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LED Super Star Grow Box Review

LED Super Star 3.0 Grow Box Review

Why the LED Super Star Grow Box?

The LED Super Star grow box is another beautifully designed stealth grow box made built in the USA. After receiving much acclaim for their Super Star grow box, it was only a question of upgrading the light to produce this amazing LED powered growing system.
  • Some manufacturers offer a offer an 8 band LED grow light – More info below
  • SuperCloset offer the 12 band LED KIND grow light – More info below.
  • Dimensions - 60"H x 24"W x 24"D
  • Grow: 16 Plants up to 24" tall in main chamber
  • Grow: Plus! 14 Plants in veg. system + over 30 seedlings at once
LED Super Star Grow Box Open Three Quarter

*** SuperCloset – Super Star LED - spot on grow help and pricing

 The LED Super Star contains all you need to instantly become a successful grower. The space is well designed and the whole process has been well thought out to cover every eventuality. Although this simplicity make the LED Super Star grow box ideal for the beginner, it is also a good choice for the more experienced grower, who will be able to see at a glance that this grow box has got all the angles covered.The LED Super Star grow box is super stealthy. Based on the already stealthy Super Star grow box, the addition of an LED lighting panel has lowered the heat signature of the box, which lowers your utility bills too. No more hard to explain spikes in your utility bills with this super efficient system.Everything you need to know about growing with the LED Super Star grow box is explained in the accompanying instructional DVD. If you couple this with the three year, no hassle warranty and the lifetime of ongoing technical support, then you can have peace of mind and confidence that you have made the right choice.
  • Measures 24” X 24” X 60”
  • SuperCloset offer the 12 band
  • Highly efficient, LEDs provides more yield per Watt than conventional HID systems;
  • Packed with high quality components;
  • Dual compartments allows for continual harvest;
  • Enough space for 16 flowering plants + 14 vegetating plants + 30 germinating seedlings;
  • Guaranteed odor proof and light tight;
  • Almost silent operation;
  • 3 year warranty with SuperCloset;
  • Lifetime of full technical support;
  • Proudly built in California, USA.
LED SuperStar Grow Box With Light On

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • Cabinet measures 24” X 24” X 60”;
  • Sturdy, 18 gauge powdered steel cabinet;
  • Infracool powdered finish makes sure that the exterior of the cabinet remains cool to the touch, even right next to the lights;
  • Dual chamber set up enables Full Cycle Rotation system. With planning you can create a continuous supply of quality buds;
  • Enough space for 16 plants up to 24” tall to grow to maturity in the main flowering chamber;
  • Vegetation chamber provides enough space for 14 vegging plants and 30 seedlings;
  • Key lockable door ensures privacy and security.
LED Super Star Lock

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • Flower chamber includes 12 band LED light with SuperCloset – 3Watt Kind light
  • Super efficient grow light draws 200 watts but is equivalent to 250w HPS grow light;
  • The 8 band spectrum runs at 700mA. (Lower quality LED grow lights run at 500mA);
  • Consumes up to 50% less energy than HID grow lights;
  • Heavy duty 2cm aluminum circuit boards for optimal heat dissipation;
  • Minimal heat loss means greater efficiency, less noisy ventilation and more stealth;
  • Less heat means you can get the light closer to the canopy, improving intermodal spaces and creating denser, more productive plants;
  • Secondary optical lens optimizes light penetration for better growth;
  • Flower chamber also includes supplemental T5 side lighting – 2 X 24” High Output T5 grow lights maximize light penetration and growth;
  • Veg/Cloning chamber features 2 X High Output T5 fluorescent grow lights, perfect for establishing clones, seedlings or delicate young plants.

