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New York City Diesel Seeds

Marijuana Strains New York City Diesel Seeds

NYCD (New York City Diesel seeds) is a relative newcomer to the scene but has already won over many people. Bred as a high producer that can be grown indoors with great success or outdoors in a tropical climate. In the right conditions outdoor, this plant has been know to reach upwards of 11’ and can yield nearly 3,000g per plant! The growing time is quite long (70 days +) especially if adding extra veg time to increase size and yield. The smell and taste of NYC Diesel is noticeably “citrusy”, similar to that of pink grapefruits. An outstanding cerebral high that is long lasting and leaves you clear headed and uplifted yet with a tiny hint of a body stone. The sativa traits also breed true as the leaves are broad and flat, with a deep green – purple colour. New You City Diesel seeds are an excellent addition to anyone’s wish list.We think that this is set to become one of the new greats. The aroma from the loose and airy buds is a tart citrus twang. NYCD gives a great uplifting high that keeps you alert and active. This is a great smoke to lift the blues and set you up to do what ever takes your fancy - the more creative the better!

NYC Diesel / New York City Diesel Seeds

(indoor / outdoor)

THC level – High

Yield –Very High

Size – Tall / Very Tall

15 thoughts on “New York City Diesel Seeds

  1. bud drums says:

    I have a tent full…mmmmmmmmmmmmm…mmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Swampthing says:

    Not even related to Sour Diesel. East Coast Sour Diesel is a Chem and Mass.SuperSkunk crossed and actually smells heavy astringent chem petrol skunky like.

    The New York City Diesel bred by Soma of Soma Seeds is totally different. Evidently its a Mexican sativa and Hawaiian Indica… But it is nothing like the SourD, Chem, Headband, or OG. Smells like sweet pink grapefruits and isn’t anywhere near as intense of a buzz. Not that it isn’t potent, she’s a totally different animal. Giggly and social Sativa like buzz in a mostly Indica dominant plant. I truly enjoy her and East Coast Sour Diesel. For different reasons of course. NYCDIESEL is also dense and has orange calyxes while ECSD usually has more bulbous swollen calyxes like the super skunk and hairs usually a little more dark than the NYCD. Soma breeds the original and Next Generation Seeds has a good cross of it (Grapefruit Diesel which is grapefruit crossed with the NYCD…gotta be very grapefruit, yum)

  3. tanner says:

    this is the best bud ive had in a while it usualy takes two bowls to get me high this is a two hit high

  4. ryguy says:

    Just moved to newburg ny area and have chronic fatigue syndrome if anyone could “help me” with knoledge of good med strains in the area id be very greatful. Its a sin in my eyes to keep meds from those who need it

  5. sueann says:


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