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Tips to becoming the MacGyver of DIY Marijuana Grow Boxes

Become the MacGyver of DIY Marijuana Grow Boxes

According to the Urban Dictionary, being a MacGyver implies that you have the ability to “use a Dorito, some duct tape, and a paper clip to create a time machine.” Well, you may not be that handy, but you can piece together an amazingly effective marijuana grow box from household items. DIY Marijuana Grow Box There are a few essential components necessary to build a great grow box. Here are the critical parts and creative ways to build them:

1 - Shell

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Shell Your grow box needs an outer shell. Get creative! If stealth is important, repurpose and old dresser, filing cabinet or tool box. Or you could construct a box using plywood or left-over lumber from a construction project.

Here are few factors to keep in mind:

  • Size – How many plants will you grow? How big will they get? Make sure the shell will fit plants, lights, ducts and fans.
  • Light Seal – Seal all seams and cracks with caulk so that no light escapes.
  • Stealth – Choose something that blends in with its surroundings. An armoire in the bedroom or a tool chest in the garage, for instance.
For an ultra-stealth option, don’t forget the many benefits of a PC grow box. You can build one yourself using an old PC tower. DIY Marijuana PC Grow Box

2 - Floor

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Floor Ventilation is essential in the small confines of a grow box. Put in a slightly elevated floor (1/2 inch from the base of the grow box is fine) with large holes drilled into it. This will encourage better air flow throughout the grow box.

3 - Lights

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Lights Every grow box needs lights. CFL or quality full spectrum LED lights are best. HIDs simply get too hot for the small space inside a grow box. While there is no way around purchasing lights, you can do the mounting yourself. Here’s a few ways to mount your grow lights on the cheap:
  • Ceramic Light Fixtures – These typically cost less than $2/apiece. Mount them on a piece of scrap wood left over from building the shell.
  • Light Cords/Plugs – Don’t pay for these if you can avoid it. It is easy to find lamps and lights that someone has thrown away. Simply cut the cords and refit them to your fixtures. You can also look at your local thrift store.
  • Use Craigslist – Check out the “Free” section for old lamps and fixtures. Again, just cut the cords and reattach to your new set-up.
You could also build a framework for your lights using PVC pipe. Wrap the frame with a thin piece of steel sheeting as a reflector and you’re ready to grow. Simple DIY Grow Light PVC

4 - Fans

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Fans Your grow box will need exhaust fans, and you may want to install an internal fan in the wall if you build two chambers (vegging and flowering for instance). Here’s the secret to MacGyvering the fans: find and old junk computer. Again, craigslist is your friend! Remove the fans and the power supply from the computer and voila! You’ve got your ventilation system ready to go.

5 - Odor Control

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Filter Unfortunately nothing is as good for controlling odors as a good carbon filter. You should be able to find a small but effective filter for under $50.

6 - Building a DIY Grow Box for Cannabis

As you can see there are many options when it comes to designing your own grow box. Start by looking around your home to see if you have any containers that could be converted into the grow box. Maybe even an old refrigerator or chest freezer? With a few tools and simple supplies you can install your own lights, ventilation system and filters.

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