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Marijuana Growth

Marijuana Seedlings

Moisture and warmth from the soil will cause your seeds to awaken. Within a few days, if the soil is warm enough, the seed casing will crack open and a fragile root and stem will form. When the seedling emerges it is at its most vulnerable and your weed clearing and good soil preparation will have paid off.


Marijuana Vegetative Growth

Once established your seedlings will soon enter a vigorous vegetative growth stage. From such fragile beginnings plants quickly become full and robust. Unlike growing marijuana indoors you have no control over the duration of the vegetative growth stage and over the course of a summer plants can become huge. It is a good idea during this phase to feed your plants well with some quality, nitrogen rich, fertilizer.

Marijuana vegetative growth

65 thoughts on “Marijuana Growth

  1. Pasquale says:

    Dont use miracle grow if you plan on mocking your on weed.it is a cancer causing man made chemical.usefish fertilizer .it works better and it’s organic

  2. joe says:

    Iv just started growing mine and was wondering if i have it in only mirical grow will my plant grow fully? and my plant has begun to fall over from becoming top heavy should i use something to support it or will it begin to stand up once grown more??

  3. Senior weedman says:

    Farmer John
    U seem fairly know your stuff. Had seeds last year. Grew two plants. Seeds were from dispensary for medical Mary Jane (pure og,purple urcle) pure og got to 10 feet tall. Purple urcle was 7 feet tall but massive. Betwen two plants with total of 4.7 lbs. BUDS ONLY !!! This was most probability hydroponics ,that was then grown in my back yard.
    But the smoke came out kinda harsh and taste very much of pine. Flower buds were as large as big navel oranges ,crystals everywhere ,sticky beyond belief. Used super thrive in weeky feeding. Plus fish emulsion and bone meal. Bat guano for flowering at the end. HUGE PLANTS , neighbors called police of the smell. Lol I’m a legal user of meds. Got two clones out. Both were grow inside, resulting in maybe stunted growth of vegetative stage. But omg the smell is just like what I have delivered from my dispensary . They are only 1 1/2 feet tall. But are sold thick bud. The size of silver dollars, just like a giant Ty stick from veit nam. Leaving the super thrive for the tomates this time, I think it might have affected the taste.

  4. richie88 says:

    hi i am a first time grower im growing one out side one inside ok and my one in side is on lights its bout 6inchs tall with to round leaves and to kinda cabbis looking leaves it only been in there 4 days now but the on before died i kealled over how do i stop this one dieing and can all one tell me i heard used tea bags were really good for the plants

  5. Farmer John says:

    Wazza…. forgot to mention…high nitrogen fert. (and Theo says VERY high) will prevent your plants from starting to flower because of the longer night. Keep in mind that the shortening Fall days (ergo longer nights) are what the plants sense in order to start flowering. You don’t want that to happen. Try 2X what the instructions say for nitrogen when vegging. Leaves turning yellow or white or white tips is normal. If they start to wilt (fall down, loose leaves), give them a nice rinse with pure water and they’ll recover but still probably not start flowering. Good luck.

  6. Farmer John says:

    Big bud boy…I hope you don’t really pee on your plants. Let people here know you’re kidding. Peeing beside the container will help (yes, only help) keep critters away. If you pee in the container, you will badly upset the PH and burn the plant and that plant will die a horrible death. Guess what the other plants will be thinking!!!

  7. Farmer John says:

    Wazza…Sea weed or kelp, soak and clean off the salt, dry and chop fine. This is THE best organic fertilizer Known to man. If you happen to live by the ocean, kelp is the only complete org. fert. that I know of. One simple food for life, nothing more but water. It’s expensive at your local plant dealer but worth it because it’s so simple! Take a drive to the coast. Good luck.

  8. Farmer John says:

    Kjack…As carefully as you can, separate the little things. You absolutely do not want them to all grow together, Your yield would be 0.1 (one tenth) or less what you will get if you SEPARATE ! Each in its own container. Have fun.

  9. Farmer John says:

    GhettoRedneck……Think of the leaves as the batteries of the plant. To get fastest growth, never, let me say it again…NEVER remove green leaves. Also, prune to open the middle of the plant so you won’t be tempted to remove large, shade making leaves. And keep this thought in your head : This is not your 1st attempt, this is your 1st crop! The girls (plants) will absolutely love you and in return you will love and care for them
    until a very happy harvest. Be proud of your crop because the girls will be proud to give you their best. May sound silly, but give them a good positive home. Play music. Talk to them. Buy a book. Good luck.

  10. GhettoRedneck says:

    Ok I was told by a buddy to start plucking the first leaves as the start growing taller towards the sun. Any suggestions?? They are ready for the transplant and this is my 1st attempt.

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