LED Super Star Interior with SuperPonics3 Watt LED Grow Lights


Read up on LED grow lights before leaping in to buy a kit with them. In relation to the KIND LEDs offered, you might want to take a look at this PDF and then this chat below.LEDs are typically quite low voltage devices operating at forward (V) voltages of 2 to 2.8 as shown at the bottom of page two on the PDF above and IF (Forward current = 0.7A – 700 mA). (The letter I stands for current in Amps in electrical calculations) Power P = VIThere are so many conflicting statements in the Kind LED videos and their own website so it is hard to work out exactly what you are getting here.Counting the K3 L450 LEDs. 15 X 3Watt LEDs in each section, then there are eight sections = 120 LEDs in total. Take the above data (assume VF = 2.25 V) as Kind say and IF = 700mA (so power = V*I =2.25*0.7 = 1.575 Watts per LED) and go from there. e.g. 120 LEDs = 120*1.575 = 189 Watts. So we believe the actual draw is 189 Watts.K3 L450 KIND LED Grow LightCounting the LEDs of the SuperCloset offering they seem to be using the K3 L300; 15 X 3Watt LEDs in each section, then there are six sections = 90 LEDs in total. Take the above data (assume VF = 2.25 V) as Kind say and IF = 700mA (so power = V*I =2.25*0.7 = 1.575Watts per LED) and go from there. e.g. 90 LEDs = 90*1.575 = 141.75 Watts. So we believe the actual draw is 142waterproof thermometer probe Watts.K3 L300 KIND LED Grow LightThey talk about 3W type LEDs (like the specs above) but they’re clearly not operating them at that level, no one does, as it limits the life expectancy of the LEDs. More on LED grow lights.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Dual industrial grade activated carbon scrubbers keep all exhausts free from odor, crucial for stealth growing. By doubling up the carbon filters you can guarantee that even the dankest of smells stays inside the cabinet;
  • Dual 110CFM fans combine to provide a total of 220CFM of air exchange. These fans are powerful, yet run almost silently, keeping overall noise down to a minimum, essential for stealth;
  • Internal air circulation is provided by a powerful, dual speed, 4.5” internal circulation fan. This fan runs at either 100CFM or 160CFM and has fully adjustable height and tilt. Good internal air circulation is crucial to strengthening stems and branches so that they will be able to support all those glorious buds.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The LED Super Star grow box is a dual chamber cabinet. Having two chambers means that it is possible for you to run a Full Cycle Rotation system. You can have plants at various stages of growth (seedlings/clones/vegetating and flowering) all at the same time. This will give you a continual supply of your favorite herbs. You need never run out again!Cloning ChamberThe smaller chamber at the top of the LED Super Star cabinet is the cloning chamber. Here you will care for your clones and seedlings, establishing their root systems and vegetating them until they are ready for flowering.
  • Super Mini Cloner – this 14 site hydroponic system operates on aeroponics. A powerful and quiet air pump works in conjunction with an air stone to supply a mist of highly oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the roots of your clones and young plants. This system is ideal for establishing plants, promoting root growth and preparing them for flowering;
  • The Super Mini Cloner is also suitable for keeping small mother plants to supply the clones for the next generation of plants.
LED Super Star Grow Box Cloning Chamber

Flowering Chamber

The Flowering chamber is the main compartment of your LED Super Star and the place where your babies become full blown bud monsters. At the heart of the flowering chamber is a SuperPonics system that has been proven to be one of the best hydroponics systems time and time again. Using SuperPonics can outperform single hydro systems by up to 200% and soil systems by up to 500%.
  • 2 X 8 plant systems allow you to keep flowering plants at different stages of growth and with different nutrient needs, ideal for your Full Cycle Rotation system;
  • SuperPonics uses a combination of Bubble/Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture (DWC) and Top Feed Watering;
  • Easy valve system makes changing over your solution easy and hassle free;
  • Eco 2 air pump runs quietly yet powerfully;
  • Air pump is variable, delivering up to 225 cubic inches (4.5 litres) of air per minute;
  • 3" net cups provide support;
  • Powerful Ecoplus 185 water pump provides 185 gallons of water per hour;
  • Water pump is reliable and quiet, keeping your plants healthy and vibrant;
  • High quality components throughout ensure that the system runs smoothly, quietly and efficiently.
16 Plant SuperPonics System LED SuperStar

