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Marijuana Harvesting

Harvesting your Marijuana

The most important and exciting visit you will make is for the harvest. Plan this one out because, if everything goes according to plan, you will be travelling back home with a load of smelly sticky bud. If possible a night time visit would be preferable. Ideally plants will be ready to harvest when the buds have darkened, swollen and are glistening with THC crystals. But guerrilla gardening isn’t always ideal so keep an eye on the weather forecast. If extreme weather, or worse, an early frost is imminent and your plants are budding, but not fully ripe, it might be worth harvesting early. This is a judgement call and no guide can fully cover all eventualities. Harvest the buds with a clean, sharp knife. The fan leaves are usually discarded although some growers like to use them for cooking.

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Drying your Marijuana

So everything has gone according to plan and you now have a good harvest of sticky buds. Don’t spoil it now by being impatient. The best smoke will come from buds that are dried slowly. Hang the buds separately in a cool, dark, well ventilated area. Allow around 5 days for them to dry properly. Some growers use microwaves to dry them out more quickly but this is detrimental to both the quality and the taste of the smoke.