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Marijuana Harvesting

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58 thoughts on “Marijuana Harvesting

  1. Unknown grower says:

    Reading about growing ganj outside quite often now, making notes after notes so i get this perfect first time. Its going to be in an un-used field but beens i live in england the weather may completly fuck my grow up. Fingers crossed i will start my grow in the next 4 weeks and hope for the best! I pray to god this works

  2. TJ says:

    Got 2 great looking plants I started indoors, its time to transplant. I got my spot picked out, hole dug, feet, etc! Just need some tips on the actual transplanting process! Try n god bless

  3. jsmoood says:

    hey fellow growers its my1st time trying to grow this beautiful flower and I need help! I planted a handful of seeds in a flower pot and forgot about it and one day I seen 4 plants growing. I have been researching on da website learning how to grow outside when should I move my babies into a bigger pot are in the ground in my back yard please help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nathanielnw/nastynate says:

    as in the dark of the nite……….things go bump…….. smoke is good my first crop is the best yet………….

  5. taz83 says:

    I have a couple of babies i started on, but i have 1 question,how long do your plants have to grow before harvesting?

  6. nathanielnw says:

    my first crop is aaaaaaaaaamasinzzzzzzzzzz thanks growers

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