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Grow Light Reflectors

Marijuana lighting reflectors

  Your lights - will also require a reflector to ensure that all light is concentrated on the plants and not wasted shining upwards or hitting dark walls. Reflectors either come as an integral part of the lamp or will need to be purchased separately. It is also fairly simple to construct your own reflectors, but you are unlikely to achieve the high tech efficiency of shop-bought ones. Your walls - will also need to reflect light back from the walls or surroundings of the grow room. The best and most popular way to do this is by using Mylar sheeting. This material is reasonably inexpensive and reflects 95% to 98% of light. If you can’t use Mylar then the best solution is to paint the walls matt white. Don’t be tempted by silver foil, which is inefficient and creates hot spots, or mirrors which actually absorb light. Your lights should be hung securely from chains, enabling you to raise and lower them to fit the height of your plants. HID lamps run very hot. Unless you are using a lamp with a built in cooler system you will need to leave some space above your plants. Get them as close to the tops as you can without burning the leaves.

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