Nutrients and Extras

TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit – All the nutrients and supplements you need for your first crop of high grade weed. Basic Bloom, Boost and Grow nutes plus an array of additives and supplements:Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit
  • Nutrient Feeding Chart;
  • B.C. Bloom - 500ml;
  • B.C. Boost - 500ml;
  • B.C. Grow - 500ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red - 125ml;
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green - 125ml;
  • Awesome Blossoms - 125ml;
  • MagiCal - 125ml;
  • SugarDaddy - 250ml;
  • ROOT 66 - 250ml;
  • Rootech Cloning Gel.
TDS meter – Keep on top of the levels of Total Dissolved Solids in your nutrient solution with this easy to use, hand held TDS meter.TDS Meter LED Super StarGeneral Hydroponics pH control kit – pH levels govern how well your plants take in nutrients from your nutrient solution. Keep them accurately at the optimum level with this pH control kit from General Hydroponics. pH adjustment is simple with the use of either pH Up or pH Down.pH Conrol Kit for LED Super StarDigital thermometer and hygrometer – Keeping the temperature and humidity of your cabinet within the right range is important for maximum growth. Monitoring these levels is easy with this digital thermometer/hygrometer. Features min/max function, clock, alarm and waterproof thermometer probe.EcoPlus Thermometer Hygrometer LED Super StarAnalog timer – Digital timers can often be prone to problems. The analog timers included with this package are reliable and keep the system ticking over while you get on with more important stuff.GFCI Shockbuster – Electrics and water do not play nicely with each other. Stay safe with this GFCI Shock Buster which will cut off all power to the cabinet should any electricals come into contact with water.GFCI Shockbuster LED Super Star Grow BoxDutch Master Cloning Gel – Maximize your cloning success with this 100% natural cloning gel from Dutch Master. Simply dip your fresh cut clones in the gel and leave them for around 30 minutes before placing them in the Super Mini Cloner for first class results.Dutch Master Replicator Cloning GelGrowing Medium – The LED Super Star comes with all the growing medium to get you going. Rockwool cubes for starting off your clones and clay grow rocks for your flowering plants. These are the growing media of choice for the professionals.Easy to follow instructions and DVD – Before you start putting together your grow box and fantasizing about the size of the buds you are going to produce with it, take a while to watch this easy to follow DVD which will explain all the processes in easy to understand language. Listen to the pros as they tell you how to do it. But here’s a clue - It’s actually pretty easy.


The LED Super Star Grow Box comes with a no hassle three year warranty on all components except the light bulb. This cast iron guarantee gives you confidence and peace of mind.Don’t forget the lifetime of technical support that is available to you too. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full support and back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

Optional Upgrades

With the LED Super Star grow box, everything has been thought through and you are provided with all you need to complete your first grow. However, should you wish to enhance your growing experience you can choose from the following optional upgrades.Technaflora Nutrient Super PackThis nutrient upgrade includes all the important nutes and additives in the quantities that you will need to continue on your hydroponic adventure. You are going to need them eventually so it makes sense to stock up now. Pack includes:
  • 2x B.C. Bloom - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 3x B.C. Boost - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x B.C. Grow - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 1x Awesome Blossoms - 1 Liter Bottle;
  • 2x SugarDaddy - 1 Liter Bottles;
  • 1x Thrive Alive Red - 500ml Bottle;
  • 1x MagiCal - 1 Liter Bottle.
Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack for LED Super Star Grow Box

Professional CO2 Kit

Augmenting the CO2 levels in your grow box is one of the best ways to improve yield. Cannabis can use CO2 at much higher levels than are present in the atmosphere. Feed them more and they will reward you with bumper yields.The Professional CO2 Kit includes:
  • Regulator;
  • Solenoid valve;
  • Flow meter;
  • Timer;
  • Injection tubing;
  • Setup instructions.
Professional CO2 Kit24-7 Nutrient MonitorInstead of having to periodically check the levels of your nutrient solution, you can monitor them continuously with this 24/7 nutrient monitor. Keep on top of temperature, PPM and pH, all from this easy to read digital display.24-7 Nutrient MonitorTotal Germination PackageSeeds can cost a lot of money and it is heartbreaking to waste them with bad germination practices. Provide the perfect germination environment for your seeds with this Total Germination Package. Kit includes:
  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Heat Mat with adjustable thermostat
  • Rock Wool cube medium
Total Germination PackageReverse Osmosis Water FilterReliably clean water is essential to hydroponic growth. This kit is especially relevant if you live in a town or city with poor water quality.This Reverse Osmosis water filter can provide up to 200 gallons of highly purified, ultra low PPM water every day. Removes 99%+ of chlorine and other contaminants.Reverse Osmosis Water Filter includes:
  • 4-Stage reverse osmosis unit;
  • 2 reverse osmosis membranes;
  • Carbon filter;
  • Cleanable sediment filter;
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge;
  • Wall mountable metal bracket;
  • Garden hose connector;
  • Inline shut-off (8ft.);
  • Drain line (5ft.);
  • Inlet line;
  • Filter wrench;
  • Instructions;
  • Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".

*** SuperCloset – Fantastic service as always from this team and spot on grow help and pricing

What people saying about the LED Super Star Grow Box

“LED! Way to go! I’ve burnt my last growing tip! Its all plain sailing from here on in!”

“I bought the LED Superstar and will never go back to HID or CFL. They might cost more to buy, but your saving money on bills straight away and the bud is soo much better.”

“As a total newb I did a lot of research before opting for the Super Star with led lights. On paper it was the best model for my needs. And it really does the job I want it to do well. No more meeting up with dealers or paying over the odds for bag weed. My home grown is now the best weed I have ever had!”