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New York City Diesel Seeds

Marijuana Strains New York City Diesel Seeds

NYCD (New York City Diesel seeds) is a relative newcomer to the scene but has already won over many people. Bred as a high producer that can be grown indoors with great success or outdoors in a tropical climate. In the right conditions outdoor, this plant has been know to reach upwards of 11’ and can yield nearly 3,000g per plant! The growing time is quite long (70 days +) especially if adding extra veg time to increase size and yield. The smell and taste of NYC Diesel is noticeably “citrusy”, similar to that of pink grapefruits. An outstanding cerebral high that is long lasting and leaves you clear headed and uplifted yet with a tiny hint of a body stone. The sativa traits also breed true as the leaves are broad and flat, with a deep green – purple colour. New You City Diesel seeds are an excellent addition to anyone’s wish list.We think that this is set to become one of the new greats. The aroma from the loose and airy buds is a tart citrus twang. NYCD gives a great uplifting high that keeps you alert and active. This is a great smoke to lift the blues and set you up to do what ever takes your fancy - the more creative the better!

NYC Diesel / New York City Diesel Seeds

(indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield –Very High

Size – Tall / Very Tall

15 thoughts on “New York City Diesel Seeds

  1. LMAO says:

    NYCD/Sour D is one of the best weed i have smoked, that next to white widow.

  2. kyle busch says:

    Another excellent strain in my medical grow area…high yield and bigger yield if you bend or break (supercrop) the branches.

    That will also help you maintain height as it will reach for the light at amazing growth rate. Great crystal production and if grown correctly you can taste the last pull like it was the first. Definately need string to tie this one up…fore arm central.

  3. Billy says:

    I hope it’s as good as they say it is…. If not I got a concoction that will blow your mind!!!

  4. austin says:

    Second strain I’ve ever smoked. It’s my thrid favorite type of bud next to trainwreck and headband

  5. Cameron says:

    Funny thing is, right when i got my license at the bottom of my container i got had a seed and i planted it, it was nycd and my friend kept on telling me it was useless because nycd was bottom shelf but according to you guys its in the top 4 of this site so I’m sure that its not bottoms and it didnt make sense because i remember this stuff got me really really high!

  6. robert james says:

    if not able to find nycd ask your fellow dealers to ask around for sour diesel. pretty much the same thing but is more common and easier to find, somebody might acually know what your talking about. diesel has one of the hardest thickest buds that ive seen normally has a yellow shade to it and it breaks down very easy. not even worth grinding it with a grinder. youll know as soon as you hit it if you have the right stuff lol.

  7. Anon says:

    Nobody is going to tell you something like that. You just got to know the right people.

  8. gonz says:

    im in new york bx area reply

  9. Passer says:

    Really good stuff, a nice high if you want to just sit and relax.
    I’ve used sour diesel, but I’m not sure if it’s the same strain, but it’s a very nice smoke.

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