you’re the kind of grower who prefers dedicated grow boxes for the two main stages of plant growth, then the SuperCombo grow box is for you. A duo comprising two of the most popular stand-alone grow boxes – the SuperCube and the SuperBox, this set-up provides dedicated environments for both the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. The set up uses the SuperPonics watering system and is capable of flowering 16 x 3ft tall plants, while continually vegetating, germinating and cloning. Both grow boxes are fully automated and assembled and come with everything you need, so set up is simple and quick. More detail and reviews of the SuperCombo Grow Box. The SuperCombo Grow Box can no longer be found on the SuperCloset website.




  • Medium grows up to 16 larger plants;
  • 36? X 24? X 72?;
  • 600W Lumatek HPS Lighting System.
If it’s a large grow box you’re after, the SuperFlower 3.0 is a great choice. A single chamber grow box, measuring 36’’ x 24’’ x 72’’, this popular choice accommodates larger yields with a capacity for 16 x 5ft tall plants which can provide ¾ – 1lb of dried herb. A secure and sleek grow box, the SuperFlower has everything you need to get going and can be upgraded if required. Full automation means the SuperFlower is low maintenance and simple to use. More detail and reviews of the SuperFlower 3.0 Grow Box. SuperFlower has been discontinued by its manufacturer.

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    I am brand new to the growing. If a box is only 2ft tall, does that mean you keep the plants in there thorough the entire cycle and just LST them? Do you bring them out at some point to grow taller? I need to figure something out for just me.

  5. Michael Chiles says:

    I dont think they have the “SuperCombo Grow Box” Together I only see that you have to buy them separate. I want to know if there is a site where you can buy them together to make a cheaper because buying them separate cost a lil more. and at the top if its review it says that The SuperBox is perfect for vegetating and the “SuperCube” is perfect for flowering. and dealzer or Supercloset has the “Supercube”

  6. Alekandar Predragovic says:

    Haj guys. I am interested in discrete home growing cabinet that can support 16 plants and also I would like one that is energy friendly if possible. Some combo cabinet is av interest that I can fit in my wardrobe 🙂 Please send me some proposal and prices. I live in South of Sweden. Thanks.

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