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MediCab Micro – 14 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box System

Why the MediCab Micro?

medicab-micro-complete-kitThe Medicab Micro Hydroponic Grow Box is one of the top selling grow boxes out there. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size, the MediCab Micro is a big producer that can easily supply your personal needs at a great price.The MediCab Micro comes ready to plug in and use, straight out of the box. It is fully automated for your convenience and comes with easy to follow instructions and feeding schedule.Growing like the pros is now easy and even the novice gardener can reap bumper harvests with the MediCab Micro.
  • Fully automated, low maintenance system.
  • Can produce up to seven pounds per year.
  • 100% light tight, no heat signature, quiet as a whisper.
  • Can operate with either soil or hydro.
  • Very economical to run, with LED grow lights so less spikes in utility bills.
  • Concrete three year warranty gives you peace of mind.

Build Quality, Size, Yield, and Security

  • The MediCab Micro System is a stealth system that is both light tight and odor free.
  • The cabinet itself is constructed from a durable composite and finished with a sleek white veneer that helps it to blend in to your home or office environment.
  • Features a single compartment with integrated hydroponics system.
  • The system measures 24” wide x 17” deep x 26” high, making it easy to fit into your home or office without looking out of place. This really is a stealth hydroponics system.
  • Provides enough space to grow up to 14 plants using Sea of Green concept.
  • We love the hidden key lock with magnetised handle provides security without attracting unwanted attention.
  • All wires and controls are out of sight at the rear of the cabinet.

Lights, Ballasts, Control, and Power

  • The MediCab Micro operates a hybrid lighting system that is both effective and cheap to run;
  • 45W LED lighting panel from Universal Hydro gives the equivalent light of a 125W CFL;
  • LEDs operate at 660nm, 630nm, 430nm, providing the best spectrum to make your plants flourish. For .
  • Two X 26W CFL grow lights provide supplemental lighting, completing the spectrum;
  • The supplemental CFL lighting is fully adjustable, allowing you to lower them to just above the plant canopy, maximizing lumens and focusing them where you need them.

medicab-micro-lights-on medicab-micro-lights-on-open

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • The MediCab Micro features dual Full Tech intake/exhaust fans that provide a combined 180cfm of air circulation.
  • Intake fan supplies plenty of fresh clean air that is loaded with lovely CO2.
  • Pre-filter keeps out bugs and spores, avoiding any nasty surprises.
  • Exhaust fan expels stale, warm air via a custom designed, industrial grade carbon filter to keep exhaust clean and odor free.
  • A four inch internal circulation fan maintains constant air movement across your plant canopy, strengthening stems and keeping damp and mold at bay.
  • Due to its ultra efficient lighting the MediCab Micro has no heat signature.
  • High efficiency reflective panels not only maximize the lumens inside your cabinet, they repel bacteria and mold and prevent the outside of the cabinet from getting hot too.
medicab-micro-internal-circulation-fan medicab-micro-carbon-filter

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The Medicab Micro Grow Cabinet combines Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture (DWC) to give you the best in compact hydro systems. Working together, this system guarantees explosive plant growth and bumper yields of fat buds despite the small space.
  • ECO Air2 6W, dual outlet air pump equipped with adjustable flow.
  • Fully automated EZ Flush Pump system allows for low maintenance.
  • Three gallon reservoir provides plenty of room for your plants’ roots to thrive and allows you to keep your nutrient solution stable.
  • CocoMon provides your plants with the latest growing medium. CocoMon is a spun coco medium that is bound with natural polymers to give your plant's roots plenty of stability and lots of oxygen. CocoMon requires no pre-treating and retains more water than clay pebbles without water logging.
Bottom feed systems work well because they eliminate the potential for algae which can cause problems in some top feed systems where the top of the substrate is permanently wet. They also prevent excessive evaporation which can cause pH swings and nutrient imbalances in your reservoir.

Nutrients and Extras

The MediCab Micro comes supplied with everything that you need to get going.Botanicare-CN17HydroGrowExtras include:
  • Bontanicare CNS17 - Botanicare are industry leaders in the manufacture of hydroponic nutrients and the CNS17 package is a firm favourite amongst professionals and newbies alike. The pack includes a 3 month supply of CNS17 Grow, Bloom, and Ripe nutrients. These easy to use nutrients come with a feeding schedule that is custom designed to work with the MediCab Micro system from germination to harvest. Take the guess work out of hydroponic feeding with this guaranteed recipe for success.
  • TDS Meter - It is crucial that you keep your nutrient solution at the correct quality and concentration. This is easy with this simple to use Total Dissolved Solids meter. A large display will give you an accurate readout of the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in your solution, making minor adjustments easy. The handy supplied color chart explains everything in no nonsense language.
  • pH Control Kit – Keeping your nutrient mix at the correct pH is very important for maximizing your yields. This kit makes measuring and adjusting your nutrient solution’s pH a breeze. Simply measure the solution then add pH Up or pH Down as appropriate.
  • Trellis system

    – Using trellis systems to even out your plant canopy is proven to increase yields by up to 30%. A flatter canopy equals more light penetration and more efficient photosynthesis. Grow like the pros for bigger and better buds;
  • Built in Grow Light Timer - This integral part of the fully automated hydro system means that your MediCab Micro will run itself. No need to worry if you have to go out of town for a few days, the system will run itself;
  • Easy Grow GuideDon't be daunted by all the scientific terminology that comes with hydroponic growing. This step-by-step, easy to follow grow guide gives you all the information that you need. You can be up and running on the day your system arrives.


The MediCab Micro comes with a comprehensive three year warranty that gives you confidence and peace of mind. On top of this, there is Dealzer’s famous lifetime of technical support on offer and the best price available. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

Optional Upgrades


What people saying about the MediCab Micro Hydroponic Grow Box

"California has had a lot of problems with dispensaries so I wanted to try growing my own medicine. I have to say it was much easier than I expected. The information was very easy to follow and I love watching my plants bloom! The cabinet just sits in the corner of my bedroom looking like a regular bedside cabinet. No smell and no noise. I wish I had thought of doing this years ago."

3 thoughts on “MediCab Micro – 14 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box System

  1. Dude says:

    I own this.. I know that this post will prolly not be posted.

    First, the air filter doesn’t work. The screws coming out of the fan are raised higher than the fan body thus making for anything but an airtight seal.

    Next, The 40 watt LED light is, to put it lightly, trash. I wish I could take it out, but the screws used to put it in are unknown to me.. I think it’s a Allen head..

    Anything but light proof..


    • Buddy says:

      Hi Dude. We do not make these kits. If your kit has a fault you should contact the manufacturers directly. We know from experience that they are easy to deal with.

  2. macd421 says:

    Looks really cool, but 7 pounds a year? Really. Can someone break that down for me? Wet, dry?

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